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Porcupine Reaction or Compassion & Empathy?
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Published: 10 years ago

Porcupine Reaction or Compassion & Empathy?

When I had a NDE many years ago, I had to let go of many of my strongly held beliefs. I discovered that God didn't hate Catholics, Communists, Muslims, and Atheists... The God of love loved all of those who had souls and even loved those without souls... The mission of our angels is often to steer us out of the paths of the soulless... and we should listen to the quiet still voices that tell us to change lanes in traffic and to look for a better job.... and to not go out tonight.... but sometimes we don't listen to that voice and we get in a place where we should not be...and then we may respond in terrible ways that degrades into fear responses.

On returning to my body, I came to find that most relationships were built on a type of gut level survival of the species instinct and not on love. I am not saying it is not important to get into those kind of relationships but rather that there was something wrong with it on the spiritual level.

Loving those we love is survival love and it can be mixed with some real love but the purest love, like in my NDE, was love for all, regardless of their actions.... seeing beyond the action... to the light within... In survival mode, we reflect the fears or kindness of others... like for like... In soul mode, we reflect the love of the God who is love... ignore the darkness and reflect back only any light that is coming from strangers or lovers or friends. I am still a physical body but I have tried, since my NDE, to reflect more of the love I found in my NDE then I did before my NDE.

People can be like porcupines and respond with fear to every situation that makes them uncomfortable but the path to getting the most of your life out alive is to harm as little as possible and show compassion and empathy...even to those who vehemently hate you.

There are many millions of people who have no soul at all. They have no compassion or empathy for anyone. Their behaviors are always for their self preservation. Almost everyone has base or lower level preservation instincts for our physical bodies... we dodge a car heading our way in a crosswalk or we duck when a crazy drunk swings his fist at us... but there is a spiritual poison that is rising up in the world that is spreading because of financial tensions that are occurring throughout the world. It moves us to set to judge others before we ever meet them. There are soulless people in every society but during hard times we often attribute soulessness on whole populations. This is how wars are started.

It is important to understand that our souls are guided to steer us clear of danger. if we will listen but when we don't listen... we should also not go into porcupine mode, after we get into situations where others are also in porcupine mode. If we can begin to reflect even the slightest compassion and kindness we may to look hard for in others then even those who have already gone into bristling porcupine mode may reflect our compassion and kindness back to us.

If you believe this world is the illusion and the next is what is real, it may be that your soul is experiencing this world for testing your soul, to see if you are ready to move beyond the the hell of fear and gut reaction to a more contemplative existence of joy and love... If you become consumed with fear of others then you may stay in the war loop of fear that is time...

Time kills every moment of fear induced hate but love is timeless.... Do what is timeless to escape the perpetual loop of dying and death...Learn that lesson even if it kills you. Those that you love may see your action of letting down your spiny thorns in adversity and begin to reflect your actions as well. A legacy of compassion and empathy or a legacy of fear is yours to choose. Children get over traumas and revert to their loving nature if their environment is love but if they live in fear for extended times...they are more likely to respond to their day to day life situations as a competition for life and death. What will your legacy be?

We who have souls are all children of God who is love and even those who have no souls can learn justice without a soul. If your form of justice is brutality then the soulless will see your form of justice and reflect it. You may not be capable of changing the soulless who have already formed a sense of justice that is brutality but for those who have souls to begin reflecting the brutality of soulless who are brutal means that you are giving away what makes you the light of the world... Go ahead and dodge the flailing spear if you can but don't let your response steal your empathy and compassion.... even for those with no empathy or compassion... In this way we can get more of our life into our final life review during the judgment. We can waste our time fearing the government or the people of other races, persuasions, nations and ideologies or we can do the best we can, dodge a few haymakers, and get as much of our life into the final gift that we bring to the light...

If we fear death it may be that we did not learn the lessons of compassion and empathy that we needed to learn while we are alive. We may have to return until we get that lesson learned. Moving on to love, being fearless of death takes only knowing that you have some kindness to people, plants, animals, rocks and trees...creatures great and small to bring to the light. Nothing attached to fear survives. If you spent your life in fear then one can still change that about yourself today. Move on to fearlessness and love.


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