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Image Embedded Big liver flush every two weeks, no prepping...OR

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unyquity Views: 10,155
Published: 12 years ago
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Big liver flush every two weeks, no prepping...OR

...or do some prepping everyday and then a big flush every two weeks?

The answer is...ALWAYS PREP YOUR LIVER FOR A LIVER FLUSH in any/every way you can!

Imagine the intricacy of the plumbing system of huge building with hundreds of offices (each having a sink and a toilet). Every office has small pipes inside it, leading to a bigger pipe that connects some of the pipes on every specific floor, and every floor has one or two big pipes that lead to other major pipes, and some of the pipes have U-joints and various 'bends' (that's the biliary network in the liver)...that all those pipes come together into one pipe to dump into a small expandable "bladder" (that's your gallbladder) where's it's all processed and then dumped into the main sewer...through a very small (but incredibly "stretchable") small pipe coming from the gallbladder.

A big flush is like taking a gargantuan water hose and connecting it to the main plumbing pipe at the tip-top of the building, and flushing a great big volume of water through into it...and let's say, we do that once every two weeks (or once a month?).

(Remember the "clogs" may be anywhere, in any office, in any sink or toilet, or in any of the various tubes leading from each)...and each individual pipe MAY have things stuck to the inside of them hanging down into the middle of the pipe, that are like those 'frayed curtains' at the end of a carwash...those'd be liver flukes).

Which is going to be more effective? One liver flush every two weeks, and letting everything go back to normal after every flush and then repeating the flush? Or doing something every day to gently loosen up everything and then doing a major flush every two weeks?

What should you do to keep loosening and 'breaking up' the debris in the pipes before & between the liver flushes (and help to ensure you won't be sick, nauseate, ineffective, or end up with a temporarily stuck stone)?  Here ya go!

--First and Foremost...a complete & thorough colon cleanse!!!  The only reason to NOT do this is if you're having a "gallbladder/liver emergency".  Why?  Because the transverse colon comes into DIRECT CONTACT with the liver (and sometimes gallbladder).  In the image below the thick tube going horizontally under the liver & stomach is the transverse colon.

If the transverse colon is even slightly engorged, it's pressing/squishing/constricting the liver (and possible gallbladder) out of shape.  Bottom line: if you're not having 3-5 naturally healthy bms daily, it DEFINITELY is engorged somewhat, because there's too much food, and likely gas in there...not to mention the build-up of putrefying & decaying mucous & organic matter (commonly known as 'mucoid plaque).. 

Imagine there was a large object pushing upward against your liver (and gallbladder) and constricting the biliary "tubing"...and you go ahead and flush.  Just how miserable do you think 'you and your liver/gb' might become?  VERY miserable (and possibly even more impacted & congested).  We cannot adequately (or comfortably or safely) flush our liver if the biliary network and/or gallbladder is constricted or squished! There's a REASON for the 'order of cleansing', and it's always colon first.  And there is NO weeny lil' 5 day cleanse or bottle of "oxy magic" that's going to undo decades worth of debris, plaque, build-up and engorgement.  Take your health/body seriously folks, and do a deep & thorough colon cleanse FIRST (like IF#1 & IF#2...for a MINIMUM of 10 days, 30 days is much MUCH better). Instructions here:

Read more about why you need to bowel cleanse thoroughly in the links below (remember, "constipation" is less than 3-5 healthy bms daily - many times several unhealthy bms daily indicates constriction and impaction throughout the colon)

Dr Schulze 2001 Bowel Newsletter

Journey to the Center of your Colon .

You'll likely find that you'll get a LOT of liver/gb relief simply by "unsquishing them".  (Btw, all the products I've suggested are now available in our Storefront Herbal Apothecary Storefront ...or from Dr. Schulzes website or Health Freedom Resources, but they're more expensive of course).

Wanna spend a few extra months doing lots of liver flushing?  The best way to ensure that?  Start liver flushing without doing a deep & thorough colon cleanse.

-- Dr. Schulzes 5 Day Liver Cleanse & daily morning flush drink (using apple juice for malic acid to soften debris) is absolutely fantastic for prepping the liver & gallbladder.  The Liver/GB tincture can also be used as 'bitters' to stimulate your liver to create bile...just put 3-5 drops on your tongue every time you walk past the bottle...5x a day or so. The Liver/Detox/Digestion tea is SO yummy and a huge benefit to the 'urpy-burpy' that can happen as you loosen up all the stale bile in your liver.

Basic instructions here:

Tips & suggestions below:

Notes about the 5-day Liver Cleanse instructions:

--In the morning liver-cleanse drink, you'll see that you add 1T of oil and 1 clove of garlic each day.  There are some people (me included) that simply cannot ingest more that 2-3 cloves of garlic at any one time.  It will NOT "ruin the cleanse" if you can only take 1-2 cloves of garlic each 'drink'...and you can add (and I highly recommend adding) extra ginger root. You can take the additional cloves of garlic later in the day.  Remember, besides being a chologogue (increasing bile flow) raw garlic IS the #1 most effective herbs to kill liver flukes!

--You do not "have" to do the 3-day juice fast in the middle of the 5 day cleanse (or any of the 'diet' recommendations), but it IS very beneficial.

--Dr. Schulze suggests adding the Liver/GB tincture to the Liver Tea...and this is NOT the most effective way to use the tincture.  Anything 'bitter' triggers the liver to produce/release bile, and the Liver/GB tincture is VERY bitter.  So rather than mixing it with the yummy spice tea (and ruining the taste of the tea, and diluting the bitter tincture), it's far more effective to mix the tincture dose with a 'gulp's worth' of water and have it separately.  Here more info about that tincture (even though it has a few anti-parasite herbs, there's not enough in it to create an effective/deep parasite cleanse...but mixed with the raw garlic in the flush drink, it WILL kill a LOT of liver flukes): 
--The Liver/Detox/Digestive tea is based on an ancient Indian digestive remedy.  It doesn't have a strong effect on the liver proper, but helps IMMENSELY with all the "urpy-burpy-ness" we all experience when cleansing the liver.  It's also a very welcome substitute for coffee :)  You do not have to follow "dosage recommendations" (you may have as much or as little as you prefer)

--DEEP foot reflexology Reflexology foot map - Dorling Kindersley

--Castor Oil packs are fantastic (I consider them essential, as their 'action' is incredibly soothing & deep)

Please never-EVER underestimate the 'decongesting' & healing power of reflexology and castor oil packs.  If you doubt either, just get a stethescope and listen to your liver/gb when you do either.  You'll be amazed (here's links/information for buying a good/cheap stethoscope and information on how to use one:  Being your own doctor - liver flushing/CE's READ ME PLEASE    (stethoscope links and other information) 

Listen to your Liver - STETHOSCOPE TUTORIAL [posted by Unyquity]


--Liver herbs & juices and cholagogue foods (that make bile flow, like ginger, garlic, bitter greens/foods - juices: beet, carrot, apple, lemon, grapefruit & radish are all great).


--Chinese Gold Coin Grass breaks up 'stones' into smaller pieces (I finally found a source and started the tincture today 4/14/10 [edit - it's now available in the Storefront])

--a tablespoon or two of olive oil daily

--and last (but certainly NOT least) - DAILY COFFEE ENEMAS!  (learning how to do these is something you will never EVER regret - the benefits really are countless, and your liver will LOVE you).  Also, doing a coffee enema (or two) the day after the flush will be at least as effective (maybe even more so) than those brutal last two doses of Epsom Salts!  I never use ES the day after a flush (and rarely the day of the flush)...but I do ample prep work and know what to do if I feel any difficulty passing stones :)

Flush ON!!!  (but do it wisely, safely and effectively :)



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