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Re: You are normal - be cool/calm :) Re: Uny I need help please!!
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: You are normal - be cool/calm :) Re: Uny I need help please!!

Anne -

It is OH-so-typical to feel EXTREMELY tired the day after a liver flush. That's a LOT of oil for your body to process. You have the SYL manual, or the chapter from it on Liver Cleansing, right? If not, here it is:  Yep I got it and have read over it several times...

...from the above:
>>>The only downside I’ve ever seen to it is, of course, it makes you feel quite sluggish because you're consuming a lot of oil that your body has to process.<<<

SO, now we know you're normal :) :) :)  Well I don't know about normal

When feeling gassy, urpy & nauseated the day after - it's almost always because you got a ton of toxic junk sitting around in your intestinal tract that just dumped out of the liver. Get it out and you WILL feel better.    Drank me some yerba mate tea and energy has come back some... ate me a  baked tater with butter and garlic pepper salt also as I was really hungry .that seems to have stuff stirring round in the ole liver there but I do feel better than I did.. I

Do another CE - (hopefully the IF#1 will kick in soon...maybe take a couple more?) - but the best way is to just move everything on down & out with another CE. (I know, I know, you do them on the couch and people are do it in the bathtub instead). Outta SA wilsons coffee but I do have some organic . bum is still a little sore from the time it bled..I must have irritated it pretty bady ..don't wanna rip it again thats for sure....tryin to let it heal some .. bathtub you say? there is no way I could get anything done in my small tub >>LOL>>...

If you were dealing with a true "liver clog", you'd be posting from a laptop in the ER. GLad we cleared that up ..thanks (grin) you know me I get a little paranoid when I don't think things are going right ...big grin

Anne, I did a flush a few days ago and had a PHENOMENALLY MISERABLE day the 'day after'. I got out almost FOUR CUPS of biliary SLUDGE and virtually no stones...I did 2 CE's during the day (after I'd gotten most everything out), and then a back-to-back set before I went to bed. My emotions & spirit (and energy) were flatter than flat. No, that's not right, they weren't flat, they were "negative flat"...and the next day I was still a wee bit tired, but me n' my liver felt SO much better.  I know ..I haven't gotten any stones out that I know of but first bm was full of mushy sludge /oil or whatever it was...and well         that was it.. and energy was at the bottom ..I literally didn't wanna get off the couch at all...  My nose also stopped up on me last night and I woke up with a sore throat this morning from snoring all night I assume...ugh..

Progress is a PROCESS. The healing pathway is filled with potholes and bumps in the road. All we're looking for is that steady upward trend - it's ALWAYS going to have a few 'dips n' dives'. Your "trend" has been SO upward and've worked hard and gotten a HUGE relief from some serious pain. Liver flushing is 'hard work' for the body - it's okay if it's tired and sluggish after such a cleansing work-out (ESPECIALLY when the liver is weak and clogged to start with).    YES. YES !!  I am outta pain for the most part..I stll feel things going on in the liver area and I do have discomfort every now and then but for the most part I haven't had pain to mention about for quite a few days now..   YAY !!

Attention EVERYBODY! NO FLUSH IS EVER THE SAME! The liver is ALWAYS in a different condition from the flush before when you start the next flush. And remember, the liver is the seat of the emotions - one can have exuberant feelings the days after a flush, or release emotional junk that'll slam you into the couch. It's all part of the healing...and thank heaven our bodies CAN heal after the decades of abuse they've suffered through.     AMEN !!

'Just stay on the healing pathway, gal - you WILL get where you're going!!! (I promise :)      Thanks again for helping me through ..I just need reassurance sometimes and need to know why       when I get symptoms like that.... I am afraid something terrible is going to happen and I am not going to be able to get ahold of you in an emergency thats all. I am a big whiney baby I guess but I know as I do more and more that will soon fade.. just bear with me ok?      I also know my body is all screwed up and that anything can happen when it comes to me.. I am staying positve and pushing forward to do what it takes though. gotta start somewhere though huh?

THanks  again

Love and hugs                                      Anne_33



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