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The Story Behind The Suggested Self-administered Acupuncture Cure / Technique For The Chronic Rapid Eyelid-twitching / Eye-blinking Described Above
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Published: 14 years ago
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The Story Behind The Suggested Self-administered Acupuncture Cure / Technique For The Chronic Rapid Eyelid-twitching / Eye-blinking Described Above

The Story Behind The Suggested Self-administered Acupuncture Cure / Technique For The Chronic Rapid Eyelid-twitching / Eye-blinking Described Above

Actually as a part-time social worker attached to my religious organisation, my main duties actually include such things as providing voluntary counsellings, advices, interactive and emotional supports largely and mainly to the in-patients of certain government-funded psychiatric wards and other special-care nursing houses of my home country.

Next, it's quite a coincidence that for most of the in-patients that I have dealt and am dealing with, especially the chronically mentally-illed ones, they would tend to manifest to the others such symptoms of Tardive Dysinesia, especially rapid eye-blinking, twisted mouth etc, just like what I have suffered from before as a result of the side effects of certain antipsychotics / neuroleptics that we take for our mental disorders.

In regard to the suggested acupuncture technique, actually, at first, I just sort of trying to help them to deal with such Tardive Dyskinesia symptoms by imparting the technique to them, and in the meantime, it is also one of the efforts on my part to try to calm them down, as it can be really frustrating and dejecting for many people to live such annoying neurological disorders, including myself, before I get fully cured.

Subsequently, such a technique actually delivers tremendous reliefs and then final recoveries for most of them in the end. And over the past 4 - 5 years I have been actually doing the same thing again and again until I get really confident enough about the genuine efficacies of that acupuncture technique. And then, I just start to write articles and make posts about my healing experiences together with that suggested acupuncture technique over the website.

And initially, I actually openly revealed my email address in certain posts of mine in other websites. But I have very soon stopped doing that again for certain reasons (such as posting restrictions of certain forums etc). Next, apart from the ones in my real life, those other people troubled with the like-disorders just send emails to seek helps from me ever since the beginning of 2008. And until now, I have received many positive feedbacks from them on an ongoing basis so far.

Besides, another thing about that acupuncture technique is that, there are actually certain people, including me myself in this case, who are very much annoyed and repelled with the needle-piercing part of the actual acupuncture therapy. And that's precisely the main reason why the acupuncturist attending to my illness was just very kind enough to impart to me another simple alternative acupuncture technique which involves only instrument-aided pressings, rather than actual needle-piercings. As such, that actually sovled my problems with the actual acupuncture therapy in the first place.

In such a connection, since that technique imparted to me can actually be administered on one's own and given the facts that it doesn't involve any actually needle-piercings whilst the related acupuncture point is actually located at a rather safe bodily zone (somewhere on one's wrist instead of the other vulnerable parts such as the ones near one's eyes, face, neck etc), it is naturally a free-of-charge and harmless technique.

Next, given the facts that Botox injections (of which I have had a few times before) is actually not a definite solution for such a disorder whilst acupuncture services can be either too costly for certain people (having the like-disorders) or totally unaccessible / unavailable in certain countries (such as the ones in the middle east etc as revealed to me by some people through those emails), I just feel that it is just a part of my vocation as a social-worker to share such information to as many people in that particular need as possible to help them cope with such annoying eye-blinking disorders, especially the medication-induced ones. And to the least extent, I just hope that I can at least provide some clues to them about such an annoying eye-related disorder.

In a nutshell, the results and feedbacks I have witnessed and obtained so far are actually consistent with the medical research provided in this website below.

And I just hope that by sharing some related information on my part, especially about the suggested acupuncture technique, more and more people in that particular need will eventually gain the related curative benefits, along with other related conveniences, advantages and accessibilities (please refer to the prior paragraphs above) available to them.


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