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Re: Just loads of questions about the 30 Day Detox
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Just loads of questions about the 30 Day Detox


Dr. Schulze "30 Day Detox", products (from his website):

Program Includes: (2) SuperFood Plus - powder,
(2) 5-Day BOWEL Detox - packets, (1) 5-Day
LIVER Detox, (1) 5-Day KIDNEY Detox and (2) Echinacea Plus,
plus complete “30-Day Detox” instruction book.


This gives you approximately 4T of Superfood daily; 10 days worth of bowel cleansing; 1 five day liver cleanse; 1 five day kidney cleanse, and enough Echinacea tincture for 5-6 droppersful of Echinacea daily (enough for uhhhm, a 5 year old).  He sells it for :::drumroll please::: FOUR HUNDRED & EIGHT DOLLARS!  (vs our price of $171 :::sigh:::).


Hmmm, to try and answer your questions, we'd need a copy of the "instruction book" - let's see what I can find 'online':

From this post: (just 23 days ago):

>>>I just received the 30-day detox program, but each of the four segments is only five days long. What do I do on the weekends? I am assuming I just continue raw foods/juicing, but not take any of the products?<<< 

SO, she's GOT the guidebook and only has the instructions for each cleanse?  You can find the  instructions for each cleanse here:


or by clicking the Schulze link at the top of all CZ pages.

I've been searching the 'net for 30 minutes, and the closest thing I find to the instruction book are these threads/post (folks like you, wanting to know what to do), last post/answer in thread is below:

(by the way "fm" stands for "formula" as in Intestinal Formulas #1/#2)

30 day detox

1. order is Week 1 = bowel cleanse
2 = Liver/Gallbladder
3 = Kidney/Bladder
4 = Bowel Cleanse

2. Instructions and cost:

Check out Dr. S's price for the 30 day and see if it turns out to be close to a savings for you at $282.00 (includes 2 SuperFoods and 2 Echinaceas and hopefully a bottle of his air purifier! ) The 30 Day is very, very similar to the IP but not as intense. But ideally if you follow the instructions you will juice most of the time, eat raw when you need solids, do the flush drinks each morning, drink SuperFood 2 times a day etc. So you need the extra stuff as well as the instructions?
And you need the Echinacea etc.

Also some of us (I'm one of them) believe we need to continue fm. 1 and 2 during the liver and kidney cleanses. If you decide to do this, you do not get enough fm. 1 and 2 in the 30 day detox kit. So having extra is necessary for that.

Lastly, you will continue to use fm. 1 after "the cleanse" and fm. 2 every 3 to 6 months for seasonal 1 week cleansing.

And I just found this post:


I'm disappointed that the Schulze folks at the store would give you such mis information! The instructions for the 30 day cleanse are NOT the same as the instructions on each 5 day detox kit. Infact, I made that very mistake the first time I did the 30 day cleanse. I followed the instructions for the liver cleanse out of the
box and completely diluted the intensity of the program.

So.. here's a suggestion:
The steps and diet for the Incurables and the 30 day detox are almost identical. You could follow the 30 day IP steps and eliminate the hydrotherapy (ie: the enemas, the mustard/herb bath w/cold sheet treatment etc.) The diet suggested for 30 day cleanse is intense you consume about 140+ oz's of diluted juices a day!
I sent you the tripod link for the IP instructions....


Emmah - so apparently there's no way to find the 'instruction book' online without spending $400 (please --everbody-- consider "Schulze now"...this man will not give or sell the instructions to the 30 Day DeTox program without you buying the entire package from him retail ??? ::::sigh::: He used to publish all the ingredients/ratios to all his formulas so people could make them himself, now he won't; his current information conflicts substantially with the information he published when in clinical practice, etc., etc., etc.  It's important that everybody realizes this; it's easy to get confused otherwise).  I'll do my best at answering your questions.  But before I do, I just HAVE to say this:


1) He NEVER would have suggested a 5 day colon cleanse (well, unless it was for a small cat or dog) :::eyeroll::: that's just not enought to even begin to make a dent in decades worth of build-up.  For some, that's not even enough days to get to the point they're having the 3 bms daily necessary to start the IF#2. 

2)  The 5 Day Liver Cleanse (without the "big flush" at the end, like he used to do in his clinic) is good for giving your liver a bit of TLC...but it's NOT enough to get out 'stones' (as you can see/find by searching the Schulze forum).  I have helped over TEN people get 'out of trouble' that they got into by doing the 5 Day Liver cleanse (without doing a series of 'big flushes').  This 5 Day Cleanse is just enough to get things 'all stirred up' in your liver, but not enough to get much of anything OUT of your liver/gallbladder.  The tincture that comes with it is good, but it's not enough to adequately deal with parasites.  I did the 5 Day Cleanse "by the book" 2 times before I ever started making my own tinctures, and I had liver flukes at the time...but never got out any liver flukes and only a few stones (at least I think they were stones) doing this flush.  Please read through this thread/post:


3) The Kidney Cleanse is good, and will be beneficial...but we can't properly cleanse ANY organ of the body in 5 days.


4) NO CAYENNE?  ::::HUGE sigh:::


1) Are there any instructions online for Dr Schulze's 30 Day Detox. I am not talking about the Incurables Program.. I have seen that online, but not the 30 Day Detox. If their are any copies of the 30 Day Detox manual online, I can't find them.

2) How much water is the minimum daily requirement? Do the Herbal Teas coiount for some of that water intake?  As far as I'm aware, Dr. Schulze never had a "minimum daily water intake" - on the IP, any fluid ingested should be juice, potassium broth or herbal tea. Dr. Christopher had everyone ingesting 1 gallon of distilled water daily....specifically water.  I've always ingested over a gallon of water daily...juice fasting, potassium broth...or not.

3) And similarly, does the Potassium Broth count towards some of the Juice intake? Again, there's nothing specific on this.

4) Are there juices that should be taken every day, or ones that are recommended? Important fruits or beg to juice?  Schulze recommends (in various articles/sites), beet/carrot/parsley; apple/carrot/parsley; watermelon for kidneys; wheat grass for detoxifying (starting with 1/2 - 1 oz at a time); blood building: beet/beet greens/carrot/wheat grass....and I've seen references to virtually every juice combo you can think of.

5) Is there a minimum amount of green juice to be taken? no

6) And the most hopeful question... is there somewhere that can tell me, on average, how much weight of a certain item will produce in Juice? For example, if i buy 1kg of Carrots, rouhgly how many oz of juice could i get from them? I know this is all dependent of on the freshness of produce and the juicer used, but some sort of idea would help me when buying them.... and an idea of how much this is going to cost!!!! I hope somebody can help you with this, but it's not going to be me :(  Once you start juicing, I think you'll understandy why very few people will have this info.  Like you say, it's all "dependent" upon things that are constantly changing.  The only thing I know "pretty much for sure", is that we get about a gallon of orange juice from around 16 pounds (4 4lb bags) of oranges.



Emmah, it sounds like you're serious about doing a thorough cleanse - that's great.  But 10 days of colon cleansing, a 5 day liver cleanse, 5 day kidney cleanse, some Superfood & Echinacea tincture likely isn't going to provide you with much of "breakthrough" on any serious health issues.  It may turn out to take care of whatever it is that you're wanting to accomplish...depending upon "whatever" that may be.  If you'd like to list/post the specific health issues that you're wanting to resolve (if there is anything specific), then go ahead and do that, and I'll do my best to post a good 30 day program that should give you the most benefit.


Blessings -




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