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Fasinex - 2nd Dose Progress Update
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Published: 14 years ago

Fasinex - 2nd Dose Progress Update

I have been struggling with liver flukes since October and believe I have finally had a breakthrough thanks to the fasinex and lots of hard work.

I discovered I had liver flukes taking prazi, however I was not able to eradicate them alone using prazi. I took prazi for suspected Tapeworm from white things in my stool, but when I took prazi out came red things for the next 2 days.

Yet I would have white balls that would always be growing in size in my stool and some symptoms. Taking herbs and zapping had improved my symptoms tremendously, but I was not able to eradicate the problem.

But it became clear I had liver flukes, in particular I had sheep’s liver fluke which is common in the former soviet union and I got sick while eating in Russia.

I took my first dose of fasinex in April and followed it with a coke Liver Flush (did not work that great for me) and some coffee enemas. A week and a half after I took the fasinex I had the bext week of my life health wise post parasites. It also happened to coincide with a vacation and I had solid dark stools, no white things, great energy, etc….

Then my trip ended and the white things started to come back and in full force. This seemed to coincide with the new moon on May 9th. I then took my second fasinex dose and started to pass big white things (not little specks) but things the size of whole white pumpkin seeds or looked like kidney beans, but white. I submitted more stool samples, and was nervous that the problem would not go away.

But after about a week the white things stopped passing. I did a Liver Flush this weekend and got 2 seed looking things out. I also did many types of enemas (water with Black-Walnut , coffee, probiotic).

The last few days I have felt tired because of the flush, enemas, and a colonscopy I have had (which came back normal) but besides being tired my body has felt the best I have felt in a long time. Maybe even better than before I got infected with parasites.

Now I am waiting for the next new moon to come in early June and see what happens again.

To give some background:

I have been fighting this very aggressively with the useless medical establishment and things I have learned on here.

I have seen an internalist, infectious disease, and a gastro. I have had a colonscopy, ultrasound, and 25 stool samples. (They did discover I had salmonella infection in my gall bladder so that could have been compounding things).

I zap daily at 2 frequencies 7-7-20-7-7-20-7-7-20 and also use terminator 2, 3-5 hours on right side. I also did a colon cleanse, took parasite herbs, ate pumpkin seeds, garlic, probiotics, and paragone twice. I believe I killed a Tapeworm doing this and saw the head and the strip attached to it.

I took prazi and alben and now am taking Vitamin B, Vitamin C, liquid multivitamin, zinc, and coffee enemas on the weekend and will keep doing Liver Flushes after realizing their importance thanks to jessemom on here (traditional is much much easier on the body than the classic coke flush for me).

Anyway I will keep it up because it is not over but after 7 months now I am hoping there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

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