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You-Tube Video Clips, Public Polls and General Consensus Worldwide Meant To Gauge Public Opinions On The Very Acts of The Ones 'practising' Brutalities, Physical Abuses, Maltreatments, etc Onto The Mentally-ill Ones
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Published: 13 years ago
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You-Tube Video Clips, Public Polls and General Consensus Worldwide Meant To Gauge Public Opinions On The Very Acts of The Ones 'practising' Brutalities, Physical Abuses, Maltreatments, etc Onto The Mentally-ill Ones

Included below is another written message conversation between me and the other respondents from the other forum about the brutalities, cruelties, maltreatments, phsycial abuses, deliberate humiliations, derisions, ridicules, disparagings and other purposeful malicious acts administered, or rather inflicted deliberately upon the mentally-illed ones : - 

Remarks From The Others :
"And that's supposed to mean ... what, exactly?"




My Replies :  


"What a stupid question which is actually asked by such an apparently-imbecile like you. And do I really need to answer it ? Ok then, I would just do it for the sake of charity. And you actually appear to be pathetically ignorant to me and, actually to the others anyway as well.


tell you what, just yesterday I actually chat over the icq with some of the people who have got their medication-induced rapid eyelid-twitching / eye-blinking fully cured through the acupuncture technique that I have imparted to them previously.


And well, for your information, some of them have actually been hospitalised as in-patients before in certain psychiatric wards / hospitals (including the ones in U.S and other European countries). And they all have been physically abused before. Nevertheless, no one would bother at all to even listen to their complaints.


Next, by the time I show some of the posts made by you all to them, well, they just spontaneously react differently to those posts, especially the ones made by you. And whilst they have other mixed reactions as well for your posts, I can just tell from the webcam that they are all agitated and provocated."



Let's just consider one of the excerpts from one of your (Mr.XXXXXX)  prior posts :



"How do you think I'd feel? Over the past 20 years, I've seen abuse, reported it, got people fired. I've led treatment teams, investigated abuse among my workers, got people fired for that too. And, I've worked for the State as an investigator, ferreting out these people - and getting them fired and placed on the watch-list. I've seen facilities in so much trouble over shoddy investigations that the head administrator and chief nurse were walked out the door by the owners. I've been part of getting at least one place closed down. In short, over the past couple decades I've worked the system that's responsible for ferreting out the people you've talked about from the bottom, the top, and the sides. I am a right royal pain in the ass for abusers."

So, getting people fired, getting them placed on the watch-list, getting their 'workplaces' closed down etc, and those are actually the ways you deal with the ones committing phsycial abuses, maltreatments and other brutalities against the mentally-ill ones ?



And hey, Mr xxxxxx, let me just ask you one very practical question. So, when you or the others get bashed up, physically abused, maltreated, and treated with brutalities by the other people, just what are those ' physically aggressive acts' called in the first place ?


Well, in case you don't know anything about law, I will tell you that.

These are the actually the absolutely actionable crimes of aggravated

assaults, grievous bodily harms, and maybe attempted murders etc.




And instead of getting the ones committing such acts to get sent to the police, to get sued by the authority, to stand trial for their crimes, and to be punished by jail sentences, you actually choose to 'punish' them by getting these people fired, getting them placed on the watch-list, getting their 'workplaces' closed down etc.


Next, if the same things were to happen to you, you will just respond in the same ways too ? Well, we doubt that.




Well, just how preposterously silly and how weirdly outrageous and how funny it is. And this is by far the most ridiculous thing I have ever come across in my real-life.





Nevertheless, if that's actually the reality in such a way that the ones in the related official duties, are 'anyhow' / 'by some insidiously corrupted' means, are 'qualified', 'entitled', 'eligible' etc to 'get' above the law and to 'practice' brutalities, physical abuses, maltreatments against the mentally-ill one, totally at their own free will, whilst at the same time, with complete impunities from legal prosecutions, well, that will be truly and really saddening.





And if you feel that you have fully done your part in 'punishing' all those people who inflict physical abuses, maltreatments and other brutalities on the mentally-ill ones, then may I just respectfully say ' You Must Be Kidding'.




Remarks From The Others :
ntuc:"If you're in their shoes, how'd you feel, and how'd you react."

Beyond instrospective and bananced analysis, truth-seeking, I am fairly sure I would want to escape, and also to gain (regain) power, not necessarily in that order.

My Replies :  
"Good points, then how about sending all those perpetrators to jail ?



And at the same time, they are committing crimes punishable by jail sentences anyway.



And preferably, get jailed for life."

Remarks From The Others :
"I doubt that there are enough truly honest unselfish people to fill the available incarceration facilities.

So, let's just let the various manifestations of "crazy" try to kill each other, open season, if you please. That would save a lot of public resources.

I suspect that you, too, are picking up on a Cyanidefreak mode. That is, post some semi-convincing contrarian reductions to absurdity.

(Preachy mode-on) I think that evolutionists are about as dishonest as the IDers and creationists.(Preachy mode-off)

I find our TT supporter Angus C. and his (personally invented bag of tricks) treatment of the Arab Israeli situation as less adequate than exiling *both* sides to Antartica to work things out, and maybe never come back. Humanely, maybe the Sahara would be better."

My Replies :
"Well, those points of yours really sound plausible at least to a certain extent.
Nevertheless, given the fact that those are merely some unilateral  / one-sided views of yours, I would thus reasonably believe that not every people out there would simply agree with everything you all have said.
And tell you what, just recently, I have just come across some really sophisticated multimedia computer stuffs, especially the ones about the making of the you-tube video clips.
And to my surprise, I actually have never realized before that it's actually so easy and so handy to make all those you-tube video clips.
Next, when I talk with the others about the issues of deliberate brutalities, physical abuses, maltreatments etc inflicted upon the mentally-ill ones by the related official medical operatives-in-charge, we sort of share the same idea that 'hey, why not just let some people to film down, of course secretly and concealedly, all those fantastic and interesting scenes of brutalities, physical abuses, maltreatments, etc inflited onto the mentally-ill ones and then get all those real-life fascinating scenes included into the you-tube video clips, one after another, and then finally put them onto the internet for the viewing references of the others.
And well, since you all have sort off implied that all those brutalities, physical abuses, maltreatments, etc inflited onto the mentally-ill ones are fully and completely justified and warranted on both legal as well as humanitarian grounds, so, why not just include as well a public poll to each of those you-tube videos put onto the internet, so as to get a worldwide consensus that might just fully agree with all your views and opinions on the issues of the so-called 'completely rightful' brutalities, physical abuses, maltreatments, etc inflited onto the mentally-ill ones.
So, here's a brief reminder for the ones 'practising' brutalities, physical abuses, maltreatments, etc onto the mentally-ill ones :
There maybe other people watching, whilst at the same time, maybe the cameras and videos are filming down all those justified 'heroic' deeds of yours.
And the bottomline is : Your very appearance and the very real-life scenes of you 'practising' brutalities, physical abuses, maltreatments, etc onto the mentally-ill ones, well, there maybe a pretty good chance for them to be aired onto the internet for the watching references, or rather, pleasures of the others.
And when that sort of happens, well, just stay calm and don't get so surprised.
But hey, what's the fear for that given the very fact that 'you all simply have done nothing wrong when brutalizing, physically abusing, maltreating etc all those mentally-ill people, well, at least those maybe are really the 'legally justified acts'.
so, why not just let all those meritorious and heroic acts of yours to get widely known, and you all in turn may eventually just earn applauses, praises, compliments etc from the other people worldwide.
Lastly, it's quite a brilliant idea after all to get what you all have done to get eulogized worldwide by the others, isn't it ?"

Follow-up (With BBC Videos) : - Care Homes : CCTV 'could be considered', Secret filming by BBC Panorama shows some residents being taunted, roughly handled and one being slapped etc. (please refer to the relevant video clips) - Care Homes : The known and the unknown


Whilst certainly and naturally, anyone would generally, objectively and reasonably agree and believe that the real-life cases of deliberate abuses as pointed out above is obviously and merely a small and tiny tip of the whole big iceberg of the topic elaborated in this and the prior post above.


as excerpted from:

(Please refer to post # 32)


Other Key Points To Ponder Over - - Issues on Secret Filmings (In Any Forms) In Relation to the BBC Videoed Documentary Above - Follow-up : Other Ugly Truths About Cost-cutting Policy of The Public Psychiatric Medical Facility  - Follow-up from the preceding article above - Antipsychotics & Neuroleptics - Striking a Fine Balance for Such Double-edge Swords -Follow-up from the preceding 2 articles above - Extrapyramidal Symptoms - Various forms of abnormal body movements - Official Information In Relation to the prior 3 posts above - More Related Videos



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