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thinks & thoughts for consideration (plus using a stethoscope for discernment) : Re: Liver Flush Insights (Is 1/2 Cup of Oil Even Necessary?)

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Published: 12 years ago
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thinks & thoughts for consideration (plus using a stethoscope for discernment) : Re: Liver Flush Insights (Is 1/2 Cup of Oil Even Necessary?)

Generally speaking, when folks see & feel 'stones & debris' from just the ES (which actually happens more frequently than you might think) - it generally means the gallbladder was "chock full" and under a substantial bit of pressure. When the ES relaxes the biliary network and sphincter (and helps the gallbladder to contract), the stones can just come shooting out. And yes, they can be found in the toilet quite quickly after that. I feel that your "yellow peas" were definitely gall/ liver stones .

That being the case, it can be that the ensuing bile (released by the oil/citrus combo), really didn't find any stones/debris right "at the exit door" to push on out. That doesn't mean, however, that the bile released during the flush didn't push a LOT of debris forward and into the gallbladder/closer to the 'the exit door'.

I (and many others) have passed gallbladder/ liver stones simply from doing a coffee enema (prefaced with oil/citrus, ES, or nothing); for me, that has only happened when my liver/gallbladder was extremely congested. That's only 20-30 minutes from the gallbladder to the toilet...but coffee enemas increase peristaltic action in the intestines substantially.

It sounds to me like your first 'movement' was from the original Epsom Salt dose. It takes me about 45-60 minutes to experience the typical "butt pee" from the ES...some it takes several hours, some...never experience it.

>>>At 10pm I took the 1/2 cup oil and 1/2 cup of lemon juice and went to bed. The following two days I had diarrhea with NO stones. During these two days I had no solid forming stool indicating stones or otherwise (just water). On the third day I passed stool with several black pea sized stone looking things mixed in.<<<

Always remember, bile is our bodies natural laxative - it increases peristaltic action (the squeezing motion of the colon). Whether or not the bile released from your flush actually pushed out any more debris, it's very typical for people to have quite a bit of runny stools for several days after a flush....especially if that flush 'blew out a clog' (which it sounds like yours did), and the flow of bile was increased initially AND subsequently, because of new & better 'flow' throughout the biliary network and gallbladder. (Think: any engine with a substantial clog that has a backlog of pressure; when the clog is removed or lessened, there's an initial 'squirt' and then a much greater flow until the backlog of pressure is normalized).

It's actually very unlikely that you felt bad because of "too much" oil & citrus. With all the bowel activity you're describing, the oil/citrus was likely processed and out of your intestines in 12 hours or less. The subsequent diarrhea, tiredness, and just over-all feeling bad is generally caused by 1) the body needing to rebalance it's electrolytes, thrown out of whack substantially by the ES 2) the continued release of VERY toxic/stale bile...that not only increases peristalsis, but also the body is VERY intent on removing quickly so it doesn't reabsorb.

>>> It may have softened the "stones" to the point of passing without the help of oil (lubrication)<<<

The oil we ingest into our stomach does NOT EVER enter the gallbladder or liver - so it doesn't "lubricate" anything. It triggers the release of bile from the liver/gallbladder...which is what causes the 'flush'. The liver makes up to 1 1/2 quarts of bile daily. In a flush, we eat nothing past 2pm that could possibly trigger the release of bile, hence (hopefully) saving up 1 - 1 1/2 quarts of bile "flush" through our liver/gallbladder, and push out debris.

One tablespoon of oil, would not trigger the release of all of the bile - the body knows only to release as much as necessary to properly process the amount of oil ingested. If you ingest less than 1/2 cup, your liver will release less bile than it would have if you'd ingested 1/2 cup. It's questionable whether amounts over 1/2 cup are beneficial, but some folks report that they are.

As for me, when I go to the trouble to do a flush, I want to ensure every drop of bile in my liver comes out...and the flush is as effective as possible, so I've always taken at least 1/2 cup of oil.

Is it possible 1/2 cup of oil is too much for your body? LOL, 1/2 cup of olive oil at a time is pretty much "too much" for ANYbody's body...that's why it's a flush and not a normal part of daily eating. Of course, if one has all the data/information and senses they are 'doing harm' with 1/2 cup of natural oil, no one should ever pressure them to use more (so please don't think that's what I'm doing).

When learning to be our own doctor, it's ALWAYS imperative to listen to our "doctor within"...but it's JUST as imperative to know how to interpret what our doctor within seems to be telling us.

Flush ON!


P.S. Here's a recent post you might find beneficial that I made on my forum explaining how to use a stethoscope to better increase one's understanding and discernment when Liver Flushing and doing CE's (coffee enemas):

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