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Are we supposed to know?

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rudenski Views: 706
Published: 10 years ago

Are we supposed to know?

Q. Are we supposed to know?

A. I know for me, knowing there is a loving end to this trick love dimension gives me great comfort... and knowing that I get to keep all of the moments when I shined and when I was shined upon... makes me want to make my life as full of loving kindness as possible... there is a downside though... because I miss home...where time ends...

Q.Our physical brains have been wired against it(knowing), to resist it and to dismiss it[?]

A. I am afraid so... because... we agree to forget where we came from...the light.... before we enter our body suit... we will live in... but I am so glad I know... and "knowing" changes my perspective from one who lives only for personal gratification to one who attempts to balance my life between self gratification for my body and serving the loving purposes of that quiet still voice that speaks to all who have souls...

Q. Life is a lesson in many ways, primarily of FAITH[?]
A. Maybe for those who want it to be but for me... I am so glad to "know" as opposed to having faith. Knowing makes it all clear to me that we are supposed to get over our own selves and see those around us... and the organism that is the earth... and even this whole dimension of time... as tied to one... and yoked to each other... We agreed to fall into this mess and we should be busy trying to clean it up...

Q. If we all KNEW, then we wouldn't LEARN, grow, advance, discover and progress!
A. I disagree with this. I became a voracious learner, after my NDE. I also feel I am still growing, advancing, discovering, and progressing... post NDE... The only difference is that I now desire to Learn, grow, advance, discover and progress toward the light as opposed to wasting too much of my energy on things that die...

Q. That's why many are so resistant to the validity of NDEs -- they NEED to be in order for their lives to play out the way that is optimally planned for them.

A. We are the ones who plan our escape from timelessness. I guess that is why people are resistant. I know that even as I am typing this, I am getting spiritual interference... My higher self and other spiritual being don't want me to release some of the information... they will mess up my screen... type misspelled words to flag me... move the cursor... erase whole paragraphs... Everyone with a soul or spirit has this type of tinkering going on...every minute... Knowing I am nothing more than a puppet for my soul... does make this world a little less "real" to me but actors still get to ad lib... make their scripted character their own... It is we(the body we treated poorly or otherwise) who make our debut a B Movie or a class act. I know my own movie has been mostly B with some rare moments of classic acting... I know for sure that when we are serving others and staying in tune with that still voice, we have more opportunities to shine in the greatest love story ever told or we can choose to make our lives a horror film... or a bittersweet tale of broken dreams... It is we who decide... but in the end of every plan in time...we die... otherwise we might break into every other soul's flick and trash their set... The further away from our A movie script, the more we will suffer...

I know from breaking my neck three times now... I don't like that my life has been scripted... and I am a hard case that often refuses to listen... but I hope... for my neck's sake...that I have improved my listening skills... and do the will of the puppeteer that is my soul...

I know I can't help but tell the story of my NDE over and over...and I think it is because many thousands of people needed to get the message that we are a being that is not as cruel as our souls... to help those who desire to escape the perfect love that waits for us... To escape from the cruel puppeteer that is my soul... The jerk who keeps letting my heart get broken...over and over... for his learning...really ticks me off... I know for sure that I want to move onto places of higher learning... move on to dimensions with no death or dying... but until we become less cruel to one another... stop hating on people for the color of their skin...their religion or lack of one... the country they are from...for the language they speak... or the lovers they choose... we are going to have to keep returning to this hell until we get it... As long as we hold grudges against others for anything... we will likely keep falling back into time... to keep living new scripts...our cruel souls have devised...

Know that if you can not love another type of person...that you will likely become what you despise in this life or the next... so avoid the B train... and get on board the Love train... The destination for grudges is always a trip back to this hell called time... or leave this world holding no grudge against anyone or anything... The love train's destination is far from the doom that dark spirits create in the minds of men... Beyond the lessons of separation is a union of loving spirits... flowing in and out of one another... in infinite ways... Timelessness awaits those who are ready to release their angst... I hope when this life is through...... I will ne ver look back to learn any more lessons of pain and sorrow... I know that others might get to skip some lessons of pain... if they would just get on board the love train... I can feel it coming soon... the vibrations are coming through on the train tracks of love... Each day it does not come to pick me a day I know I still have a lesson to learn... but I am waiting...waiting on the love train...

As for me... I try to tell people t

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