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Re: Charcoal & Bentonite Clay Guidelines
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Charcoal & Bentonite Clay Guidelines

>>>Oh no, I was hoping it would be more simple than that :-)

You had mentioned in one of your posts using both to help the body detox and mop up things left behind in the bowel after a detox.

I was hoping for some general guidelines to help a body with the detoxing by taking charcoal and/or bentonite, if needed.<<<

It IS so much more simple than that! But there are quite a few reasons people utilize these two substances (autism, heavy metal detoxification, pulling out embedded 'things'/bentonite, food poisoning, etc). I just needed to know why you were asking and for what you were going to be using it.

Firstly this: >>>You had mentioned in one of your posts using both to help the body detox and mop up things left behind in the bowel after a detox.<<<

Both Bentonite & activated charcoal do SO much more than 'mop up things left behind in the bowel after a detox'. In fact, as soon as they're eliminated, they're not around to "mop up" anything. When used DURING bowel cleansing (both are in the Intestinal Formula #2/IF#2) they are right there as the volatile toxins in decades worth of putrefying/acidic fecal matter are 'broken up' to aDsorb all those toxins and prevent them from assimilating into the bloodstream. Any deep fiber cleanser that doesn't contain at least one of these substances, isn't doing all it can do (and that our bodies need). When using IF#2 adding a teaspoon of activated charcoal to each dose (five doses daily) is VERY ensure even more toxins are aDsorbed and removed with the fecal matter.

Speaking of aDsorb, it's totally different than aBsorb. aDsorption is a electro-magnetic "pull to itself". Both Bentonite & activated charcoal are VERY strong aDsorbers and actually pull toxins/metals from our tissues and bloodstream through the walls of the intestines and to themselves, hence ensuring that poisons/metals are SAFELY released and 'flushed away'...rather than other detoxification substances/protocols that just dump the poisons/metals into our bloodstream to burden our liver/kidneys (which can't possibly handle such a vast the poisons go right back into the tissue :::sigh:::) Some forms of detoxification (like chelation therapies) have been known to release such a major level of metals that the kidneys are permanently damaged.

Both substances are best ingested as a 'slurry' (activated charcoal tablets/capsules are not NEARLY as effective) - simply add 1-3 teaspoons to water or juice, mix and drink (charcoal has NO taste, and Bentonite has very little). Both substances can cause the bowels to slow (bentonite is more likely) and cause some level of be SURE to drink ample water daily when using either.

Here's a list of some of the various poisons that activated charcoal adsorbs:
(I've never found a complete list for bentonite)

And here's a whole PAGE of links on charcoal (all with great information):

There's some great 'science' on Bentonite (and other healing/detoxifying clays) here:

General Uses of Healing Clays - Internal, External - Potential Benefits

And here's more good 'general' info:

'Hope that gives you all the answers you were seeking :)

Healthiest of blessings -


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