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Re: Why No Studies?
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Why No Studies?

this study shows that olive oil along with medium chain fatty acids (those found in coconut oil) actually REDUCE long chain fatty acids in the liver. Long chain fatty acids are all of the vegetable oils that we in western societies use in our diets. These oils clog up the liver becuase they are so hard to digest. They clog up the lymph system as well, because they have to go through the lymph system for "digestion."

I'll do my best to find more. I'm convinced the stones are not stones, because of the tests that have shown they are comprised of fats. However, no one as of yet, has determined what kinds of fats these "stones" are made up of, and to assume that they are derived from olive oil without testing, is foolish as well.

Olive oil and lemon juice both make the bile flow in the liver. Olive oil, is a long chain fatty acid, but only just. The medium chains end at a length of 12 carbons, long chains are anything above that. Olive oil is 14. Vegetable oils are anywhere from 20 on up.

I can list numerous studies showing the medium chain fatty acids (coconut oil) are VITAL to body functions, and they are all directly absorbed into the blood stream without tying up the liver at all. The new keyword in medium chain fatty acids is "ketones." All of the studies for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS, and multiple neuro degenerative diseases are saying and showing that by providing "ketones" these processes can actually be reversed. Our beloved pharmacies are now selling and providing coconut oil derivatives (ketones) for slowing and curing these diseases. IBS is also shown to be reversed by medium chain fatty acids, as is high blood pressure, lack of fat soluble vitamins to the body, and multiple other problems in western diet societies.

I did the liver cleanse with mixed opinions. I'm certain that these are not "stones" however, I'm equally certain that it's not just a mix of bile, olive oil, and lemon juice, or the tests would have shown that it was olive oil and not just "fats."

I haven't had to use digestive enzymes since the cleanse for getting food past my stomach anymore. But the Epsom Salts did indeed deplete my body of already low stores of minerals and vitamins and the recovery took long and was hard. I will incorporate regular lemon juice, dandelion leaves as salad additions, dandelion root in tea, and milk thistle as additional liver aids. I also recently learned that the liver absolutely needs zinc in order to function properly. (no more than 100 mg daily, and at least 15 mg daily.)

If I come across other studies (I too have been very curious about how exactly this cleanse works) I will gladly pass them along to this site. :D So far, it bodes well for the body to regularly partake of coconut oil, olive oil, red palm oil, and clarified butter. All other oils are VERY detrimental to the liver.

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