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Image Embedded I want to say something to everybody regarding Anne's post...Re: Biliary Sludge - Re: You are normal - be cool/calm :) Re: Uny I need help please!!
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Published: 12 years ago
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I want to say something to everybody regarding Anne's post...Re: Biliary Sludge - Re: You are normal - be cool/calm :) Re: Uny I need help please!!

Hey cosmic cowboys and girls,

I just want to remind everybody here that Anne is a "special needs case." She has openly shared her medical history. She's got severe anxiety issues, is weaning herself off some whopper anti-anxiety meds, lives in a generally non-supportive environment, has multiple food and other allergies, AND IS KICKIN' REAR.

Now, I want to tell y'all (all of us), that every single one of us on the Incurables Program is a "special needs case." There is a general "blanket" IP protocol, and then there are specific programs geared to assisting the body in healing target areas. There can be quite a bit of confusion when we read these posters' stories if we aren't careful to understand that everybody's situation is different.

For instance, one of my SPECIFIC protocols is drinking a therapeutic dose of organic brewed coffee for nerve stimulation, because I am healing myself from a neurological disease. One of my specific target herbs is kola nut in a nerve restorative tincture. I could probably experiment with raw cacao (chocolate) as an adjunct. You might think "lucky me." Well, remember what I'm dealing with. If you come along, read my progress reports, and find out I'm drinking coffee on the IP, you might be tempted to think "Woohoo! We get to keep our coffee? Where do I sign up?" The truth is, NOBODY on the IP drinks coffee EXCEPT for the neurological disease "patients."

One of the ways to kick the coffee habit is to switch to Yerba Mate. But Yerba Mate is still loaded with caffeine, and is NOT on the Incurables Program Happy List. Some of us can quit coffee cold turkey. I've done it several times, and endured those three day migraines, jitters, and screaming fits the medical literature describes as "irritability." My kids begged me to get back ON coffee! But people like Anne, with her body chemistry going haywire, couldn't handle coming off caffeine that fast. Uny knows what she's doing, but we, in general, really don't. I just don't want you to read somebody else's post and think "Yippee! I get to do what I want!" Well, you CAN do what you want, or you can get well. 

On to Anne's post:

thanks Uny !! and everyone else.. I am glad something came of me..LOL>>YAY!! It was black (thanks to charcoal I am assuming ) sludgy and icky looking ..IF#2 doing its job. GREAT!

I am feeling good now !! that yerba mate tea I drink is the bomb really makes me feel better too...and so loaded with vits and minerals which I feel I need ..I am so glad you're feeling good. The difference in your posts when things are "flowing" for you and when they aren't are like night and day. You're a winner, girlfriend! BUT.... forum folk- this is Anne's gig and not yours, K?

I chose to get that oil/citrus down me quicker last night too... it seems easier that way..and even though I felt like total crap this morning I did get better and this afternoon I had been in there cleaning out my kitchen drawers and organizing stuff....Hot diggity! Look at you go! It all works together- when I get myself cleaned out, I notice my messy surroundings and start getting my environment in order, too! And yeah, MANY of us feel sluggish (like crap) after taking in a lot of oil. VERY normal, and VERY cool that your body handled it quickly and hopped right back with a "thank you" energy burst! YAY!

ate me a small portion of pinto beans with a tiny peice of cornbread.(am I in trouble now UNY?) LOL.Oh, man, Southern girl to Southern girl, you are talkin' my language! But ruh roh rastro, you and I both know this isn't on the menu until you are ALL THE WAY WELL. We get fresh juices with lots of Superfood, our Superhero(ine) smoothies, and 100% raw vegan food of the gods and that's it. Makes it simple. I have just not really been hungry at all. I do have spells when I am starving or so it seems and we are feeding the warrior, not our fleshly appetites, right? but other than that I try to limit any cooked food to one meal a day and a tiny one at that. This is a great lifestyle change for you, Anne, and I'm proud of you. Keep moving to 100% raw. You will be AMAZED. You won't believe it till you do it. i drink my juice and my yerba mate tea though and water of course...sure will be glad when the weight starts dropping off of me again..I think Wings may be a cuckoo... 100% raw plus movement and exercise, plus the rest of the program will help you safely lose weight. I am fluctuating between 25-30 pounds of my goal weight now, and when I touched that 25 pound mark, I was so excited, because I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. You can do it, Anne. You're a femme fatale. think I am gonna cut out all sweeteners again cept for stevia to lose weight as that seems to be the only thing that works for me.. I am still retaining water which only seems to go away when I leave off sweeteners body must be really sensitive to that stuff among others still...ugh..Look at you listening to your "doctor within!" Ya know, parasites like sweets, and so does cancer, for that matter. If we don't feed our parasites, they put the house up for sale and move out of the neighborhood... I love me some maple syrup in my yerba mate tea organic, I hope and also raw honey too.I really hate to see em go but I guess its got to be for a while... aaaaaaahhhh... Do you have a body image in mind that you could shoot for? Like when Tierra asked me if I had a yoga body... I was like "I'll take that!"
YEs uny I have tried parsley ! (grin)
when I take the echanacia/garlic/cayenne in juice (daily dose) I have to pee more often though.. Yup, you do.

oh yeah gotta tell a story on that one.. me and Dad were on our way back from Tampa and he had a festering sore on his toe that looked really bad ..since he is diabetic he said he didnt feel it..awww it looked like the toenail was about to come off and its was purple and blue and red etc.. he said he had stumped it on something and it was oozing out .. well I gave him a dose of the echanacia/cayenne I had with me we had to stop so he could go pee quite often for a while after that.(he didnt like that and didn't want another dose). anyways he got home and wrapped it up with antibiotic ointment and took the wellness formula which has cayenne/garlic in it and his toe has recovered ..even though he will probably lose his nail it is going to get better.. He didn't seem too concerned about it but I was !!only thing he was concerned about was that it was oozing out and getting his sock wet!! LOL EYE-ROLL .. Thats my DAD..oh my Lord ..
I would like to think that dose of echanacia/cayenne helped jump start the healing on that toe of his and I have no doubt that if he had taken it round the clock that it would have healed up mighty fast....and possibly a charcoal poultice thrown in there too would have been even better..or even garlic!!

Peace Anne_33
Isn't peace WONDERFUL?

Love ya girl- you're doing great!



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