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Truth enclosed - Re: Reposting same question/situation- Thanks
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Published: 12 years ago
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Truth enclosed - Re: Reposting same question/situation- Thanks

Actually, it looks like the physical exam required by PA law is the LEAST of your problems.

I was not able to find the actual PA law, but the school district information above pretty much sums up what is required.

The physical exam required for young children seems to be only vision, hearing and BMI. So, you do NOT have to let a doctor do more than that. BUT...VACCINES ARE REQUIRED BY LAW.

You will HAVE TO submit an exemption in writing.

Here is where you find out how:
...scroll down the page to find the details for PA.

>>>Plus at these "check ups" they take their urine and blood and for what? Just stupid tests that just make them money and have no point. All I am asking for is the God given right to decide if I want to do that or not! Why should I have to take them to a doc?<<<

I think elf_hardtoil attempted to elaborate, but I will elaborate more bluntly. The reason the state mandates that you take your child to a physician is NOT just for the money...and sadly they DO "have a point".

We live in a police state, and you're just beginning to understand it. There is NO SUCH THING as a harmless blood-draw. Every 'needle jab' breaches the integrity of our body and has the potential of injecting any/every variety of pathogens (whatever is on the needle from the air or skin of the person handling the syring). There are MANY religions and spiritual people (without an "organized" religion) that feel a needle-jab that breaks the skin is VERY harmful to the health of a person. But now-a-days in far more than just that risk...they will have a record of your children's DNA when they take his/her blood. AND, if they find ANYTHING wrong, they CAN force you to accept whatever treatment they suggest, and if you refuse, your child can be taken from you. If you think that's not possible, just start searching on the 'net. Many MANY children have been taken from their parents because the parents refused to give them Ritalin or other psych-drugs....and that's WITHOUT "blood evidence" of anything being wrong. And I'm sure you read the thread where the state is FORCING (yet another) child to be injected with chemotherapy.

It all sounds like 'conspiracy whackos' until it starts being real in our lives. But it's NOT 'conspiracy whacko', it's Conspiracy REALITY!

The very real plans (that are being fully enacted) of those behind the New World Order are to depopulate the planet substantially, and (basically) enslave the means of vaccines, tainted foods, chemicals & pharmaceuticals.

>>> Yes, I could home school but my kids like being in school and I feel that kids need the "real world" expereinces that school can provide. <<<

There are many ways to home-school and give your children 'real world experiences' and socialization...WITHOUT exposing them to the myriads of horrors (and brainwashing) that goes on in public school.

You are the parent (it's not my right nor my place to judge you for whatever choices you make with your own children) - but I do feel like it is my responsibility to share the truth with you can make an informed decision/choice for your children. Please go here and spent LOTS of time reading, watching videos, or ordering one of the books to read & learn.

This world is no longer what we think it is...and the life, health, education and safety of every child depends upon their parents LEARNING & DOING what they have to learn & do to give their children EVERY hope they can possibly have.

I am truly sorry I don't have something "happy" to tell you...but there is every reason to know hope and encouragement (and victory) IF we know what we're dealing with and then learn how to fight & win. There is NO hope if we don't know the truth.

Blessings (and love!) -


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