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Re: Chelation and Humaworm
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Chelation and Humaworm

1.Can I dose with DMSA and EDTA at the same time?

-nope. each one its own will cause many potential symptoms and you need to know what is doing what. if you do both together you will not know what is causing what symptom. And will get side effects from both of those and you will have to adjust the dose accordingly. personally i would not touch EDTA, but then again, i don't have a lead problem.

2. Can I do Humaworm (parasite flush)along with chelation?

-nope. Too many symptoms. I chelate the Cutler way (33 rounds) and i am on my 5th round of Humaworm...i would never do them together. Too many symptoms.

3. Any ideas about infra red just to tummy region while I'm chelating? Trying to detox all the fat there but I believe Cutlers against it.

-Don't know what infra red is? if you mean infra red sauna's, then those infra red sauna are not recommended by Cutler. Infra red stuff is not ideal because it heats things up very uneavenly and causes many people many problems. I would not use those things.

4. Can I use probiotics at the same time as all of above? I have Hpylori, did the abx but still feeling it. Have tested neg on stools and pos on blood but MD wont do another trial of abx.

-You should use probiotic after Humaworm has finished. During chelation is ok.

"Even though mercury didnt show up I suspect its there and I believe the book states mercury can hide."
- mercury not showing up on the hair test does not mean anything. most mercury toxic people are mercury toxic because their bodies cannot excrete mercury, so the hair tests shows no mercury coming out. the hair test says nothing about body stores of mercury.....but...... Cutler wrote another book on how to read the hair tests, which is heavy duty, as is his first book, but you will learn many many helpful things about yur self from reading that book.

you can buy it from Cutler here,

very good book, assuming you done the right hair test.
He made some "counting rules" which are simple rules that will tell you if have a mercury problem. they are explained here:

did you know the doses in the Cutler book are too high? starting dose of DMSA or ALA should bne 12.5mg and not the 55-200mgs he suggests in his book.

If you have not discovered it already you need to joing the "yah_oo Frequent dose chelation group." Goodle it. This group will help you through all the problems of chelation.

100pct you should not chelate when you are pregnant either. because any toxins you pull out will go into the kid. Mercury being a particular nightmare. Chelation should be before pregnacy, or after breastfeeding is finish.



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