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Re: Liver flush help needed..
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Liver flush help needed..

trixie90604 -

Firstly, thank you for giving me a good overview of your situation! Secondly (as I do with most posters) I have taken a few minutes to scan your past posts on CZ, so if I mention something that you didn't mention in your post here, that is why :)

>>>I still suffer pain where my gallbladder was and think it may well be due to a clogged liver. I'd like to do a Liver Flush (or cleanse) but don't know which would be best or safest.<<<

Most people over the age of 12 that have lived on this planet and not been incredibly 'health conscious' for their entire life, have a liver that is compromised...and that generally means 'clogged' to some extent or another. Due to the VAST amounts of chemical poisons in our environment (newborn infants have been tested to have over 200 poisons in their bloodstream at birth), our liver (and kidneys) are running on hyperdrive 24 hours a day. And like ANY engine that runs continually and more 'unnaturally' than it is designed to run (without even the slightest bit of 'regular maintenance), the engine become compromised/clogged with various levels of thickened sludge. In the liver (as you likely know, being a nurse), that would be the bile. And that sludge and 'lack of flow' combines to create intrahepatic 'stones' which compromise the biliary network (and of course, overwhelm the gallbladder).

So I agree, your liver NEED to be flushed (it would need that, even if you hadn't had Gallbladder Polyps - which, btw, are commonly misdiagnosed/identified resulting in an unnecessary cholecystectomy). I am sorry to hear of the complications of the surgery...but sadly (as you're likely learning all to rapidly), this is becoming more and more common. My cousin (RN) recently reported to me that a lady in her hospital entered for a laparoscopic cholecystectomy and ended up with a trach. (??? how in the WORLD do you end up with a trach mewonders :::sigh:::)

It is very safe to do Liver Flushes after having your gallbladder removed, however with your complications (especially with them being of "unknown origin", I feel it's prudent to address this carefully. From what you indicate (especially with a successful pregnancy - congratulations, by the way!), it is most likely that whatever surgical damage that was done, is totally healed. But still, we don't know "how" it healed or what was actually damaged. And if their was damage to the common bile duct, we want to make SURE that debris from the liver can successfully/safely exit, before we do a "typical" Liver Flush (which, on this forum, we refer to as a "big" liver flush, because there's also a gentler 5-day liver cleanse that we use for prepping the liver for the 'big flush'). Here's a post I made regarding the basic logic of why we all should do a bit of "liver prepping" (especially before we do our first "big" flush...that will start a series of big flushes that should continue every two weeks until the amount of debris seen coming out of the liver is consistently less than the flushes before):


Being a nurse that's considering a liver flush...(I just LOVE nurses by the way! Almost always, they understand the concept of the 'healing ARTS' and they are extremely logical, hence easily grasping the concept of natural healing - yay!)...I expect you already have some idea of what a Liver Flush is and how it works. If you don't here's an 'in a nutshell' version (or a refresher):

Basically, a liver flush is simply 'saving up' all the bile that the liver creates in a day (by eating ZERO fat or chologogues the entire day), and then triggering the bile to be released 'en masse' at the end of the day by ingesting oil/citrus. The liver creates up to a quart and a half of bile daily, so this large release of bile "flushes" through the liver, pushing out debris into the duodenum. I just made this post a few days ago, and there's some snippets, tidbits & details I think you'll find worthy of note: //

And on Telman's blog you can learn the technicalities behind it all: //

So now you have a LOT of puzzle pieces, but no specific instructions :::evil grin::: - that's because I'm not finished giving you ALL the puzzle pieces yet! The last piece is a BIG one, and that's: the proper order of cleansing the body. 1) Colon/digestive tract - parasites (most effective when done concurrently), then 2) liver & kidneys (depending upon which is most symptomatic) and finally the detoxification of soft tissue (once the channels of elimination and neutralization are opened and working properly). I could go on & on (and on & on & ON) about the reasons this order is important, but I'm running out of time, so I'll make it short (as possible):

What you're about to be flushing out of the liver is very toxic, and anything mixed with bile absorbs back into the bloodstream EXTREMELY quickly (and can create a huge burden on the liver & kidneys) if you feel the need to do a liver flush without doing at least 30 days of good cleansing on the colon and/or using herbs to ensure at least 3 bms daily (which is certainly acceptable, since you're experiencing pain, and I know that you'll do the good learning/research necessary to ensure that you remove all the toxic bile/debris from your digestive tract promptly), then you'll need to do something to make sure that all the debris that exits the liver will be removed from the intestinal tract the following day. Your options there are: coffee enemas; colonic/ coffee enema combo; more Epsom Salts (not always effective); salt water flush (not always effective, and sometimes not "do-able").

The reason we cleanse the colon before Liver Flushing is two-fold: 1) the thick layers of mucoid plaque (rubbery build up adhering to the walls of the colon) contain years worth of acidic/toxic build-up and putrefying "yuck"...and 90%+ of all the fluids we ingest are assimilated in the lower colon. That means that anything fluid that is assimilated from the ascending-sigmoid colon seeps through decades worth of toxic/acidic build-up, heading straight to the liver via the hepatic portal artery. Yep, everytime we eat/drink, we toxify our bloodstream and burden the liver directly. You'll see cases of people doing 30-50+ liver flushes, yet never getting the liver unclogged...and when you ask them "Have you ever done a colon cleanse?", they answer "yes! I did a five day cleanse two years ago" or "no, they have not". How can we expect to cleanse and restore an organ that we are causing to run like we've put a brick on the accelerator? 2) Although we've been educated (make that "conditioned") to think there's really no correlation between the function of the liver and the intestinal tract, our body simply doesn't agree. If the colon is sluggish, impacted, narrowed and not naturally having bowel movements (3-5 bms daily is what is natural - you've certainly changed enough diapers to see that truth, lol), the liver KNOWS that what you're trying to flush out of it, is likely to not GET OUT of the colon before it reabsorbs...and I've known several people who couldn't "get their liver to flush" until after they'd done a Colon Cleanse (or at least taken cathartic herbs to ensure 3 healthy bms daily).

So, at the baseline, here's what I recommend (with the information I have):

Since you're experiencing liver tenderness pain, I think it's likely you should start working on the liver asap (you can start doing colon cleansing as well, if you'd like to). We can talk about the colon cleansing option later

--that you spend a week or two doing some serious liver "prepping" - I highly recommend daily coffee enemas, castor oil packs and Dr. Schulze s 5 day liver cleanse: //

I feel the daily coffee enemas are essential for you - but I have no IDEA how those two words (coffee, enema) put together will affect you (lol, the first time anyone said "coffee enema" to ME? Was my mother in law that had cured herself of Stage IV terminal liver cancer, and it was all I could do not to burst out laughing in her face! You've got to be kidding me, right? You put COFFEE up your butt to cure liver cancer?!) Anyway, no matter how 'it hits you', here a great piece of information for starters (so you can see why they'll be SO effective/safe for you): //

And here's a whole LIBRARY on coffee enemas:

You will likely find that the 5 day liver cleanse, daily coffee enemas, and nightly castor oil packs for two weeks will combine to give you IMMENSE well as prepare you liver for a bigger, more successful flush :)

Get back to me with your questions & comments (and let me know if I missed anything you needed/wanted to know), and we'll take it from there. 'Sorry this isn't more "cohesive", but I'm up past my bedtime, and I'm not "composing" as artfully/gracefully as I could be.

Healthiest of blessings -


Some other information & "thinks & thoughts" (some regarding past posts):

#1 A word to the wise? Be very VERY careful when researching & learning on CureZone. 90-95% of the information is based on "oft repeated rumors that have become to believed as the truth"...and I am NOT stretching that percentage!

Homeopathy: "A system of medical practice that treats a disease by the administration of minute doses of a remedy that would in healthy persons produce symptoms similar to those of the disease"...these substance can be VERY toxic & unnatural.

Alternative Medicine: technically Complementary Alternative Medicine or CAM is the the use of various supplements & protocols designed to *complement* allopathic medicine. When not used to complement allopathic medicine, it is typically the the use of isolated, unnatural substances & supplements (the vast majority of supplements on the market are truly unnatural to the human body) to hopefully effect a cure, based on "science". The problem? The majority of these protocols & products do nothing more than band-aid a symptom (like pharmaceuticals, only slightly less toxic) without providing a true cure. And the 'science' of how the human body really works (upon which 'alternative medicine is based'), is fundamentally false. See this thread on 'science': //

and then see these two articles on Vitamin C:

Natural Healing: based on the fact that the human body is hardwired with the schematics to heal itself from any disease, damage or pathogen - natural healing is the ART (remember the phrase 'the healing arts'? :::sigh::: whatever happened?) of restoring the body BACK to it's natural state using only foods & plants that are natural to the body, so that it's OWN healing schematics can heal & restore what only IT knows is truly wrong. Here's a little 'chart' that kinda/sorta explains:

Your precious son with sinusitus? - breath easy and put your fears to rest. He's not going to have to have surgery at all. We can knock it out easily with a combination of garlic & quality echinacea tincture (my 5 year old niece will eat raw garlic with no problem - you'd be surprised at how the lil' uns respond to what is natural that their bodies need...but you can always hide it in mashed potatoes or mix it with juice. You're doing great things with the Oil of Oregano, but it might be that it's too 'strong' to be able to get enough into him to beat the infection at it's roots.

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