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More About Meeting Relatives in NDE's and Moving on to Love
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Published: 10 years ago

More About Meeting Relatives in NDE's and Moving on to Love

The only hell there really is is the one we are in right here. Those that see hell in NDE's are just seeing the thrown away spiritual garbage that falls off of us and is cast away as far as the East is from the West in the tunnel that never makes it to the light... The Judgment is the opportunity we have to bring all of the light we made, the light we gave, and all the light we ever received...those crystal moments when we shined or were shined upon... back to the light from where we came... When we enter the tunnel, we can choose to dwell there in the company of the less than loving spirits we picked up during our lifetimes and the spiritual trash we created while we lived but 99% of those who have NDE's never see any hell at all because it doesn't interest them. If you have any light to bring back to the most loving father and mother of it...then by all means go... go to the light...

If you go looking for hell, you will find your way back to it soon enough, when you get finished with the judgment and choose what to do next. As for my soul, I hope I will choose, when I enter the tunnel again, to look up and move on to the light. For me, the light is a much more compelling destination than rummaging through the darkness.

When we do go to the light, we can choose to escape the revolving door of returning to hell with our own free will.... and then be "born again" into a non-physical body and move on to other realms beyond the dimensions of time=death and dying. There are so many other realms but we who choose to come to hell... and then return over and over...and over... are fascinated with death and dying... time... but like all fascinations... we can get over them and move on to other interests... Time is fascinating and the only unknowable to souls that are fascinated by it but if they knew what suffering there was in it, I imagine souls would not return to the flames.

Once we go back to the light, we start choosing what to do next. We can do as we like. We can remain our own identity or just become absorbed into what is God who is Love or by name a thousand, thousand, thousand other names for the light that is beyond the tiny little door that it time. While time attempts to draw us back with its empty promises... timelessness remains for those souls who no longer want to play in the war, death, and dying scenarios that the God of time co-created with us and our ancestors who would have us play our parts.

Our relatives are on their own journeys and will often attempt to influence us into returning to hell to help them with their lessons. As soon as you choose to enter back in to hell... you begin to contract with the God of time, and you are removed from timelessness into a type of limbo space, where you start plotting your life course. It takes a lot of determination to get out of the obsession of learning lessons attached to time because our souls have a lot invested in the hundreds or thousands of contracts we have made with other souls. There is a way out, free of time... but if you want to keep returning then it is up to you...

Getting off the roller coaster ride of death and dying seems like an obvious choice but when we do go to the other side, we forget all the pain and suffering we witnessed and were a part of in giving and receiving from time. The pain has been forgotten but while we are there we get to check out books of past lives of our ancestors and friends in the sanitized version that has already filtered out the hellish suffering that comes with entering time.

I have never been one to watch a movie over and over... In this one... everyone dies... There are better shows out there and you can still interact with your ancestors, dogs, cats, lovers, friends.... beyond death and dying... but only after they get finished with their lessons too... You think you are helping by going back in after them but really it is just like a moth to a flame... you go to that false light and you get burned... mostly never reaching the object of your affection but instead... getting spun left and right away from your initial plan until you are down in the very fine print of your contracts to the punishment for not doing what you obliged to do before you were ever born.

The best way to avoid the constant regressing back into hell is to plant in our loving thoughts our intentions to move beyond time into dimensions where our ancestors can not snare us back into hell. It seems a noble thing to give up your life for your friends and family but it has already been done billions of times... Moving on to love is my hope for my soul even though the death and dying lessons have their charms.

Hell is like a big lottery for souls and a few do achieve some type of somewhat sustainable ecstacy only they often do so at the expense of the others who bought into the roulette wheel of time and even they will fail to make it out alive... If we plant that seed to move on beyond our relatives that are still fascinated with time then we can go on. There are many uncountable lessons that can be learned from playing into religions and philosophies but ultimately, why enter a game where there so much suffering and pain?

Once here, in hell, we do need to build as much love and kindness into what we do and feel or it is most likely that we will easily be snared into coming back again to fix our injuries to others and ourselves. If we all opt out of the death and dying flick then we can all meet again in the greatest love story ever told... If I get there before you... I hope we can move on to greater love together... if not... the Hopi say we will begin popping up in the river of life... and then recognizing one another...When our lessons are through... I hope to see you there...

My NDE in 5 Parts

* Disclaimer: The author of this post does not hold any of the White Supremacist ideological positions that many of the CureZone posters post with their soul poison in the Debate Forums of CureZone.

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