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Re: newbie question [edited]

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: newbie question [edited]

[ Special note 2010-04-28, Moreless has his own forum and seems to no longer posts in Curezone

Moreless Forum ]

I have been introduced to the real importance of pH balance with Dr. Youngs' books. I have 3 or 4 of his books. SO, I kind of owe him that.
The differences between him and Moreless are many, but their aims to pH balancing are about the same.
Here are In my oppinion somes differences between them.
-Dr. Y: You have to buy books and/or CDs.
-Moreless: All the info is in the forum + and because it is a forum you get info and answers from others.
-Dr Y: You can buy a plethora of “Alkalizing” products. Super greens, ...
-Moreless: Does not sell anything. Plus we get from him the Alkalizing baths, Alkalizing foot baths, alkalizing showers (ACV or H2O2 body sprays before and after showers). We can learn at least 6 different ways of alkalizing the head area through gargles and swishing. And all the above protocols are easy and very cheap.
Alkalizing drinks:
-Dr Y: Sells Drops. Some kind of sodium chlorite (I guess similar to MMS), but it is a “proprietary” formula. $30.00 1 oz. $90.00 4 oz !!!
-Moreless: His alkalizing drink is the most complete source of various mineral I know of, while being the cheapest it can get.
-Dr Y: Has charts about alkalizing and acid forming foods. And sells a lot of supplements.
-Moreless: Just goes beyond. His emphasizes about the picking the best produces that are the most complete nutritionally so we don't have to take supplements. In fact Moreless discourage the taking of supplements and insist on taking the best food. In order to accomplish that he tells us to use refractometer in order to determine the quality of produces. The biggest shocker to a newbie is to learn from Moreless how poor is the quality of produces now and his warnings about NPN (non-protein minerals). These thing you won't learn from Dr. Y.
And more ... This is from one of my post ( )
--Beginning of post--
Re: What is an Alkaline Diet? The answer is here! by Will_I_Ever_Learn
Try this instead
No subscription required!
No gimmick!
No product selling!
Learn about quality of food!
Learn about what protein to eat and when!
Learn about the danger of Non-protein nitrogen!
Learn how to improve digestion!
Learn about the importance of minerals!
Learn about alkalizing detox baths!
Learn about the drink that has the most variety of alkalizing minerals ever!
Learn about gardening!
Learn about the health values of vegetable broths!
Learn about the adrenal glans!
Learn about Cancer!
Learn about Fungi and Yeast!
Learn about Diabetes!
Learn a new way of understanding health!
Where is all this you ask?
In curezone?
and it's free !!!
You don't believe me?
Read from those who obtained satisfaction, from 331 testimonies.
--end of post--
About the various protocols From
--Beginning of quote--
The general overview of the protocols
More details about the alkalizing drink that synergetically combines minerals (blackstrap molasses, Epson Salt, pickling lime water and kelp powder,) with weak acids (such as Apple Cider Vinegar or Lemon Juice)

[added by WIEL new link to foot baths 2009-08-03]
Finally from a thread which provides for detailed instructions about the Moreless alkalizing drink
--end of quote--
So, good luck
... and Cheers
[added by WIEL --10 Simple Steps to Healing--  2009-08-03]
Subject: --10 Simple Steps to Healing-- by Moreless
Hi Ya'll,
Many folks may be Seeking step by step ways to find Healing?
Maybe I can mention a diet of 10 things of most importance, with the understanding that one would
1st ----------------STOP eating "ALL" junk foods!!!--------------------
This is anyone's problem, because almost no one follows this principle and thus are always backsliding into sickness again and again and searching for a quick fix!!
Junk foods include any Low Brix foods !
Only, a total change of life style will help solve most of a persons problems!!
Now to list some important ideas one may use to maybe help raise their pH to
more Alkaline and maybe help them become more Healthy!!
#1 Take some enema's to start cleaning out the toxins from our colon.
And at any time we start to have problems, take another enema!!!!
For if we add any food to a Toxic waste dump, it too shall become Toxic waste!!
#2 First thing in the morn, drink an 8oz glass of water to flush out the excess
acids from our digestive system.
#3 Take a good probiotic with acidophilus & bifidus with a high billion count,
with an 8oz glass of "ONLY" skim milk to start our digestive process properly
for the day.
#4 Eat our proteins in the middle of the day!
Do "NOT" eat any protein 4-6 hours before going to bed!!
#5 For an even meal have a good salad and or lite soup made with some of these foods: cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, onions, carrots, celery, beets, rutabages, sweet potatoe,no white potatoes, any of the cole family of vegetables, good ripe apple, pear, peach, apricot, etc( if they are green or picked green it may cause us problems because of the NPN), these are some and I am sure others may be ok also, this is a start.
#6 A simple cheap drink mix to cut Excess acidity of anything we may drink: Go to the grocery store and in the canning section find a small bag of pickling lime (calcium hydroxide) and also a gallon of distilled water. To the gallon of distilled water add one tablespoon of the pickling lime powder and this is our stock solution of Alkaline water. Before using this dilute mix of lime water always shake it up. Now to each glass of any liquid we drink each day, add one tablespoonfull of this lime water. We may have to acquire a taste for it, tho.
#7 It may be Better to take the Moreless Complete Alkalizing Drink mix, which we may fix if we are run out of energy and or feeling DEPRESSED in any way and or wanting Healing and long term Alkalizing:
Take one fresh Lemon and cut it in half and juice it into an glass and to this add some water to then mix in one tablespoon full of pure blackstrap molasses.
Then add enough Lime water to cut the Acids of the Lemon Juice, but not enough to cause the drink to taste chaulky.
We may also add a pinch of Epsom Salt to this and a few drops of Pure Peppermint Oil and or Vanilla etc to spice it to taste.
One also needs to take kelp along with this drink, and most folks prefer to take Kelp Powder in capsules on the side, some are able to mix it in with the drink?
If we take much Kelp we may need more Lemon Juice to react against the Alkalinity of the kelp, especially for those with Poor Digestion?
We may add some ice if we wish it to be cold.
We may take this as many times in the day as we feel a need for it to provide us with pure energy and bring us out of depression!!
It is Best to start out by sipping on the drink, rather than chug it down at one time.
#8 We may also use one tablespoon of vinegar [ACV] with one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses in 8oz of water as a drink with our meal, but it will not provide the same results as the Lemon and blackstrap molasses, which may be taken any time of the day.
The ACV may not be good for someone with adrenal problems?
#9 Also at each meal we may take a small pinch of epsom salt disolved in water, this has many side benefits, to many to mention now. We regulate the pinch size to only a small amount so as not to cause us to get the scoots from taking too much of it. Just enough so we do not get scoots from it, but enough so we do not have Constipation.
#10 Mentally stop hating others and get a positive outlook on life, smile and learn to be happy and help others be happy!!
This is a good start, and I will be happy to answer any other reasonable questions folks may have to help them better themself.
"WE" are What "WE" Eat !
Choose Life or Death this Day !
Smile Tis your choice now.



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