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AT YOUR CONVENIENCE, UNY - A few more quesions
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Published: 13 years ago
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AT YOUR CONVENIENCE, UNY - A few more quesions

wwwwh lady, I certainly do NOT envy your withdrawal from that insidious HC! :( :( :( Those d*mnedable pharmaceutical cartels really make my blood boil! (grrrrrrrrrrr). Thank you again Uny for your time, energy and support.  I intend to send you another donation as soon as I can, as I so appreciate your councel.  It is of such value to me.  I've spent 'thousands' over the years to just get 'bandaided'.  Though I have gained alot of understanding and experience and know this will come in handy in understanding others' plight.

Everything you're doing seems 'spot on'. The big thing to add (step up actually) would be the Nerve Sedative tincture. There's absolutely nothing stopping you from taking 12 droppersful at a time (that'd be a tablespoon). OK, I can do this.  I have also made a ton of it! There's been many a night (for one reason or another) that I've take a tablespoon of Kava Kava tincture...and that is 'sweet sleep city' for me. I've also been drinking kava tea daily.  I love this herb and feel a strong 'resonance' with it.  My tincture of kava is now ready since the weekend.  So I can use this.

Also, there is a wee bit of a strange possibility - and that's this: Not so strange . . . I love putting pieces of a puzzle together its one of the things that makes me a great researcher.  One of the symptoms I had that was getting progressively worse was my Atlas would constantly misalign in recent years.  I mean practically everday unless I was very careful.  I luckily have this little 'black detox box' with a unit that charges it using my fingers - long story but it puts me back in place and I was using it ALL the time.  When I started supporting my adrenals using all sorts of supplements along with the HC in particular and specifically the 'himalyan crystal salt' that Tom Harrelson mentions my atlas would stay aligned much more of the time.  I do believe I've had a deficiency of electrolyte minerals (sodium for sure).  Himalyan salt made a considerable difference in how I felt and I could tell when I didn't take it I felt aweful.  But since starting NATURAL HEALING and stopping almost 100% of the supplements I was taking that included the 'salt'.  I felt it was probably throwing  my other electrolyte minerals out of balance and now I was getting to the core of true healing and balancing.  I recall on April 21 I stopped the salt altogether, that is right around when I started having trouble sleeping.  COULD THIS BE WHAT IS HAPPENING AND I NEED THE SALT AFTERALL?                                 Interestingly though one of my successes since starting fasting and cleansing was that my atlas has not misaligned since the first week of the fast.  I've been amazed by this and meant to post as a testimonial if I haven't already.  


Rarely, some people are "out of polarity" (and this can come & go with some people, and pharmaceuticals can/will definitely impact this). I can't take Valerian - it's a stimulant for me. (at least it was the 2-3 times I tried it, and I can't find the time to test it again - 'can't afford to be up all night because of it, and can't afford to risk that it'll put me to sleep when I need to be awake - lol) I will try "not" taking the nerve sedative as well to see if it is 'reverse polarizing' on me.

Even though there's only "one part Valerian" in the NS, it's an herb that commonly 'reacts' to the polarity thing. (it's the ONLY herb that I've ever reacted to in that way).

Other thoughts n' thinks:

--'been keeping up with the daily barefootin'? Or have you been exposed to more EMFs lately? Schulze reported MANY people having a drastic decrease in insomnia when barefootin'. I've found barefootin' to be even more effective when I lay hands upon an 'old' tree trunk. I have a close relationship with conifers and live right in the middle of a conifer forest and there are some 'elder' conifers that I actually 'confer' (lol) with. Some beautiful stories I could share - not now though!  I will ask the the trees to assist me with this and hug them.   It feels to me like the energy from the tree goes in through my hands and help to push out the toxic energy that the earth is pulling from my feet. I've also found sungazing to be effective in the same way, and also lifting my arms while turning my palms to the sunlight.

--??? stop ALL herbal tinctures/teas for one or two days to see if you can see exactly 'where' you/your body is without them. Give this one some thought and listen closely to your doctor within. The Ashwagandha & Adrenal Tincture are both 'adaptogenic', hence they help to keep everything hormonal 'in balance'...and you might not care for the results if you stop them. However, it would still/likely be a great 'barometer' of what's actually going on. Ok I can give this a go too.  Of course I will not try all of these options at once.

--If you haven't given it a try already, consider adding a cup or more of slippery elm porridge daily. I continue getting that "bell of resonance" on slippery elm for adrenals. I just haven't yet had the time to research it further than a couple of "links worth", but there's plenty to be found on a search of "adrenals + slippery elm"....quickie searches reveal it increases cortin/cortisol production and/or regulates it. It is rich in calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, iodine, sodium, selenium and some potassium. It also contains phosphorus and vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F, K, and P. Ok I ordered the slipperly elm bark powder this morning and will start using immediately for the adrenals but also for the other benefits.  I was recently reading in some of your posts about slippery elm gruel - I get 'it' that this will be good for me as I lost about 12 pounds on the fast and I'm small already I'm down to 110#.  I went out to get some new pants that won't fall off yesterday.  I know much of this is all the 'junk' that came out and weight loss is a small price to pay for well-being, spiritual accension & HEALTH.  So  I'm not complaining at all.  Just some weight gain would be good.  Thats also why I decided to keep cleansing and eating lightly a 75% raw diet.  I thought I needed some sustenance before fasting again as that is what I plan to do.  I've come a LONG way. But I've got More healing to do and greater heights to achieve Laughing

A few other misc questions instead of doing other posts:                                                       My main withdrawl symptoms from the cortisol are weepyness, hypervigilence (almost parnoid about certain things) insecurity, apathy and irritability.  You already know I'm doing ashwaganda, St. Johns wort, adding the slippery elm, nerve sedative, kava tea, adding kava tinc now.  Just let me know if you think anything else would support it.  I'm probably doing it all already but just in case you get a 'bell of resonance' for anything else I welcome it. The wean is actually going well I am experiencing sysmptoms about 4 days after a decrease but they arn't as bad as I have experienced before.  So thank you God for that !!!!

You mention we should supplement with Fish OIL - which one do you recommend and how much?

Can I make cayenne powder and tincture out of just African Bird pepper since No habanero powder is available till fall?  I know this would be very hot.  I just don't what to use to get going on making the cayenne tinc and powder.  I use the tinc 3 times a day and take 3 tsp of powder daily.

I'm reading the SYL manual a little at a time not just for my issues but to educate myself for helping others, there really is ALOT of info in there and I've used the receipes for colon cleanses, teas, tincs ect. . .  I compare them with your labels of things I've bought from you and find only small variances so I follow yours.  I actually went to the office supply had them print me the manual so I can put it into a reference binder and make notes and ect.  I prefer reading a book than sitting in front of the EMF computerYell and I'm putting most of the pages in clear slip covers so I can look up receipes and flip through and not worry about getting my manual messy.  I mention all this because I'm SLOWLY compiling a little reference library for me to access where I can gather information when I need it. I would also like to know where I can access Dr. Christophers IP program info and any other valuable information of his. I know his website is now not really his original information right?

I can also inform myself by reading endless sources of information for Tom Harrelson stuff too.

What I am saying is I appreciate your vote of confidence in me from that post in the one on my mom.  I feel much better knowing I can help people with what I am learning and also turn to YOU.  I really know in my heart of hearts this IS my path.  I have a total KNOWING.  And I look forward to learning, researching and educating myself as much as possible.  Its actually part of my healing with taking into BIG consideration the "B" word  - BALANCE.  My first priority is my own healing and my commitment to the IP program.  2ndly helping others that are 'asking' gives me a focus and truly a 'purpose' very close to my heart beyond what I already do with animals and people in the healing arts.

Lastly an IMPORTANT QUESTION - Natural Healing and ADD  . . . what can you refer me to to read about or know what else besides the basics of the foundational IP program.  I really would like to know what can be done to heal ADD.  Not for me but for several people very close to me. Any ideas would be VERY VERY much appreciated.  I remember reading in your testimonial that the IP program knocked out his ADD.  Were there things he focused on more than others to knock it out?

I've kept you way long enough.  Thank you again for your loving service to all of us.

Hummingbird Sage

I think I'm going to start mixing a tablespoon of Slippery Elm in with my morning superfood :) 

Blankets of healing blessings -



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