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Image Embedded Being your own doctor - liver flushing/CE's READ ME PLEASE
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Published: 12 years ago
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Being your own doctor - liver flushing/CE's READ ME PLEASE

What are these?


Here's a Google link for buying any of the three pictured. I like the green one (smaller holes, less gets through).

What are these?

They are stethescopes. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS DOING A LIVER FLUSH OR A COFFEE ENEMA (or foot reflexology or a castor oil pack, or liver herbs/foods) WITHOUT ONE!

Here's an eBay link for buying one:

The next time ANY one posts a liver flush question or a CE question, or wants to know 'what to do next', I AM going to ask to know the results of your last liver flush and what your liver is sounding like. And I am NOT going to play guessing games with your body...because even if you think it's okay, I do not.

How do you expect to be your own doctor if you don't care as much about yourself as I do?

How do you expect to be your own doctor if you don't make use of every clue you have as to what's going on internally, and what you're expelling...YOU *HAVE* TO LOOK AND LISTEN!

'Wanna "do harm"???  Ignorance, refusing to read & learn, apathy, stubborness, squeamishness and refusing to 'take responsibility' are THE fastest ways I know to get 'er done.

On this forum, we TRULY believe: "FIRST, physician...DO NO HARM!"


I was lucky, I got off on good footing early on - my mother-in-law had been cured of stage IV liver cancer before I met her (at the underground clinics of Dr. Kelley). She told me they always had to work in pairs, and anytime ANYthing came out of them, it was into a colander, and they (or their partner) had to alert Dr. Kelley or one of the staff. Because they ALWAYS examined EVERYTHING that came out of them every day and logged it. They even dissected their liver stones and examined them under a microscope! Dr. Kelley had to KNOW what was coming OUT, so he could know what was happening on the INside of them. And guess what? None of us are 1/10th as smart as Dr. Kelley if HE had to know, what makes you think you don't need to know?!!!

Your health is worth more than a multiple-choice 'stab in the dark' answer!!!!

For at LEAST the first 8-12 hours after a liver flush, you poop into a colander! Then you put the colander in the bathtub and rinse away the 'yuck' and see what has come out of your liver...and then poop in again and rinse it away, again. END OF STORY. None of this kind of childishness will be further tolerated on this forum: "it's too gross", "it smells bad", "it makes me nauseated", "it's unsanitary", "I don't waaaaaant to". (sheesh, it came OUT OF YOUR BODY, how harmful can it be, if it's been in you already for years?). Your finger is NOT going to fall off if you accidentally touch a bit of poop or a liver stone...or if you actually pick up a dead parasite with some tweezers to identify it, that has been squiggling inside you and sucking out your blood! Sheesh, didn't anybody here EVER bait a fish hook, or touch a catepillar, or fireflies...they're BUGS.

It's poop! You know, the kind you scoop out of the litter box, or take a sample of into the vet? Or wipe off your babies bottoms? It's poopy, everybody poopies. You don't have to touch it, you just have surf through it with stick or something. I keep a long handled, metal slotted spoon hanging in my shower (and a bottle of h202 on the bathroom counter). After scooping poopy, I rinse it under scalding water, spray it down with h202 and hang it up to dry.

And you know what the best part is? Once you get your colon clean, your poopies won't even be stinky any more.

By not having a stethescope already, some of you have missed THE most phenomenal, encouraging 'healing sounds' and learning experiences you could have EVER experienced. But it's NOT too late!!! My liver has gone from 'squealing like a piccolo or creaky door' when doing CE's and liver flushing, to gurgling like a brook. I can do one or two CE's and tell you if it's time for a liver flush. Why? Because I care enough about my health to make use of the tools that are available to me.

Folks, how much money do you think I'm making here? And why do you think I'm doing this? We've sold almost 7500 IF#1 capsules in the last 45 days...that's a profit of around $4 per 100 on the herbs...let's see, that's 75 x 4 = $300 in 45 days. And it took TWENTY FIVE HOURS to stuff those capsules (that's with TWO people stuffing together, so it actually took 50 hours).  I'm not in this for the money!!! I'm in this to TEACH YOU how to heal yourself naturally, safely and completely. That's a GIFT.

What do I get out of it?  I (actually we, Rocky n' me) get to accomplish our calling & mission (of changing the world for the better one person at a time) by teaching & empowering people  to be their own doctors and take responsibility for their health (so they can teach others) and we get to leave a legacy that COUNTS in this world...a legacy of TRUTH & FREEDOM in a world of lies & slavery.  (and, yes, we do make more money on the tinctures and some of the other products...and hopefully that will be enough to 'get us by').

Part of learning to heal yourself is learning to deal with poop, liver debris and critters....and actually learning enough to take responsibility for your body & health.   If you don't like it and won't do it, there's an entire world of allopathic & alternative medicine that will happily suck away your life savings, rob you of the freedom & joy you deserve and provide you with a painful & horrendous death.

Whatever "it" is..."it" was IN YOU five minutes previous to it coming out. It's not going to kill you or harm you to look at it...and use it as the tool it is to gauge your progress (or lack of progress).

You deserve better than playing around with your health like a blind-folded child whacking at a pinata.

Just because all the other boys & girls on Curezone don't pay attention to their bodies and take FULL responsibility for learning about their health as they "doctor themselves", doesn't mean it's okay.  This forum IS going to make a difference!

KNOWLEDGE is the key to health - let's all (PLEASE) do our best to get as much as we can!!

Healthiest of blessings -



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