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Re: Flush can remove some gallstones from some gallbladders

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Flush can remove some gallstones from some gallbladders

hmmm. There's a simplistic error happening here. A flush per se, wouldn't remove small Gallstones from the gallbladder. The necessitation of bile in the digestive system, and the gall bladder squeezing that bile (and possible small stones out) would remove small gallstones.

I'm thinking flush is a really bad term here. Because you can't "bathe" the gallbladder or the liver in any substance that you feed the body. Nor can you run a substance through them (thank GOD, becuase the liver regulates what gets into our blood system and if it were that easy, any germ or virus would have instant access to our whole body in seconds) the lemon juice and olive oil enable bile to liquefy more easily, but they don't enter the liver or the gall bladder at all. It's the flow of BILE that enables Gallstones (only small ones) to leave the gallbladder. It is bile that flows from the liver and whatever the bile digests along the way, but it is not possible for the lemon juice or olive oil to get into the ducts and "clean them out." It IS however necessary to trigger the proper brain responses by feeding appropriate foods (the tongue discerns sweet, which triggers the brain to produce insulin, the tongue discerns bitters which triggers the brain to make the bile flow, etc.) to the body and restoring the proper functions.

I have had my gall bladder removed, with no reduction in the gall bladder attacks. The muscular contractions were felt in the area of my sternum, which threw off many doctors, so that ocntraction felt is muscular, not hepatic, and can indicate large gall stones for those who have their gall bladder.

I'm not against a liver cleanse at all. I'm just proposing that it is inaccurately described, and has inaccurately supposed functions. I did a liver cleanse. I would suggest that for those with long-term chronic debilitative illness (such as lupus, or fibro) NOT do the epson salt portion of the cleanse, as these people are already depleted of minerals and vitamins but that they DO the lemon and olive oil and one day meat fast portion.

Lemon and olive oil are indeed vital for bile flow, and for binding with free-radicals or toxins saving the liver some extra work. Olive oil is a nutritive fat that the body works with readily as opposed to vegetable oils which are harmful to the human body. Both help the liver function better. The liver is the main area that uploads vitamins and minerals to the rest of the body, if that is impaired, then we see many breakdowns in the body.

Zinc is also imperative to the liver and pancreas. Vitamin C must be supplied DAILY in order to help remove toxins and ammonia from the body (ammonia is a by-product of proteins being broken down.) and everything is very interconnected.

Somewhere, under "why are there no studies" I believe on page nine, I posted studies showing in fact that lemons and olive oil are beneficial to the liver. So no harm in the "cleanse" but let's not perpetuate non-factual beliefs.

It's not a "flush" unless it's an intestinal one, nor are the stones olive oil (sorry, someone said something and I can't find that either.) as that was assumed, but the stones ARE made up of fats, which I also provided studies showing that olive oil helped reduce LONG chain fats in the liver (that's the vegetable oils which are harmful and reduce the livers capacity to do its other functions.)

I do hope that everyone takes time to learn more about their body and why what we feed it is so VERY important, and why the western diet is literally killing Americans and other societies that are turning to the same diets.

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