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Re: MMS Produces Visible Results Again!

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: MMS Produces Visible Results Again!

Thanks for your help, guys/gals!

I'm not so worried about the Lyme diagnosis. It was clinical & my actual tests were negative. I also feel there are alot of false "positive" diagnosis' going on. I think in some cases, it's actually some other parasite - like mine.

I don't really think I had or have Lyme but it's hard to say. I've been going through this stuff for 13 years now. For 9 years I thought it was fibro. Then, I got the clinical Lyme diagnosis. None of the stuff I did for Lyme in the past 3-4 years helped at all. So, just now - I'm actually seeing that this issue with parasites may have been the problem all along.

In any case, I was looking to get my mercury fillings removed but I became very ill after doing a liver flush. It's kind of a "catch 22"... I didn't want my body to have to deal with detoxing mercury when my liver was in such bad shape.

I really didn't think I had parasites back then. I had excruciating back pain about 10 days after doing my 1st flush. I was debating going to see a doctor but decided to do another liver flush. The pain started to diminish but by the 3rd flush, I started seeing flukes in some stage of development. That when I started taking the Black-Walnut hull, Wormwood , clove combo.

So, I'm a bit hesitant to start on a whole new path to get the mercury out. Seems once you open the "can of worms" - you just have to go through it. I do break apart my bowel movements now to see what going on. I do see things that look like parasite parts. I never got the diarrhea from the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . I was taking it in the sip method as was instructed on the directions I received.

I mixed up 15 drops Miracle-Mineral-Supplement with the 75 drops citric acid & sipped it every 2 hours or so. I started with 1 drop & worked it up. Today, I'm thinking I may actually need to do another liver flush. My back pain may be an indication that my liver is clogged... Thanks for the info about the acid vs alkaline. I think it may actually be my liver that is causing the back pain. It happens...

I stopped taking most supplements during the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement week. It looks like this is going to be a long term project. How do you take the MMS? Do you just take small amounts over a long period of time or do you alternate it with other treatments or both? Seems like you need to take some days off to take supplements.

Jessiesmom has a great deal of info. It's just that I can't really afford all the supplements she suggests & I don't have a doctor who does muscle testing. I do have a dowsing bobber that I use for medical questions. I just don't know how accurate they are. I'm a bit doubtful about this energetic testing. I had an Asyra test done & it didn't pick up the parasites. It's probably about as accurate as standard lab tests - which doesn't say much.

I tested myself with the bobber & it didn't pick up the parasites, either... When I actually saw them... I knew I had to change everything I was doing to get well.

Thanks so much for the info! Anything you can add would be appreciated.

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