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Re: MMS Produces Visible Results Again!

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: MMS Produces Visible Results Again!

Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

MMS has side affects.

The problem with chlorine dioxide is that there is very little FDA tracking, which would require marketers to track these side affects.


I dont like FDA either, but side affects tracking is the only tihing I like about the FDA process.

Most of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement side affects, as far as I can tell are dose dependant. So, GO easy MAN!

Also, Don't chug, Take a sip, come back 20 minutes later. Or super dilute and drink all day long.

Also, there is no clear mechanism of action in Miracle-Mineral-Supplement it's all theoretical.

I think,.. I know why it works in so many diseases, but it is theory.

Other people think they know why it works, but this is theory.

To help narrow down this dilema we can start with very basic facts.

Either Miracle-Mineral-Supplement destroys viruses through direct oxidation.
Either MMS is an oxygen donor, attacks viruses by depriving them of cellular hypoxia, (anaerobic environment.)

Knowing this answer could help us lower dosages while increasing effectiveness.


Either MMS is oxygen donor or it isn't.

If it donates oxygen to blood, cells, organs, marrow, brain,...then it would not kill viruses.

If MMS destroys viruses through oxydation then we can assume it works just like it does industrially (as in does inside of our bodies.)

However, simple caclulation of body weight can tell you how much water you have to dilute for the concentrations you are ingesting to kill viruses and not just cause dormancy.

Assume your body is 95% water. 200 lb man would have approximately 190 lbs of water.

Ok, now what is the industrial requirement to kill viruses with chlorine dioxide?

It is roughly, 1 to 10, ratio of liquid chlorine dioxide to water.

Well, you would die if you consumed 19 pounds of chlorine dioxide. So, how is it MMS works by oxidation?

So, the amounts consumed of MMS are especially diluted beyond what industrially you would need to kill viruses in drinking water.

Now look how we can progress logically.

You obviously are not killing viruses with mms through oxidation.

Why? Because you cannot eat enough to kill virues inside your body.

This would mean a die off is not really a die off.

Die off would be something else!

Viruses usually go dormant. hide in nerve or connective tissue, go subclinical and chronic, or get defeated by the immune system.

Die off?

Involving fever like symptoms? associated with long term dormancy of disease? would then perfectly describe an immune response to viruses and not sudden die off.

Viruses generally do not die off they usually go dormant.

Chemotherapy can kill viruses. (But Yuck!)

So, die offs are not die offs. They are immune reponse to viral spores, viral proteins and Rna.


- clinical courses to any viral infection can happen.
Fulminating hep. B, C - EPV, HIV, etc.

Some people are described as carriers of these blood born pathogens.

Usually, a carrier gets sick initially and the immune system fights off most of infection. For one of a couple of reasons, if there is lingering micobes, they can kind of carve out a nitch to survive in your body.

Exploiting a slower division process, exploiting early dormancy tendencies, a virus can become chronic, slow gowing or rapidly going though one life cycle before reconverting to spore states. They also can hide in nerve tissue and wait for opportunistic chances.

What happens in die offs can only be because a couple of things then.

The cellular environment is no longer hospitable, the virues cannot divide and suddenly large number revert to sporulated states, they still remain inside the host cell, but then after the host has normal cell death or turnover, these spore get dumped into blood stream and some try to reactivate. This initiates an immune response against the viral antigens. The body reacts with other vulnerable particles. Your body starts to attack these particles.

If your body starts an attack on a virus that is hiding in verve tissue, it will cause tissue damage of that nerve.

Exacerbation of M.S. Lupus, symptoms will happen.

Under this scenario you would want to stay on MMS for the entire life cycle of a monocyte so that all viral particles get dumped and scavanged in this fashion.

It may take on month to start feeling better.


Under this scenario you would want to not bring about sudden and massive dormancy if you have demylenating disease.

You would want to develope a lifelong, lifestyle protocols to keep the virus in dormancy phase.

You would want to ingest heavier metalic salts to facilitate the obsorbtion of negatively charged oxygen.

Thank you for your time


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