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Re: If The CODEX Passes in December [Edited]

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Heart Worms?
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: If The CODEX Passes in December [Edited]

It is beyond me...why would any group expose themselves as being silly fools?

...Or worse?

This 'law' gives 'them' control over the DANDELIONS in our YARDS!!!

...And, over all dandelions growing wild! ...Because someone MIGHT sell them!

...And, tomatoes are herbals, too! So is thyme! And parsley, and lettuce, and cabbage...and strawberries!!!

And, certainly they aren't going to send out soldiers to eliminate all dandelions in roadside ditches, as they did hemp...just because it LOOKS like marijauna.

...Forgetting entirely that it used to be the law, or rule, that all settlers had to grow a certain quantity of hemp for its many uses in making rope, cloth, home-medicine, and more...and because one would have to consume a truckful to get even a buzz.

These days, growing hemp must be licensed, and even if a person is properly licensed and regulated, the public will break down your fences to get at it.

That's how little we know.

Still, some honorable people, knowing hemp's value, will take on the regulations and rules and the thieves and the worries, just to get a valuable 'product' available to the marketplace.

On my computer desk right now, I have a package of Ruth's Certified Organic Soft Hemp (shelled hemp seed)...for eating.

Ruth even puts her picture on the foil-lined recloseable packet.

If it is a scam, she certainly went to a lot of trouble and expense to perpetrate it.

Do you read the little news items buried in the back of the newspapers? I do. (Ask me sometime what I have found there. Those items will curl your hair!)

One of them, since I have heard of the Codex 8-step plan, was about a U.S. law/rule that said that all complaints against herbals, HAD to be reported to a certain board of review.

I thought, "Boy, could they have a field day with that one!"

I have even noticed that dissenting voices on CureZone are often people who have registered just to make one disturbing post, and are never heard from again...under that name or number.

Use the search function in grey print on every dissenting post on CureZone where you wonder who is writing. Sometimes it is useful to see where, and if, posters have expressed other opinions.

Refuse to be matter what 'trigger words' they may have used. Trouble-making is only one tactic used by con artists.

In this world, there are many trying to gain reputations as trouble-makers, in order to get hired for the job.

Some people will leave no stone unturned in order to make a buck. They will say, and do, anything. And, there are some who will pay for the services of the most effective.

Sleazy, eh?

Okay, how can we straighten out Codex?

They are boiling a frog, you know...putting a frog like me into cool water, and slowly turning up the heat so that the frog doesn't notice or doesn't mind that he/she is being cooked.

I've been around long enough that I notice! In 1938, when I was born, people knew a lot of stuff that more recent generations have forgotten.

...1. 'Marching' doesn't really work. It does deliver the message to authorities that there is 'trouble' in a particular area, but authorities have apparently developed tactics against those kinds of demonstrations.

But, they haven't paid much attention to traditional trekking...mass migrations.

A lot of years ago a college instructor posed a question, "What if a million unarmed Chinese people get into boats and show up on your shores? What are you going to do, shoot them out of the water?"

All through history, and before, trekking (migration) has been used when conditions at home become unbearable.

Trekking isn't the happiest solution, of course...look at the dust bowls of the 1930's...caused, of course, by machine plowing, and migration by foreclosures on farms, etc...and by a flyer from California which said that pickers were wanted.

What a mess that was!

Still, people could see no alternative.

Some profited handsomely on the farmers' plight and flight, too...still do.

...2. Another way is to spend appropriately...while one still has a choice.

If we can see a spot where weeds and grasses grow lushly, because the groundwater is still there, we can scatter handfuls of mixed saved seeds, right among the grasses and weeds...and come back later to harvest.

Whatever CAN grow, will, and we will all have access to free food...better food.

There are still lots of wild places available to us.

...Outside fences, for example, and around forests, and clearcuts.

We'd need to relearn harvesting, and food preservation, of course, but that can be done on a co-operative basis.

...3. There are basic principles of groundwater flow that would be useful to us, as well.

...Like where to look for sites of artesian wells, and so on...but those principles aren't difficult to understand.

...4. The other day we bought the plans for making inexpensive solar panels.

And, there is great advantage, and savings, in going to bed, and rising, with the sun.

Tesla said that society would change radically when he gave us alternating electrical current. What if we changed back to candles and whatnot?

Maybe they are quite satisfactory and less bother and cost than what we have now.

A long time ago I thought there is a very fine line between ourselves and living outdoors in the elements.

Could many of us survive living in our own backyards?

And, that was long before the term 'homelessness' became well-known.

I knew about bums, of course, and hoboes, and beggars, and the junkman who drove his horse and wagon up and down alleys, but it didn't dawn on my very young mind that they slept in corners, and did without electricity.

We were poor, but mom warmed the iron, and bricks in the warming oven over the woodstove, to wrap in towels and put into our beds, to our feet. We were covered with coats, in addition to our blankets, and sometimes we slept in touques and the like.

The bums who came to the back door and offered to pile the cord of wood in the back yard, in exchange for a meal...did very well, indeed. The man of the house was out looking for work.

The fellow who sat at our lunch table had the audacity to ask for jam! All mom had was Roger's corn syrup, for baking.

Sweets were rationed during WW II...and meat, which was okay by me because we were vegetarian, and ate eggs and fish. We couldn't afford meat, anyway.

Since we lived by the ocean, a friend giving us a bucket of smelts was a real treat.

Bad habits were beyond us. Booze and cigs were out. Mom and dad and we kids drank Postum, sometimes.

Mom considered a peanut butter sandwich a real luxury. Add a banana, with butter, and she felt positively pampered.

We thought a fried egg sandwich for school lunch, with a dab of mustard, was ordinary, and tuna with Hellman's mayo, too. We never complained. Thank goodness we had them! Many kids didn't.

And, jobs...

...As in China, and other well-populated areas, people will always find little jobs to do for pay.

I heard that youngsters in India, if they were able to bring home a coin, were sent out to buy an onion for the family dinner pot.

People have always survived, somehow...for thousands of years.

Not all, of course...but our race goes on.

There is much in Nature to sustain us yet.

Plant something, especially where there is groundwater, and lots of weeds and grasses.

And, be wise in who you trust.

Also be trustworthy.

We'll make it yet.


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