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Image Embedded IF#1/Schulze vs LBB/Chistopher/altered...thoughts --Re: I LOVE your herbal combination (edit addition)
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Published: 12 years ago
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IF#1/Schulze vs LBB/Chistopher/altered...thoughts --Re: I LOVE your herbal combination (edit addition)

#1!!! Cool

So far, I'm only on day 4, but wow, what a difference over, um, what's his name's product. OK, I'll keep HIM nameless!!! (edit: I'm already eliminating four times daily, with the first sense of urgency coming BEFORE the alarm clock actually goes off!!! NOTHING has worked on me like that before, except for harsh products like ex-lax). WOOHOO!  That's SUPER!!  Thanks for sharing!!!

Anyway, my feelings of apathy are finally leaving because I'M finally "MOVING" again.  If people only knew & realized how adversely our mental state is affected by a sluggish/impacted colon!  90+% of the serotonin is synthesized in the intestines!


(of couse, there's more reliable evidence that just a CZ post, that's just one I've had bookmarked for a long time).  It's really easy to 'see' in constipated children - their lil' moods will go from 'doom & gloom' to radiant sunshine after a good poopy :)


Know the old adage? "You can't have sweet thoughts on a sour stomach"? Mmmm-hmmm - granny had it right again.  There are many MANY people that have a VAST relief of all mood issues once they cleanse and restore functionality to the colon. 


thank you  You are more than welcome!  I'm just the messenger and following my calling.  It's a huge blessing to BE a blessing :)

I was becoming quite disappointed in the other product I was on, because the more time went on, I was having to take MORE and MORE and MORE and MORE. sigh It is VERY disappointing (not to mention discouraging!) to think we're doing the right thing, do it consistently, and not have it work.

Even just eating a small amount of raw for a few days found me needing to take 12 of "his" capsules JUST to go! Hmmm, that doesn't make much sense at all :(  Raw foods usually encourage bowel activity.  'Sounds like you likely need some deep cleansing and healing in the bowel department (???).  If you've got 4 bms goin' on now, you can go ahead and start the IF#2 anytime...5 heaping teaspoons, 5x daily (mixed with 4-6 oz of juice, followed by 8 oz of water).  Once you start the IF#1, you may need to add another IF#1 capsule...some do, some don't - just be sure to have a minimum of 3 bms daily - more is better :)

I guess I'm part of the low percentage of people he talks about his product NOT working on (over time, anyway). sigh

I keep blaming myself for inconsistency, (of which I am certainly guilty up to a point) - but I really think my main problem is that, after a while, a thing just quits working for me - and then I just plain give UP.  There are zillions of variables in every person that may/may not account for herbs working or not.  Herbs are "the roof on the house".  If the foundation and walls (and interior) of the house are wobbly and unstable, the 'roof' may work or it may not work.  No matter how perfect the roof is (and God's/Nature's herb ARE perfect) - it's the foundation that counts.


I would like to elaborate a bit here on the difference between Schulzes IF#1, Christopher's LBB and MH's LBB.


Here is Christopher's original formula (made ONLY with organic herbs, at least while he was alive):

1 part         Barberry bark (Berberis vulgaris)
2 parts       Cascara sagrada bark (Rhamnus purshiana)
1 part        Cayenne (Capsicum fastigiatum, Capsicum minimum)
1 part        Ginger (Zingiber officinale)
1 part        Golden seal root (Hydrastis canadensis)
1 part        Lobelia herb and/or seeds (Lobelia inflata)
1 part        Red raspberry leaves (Rubus idaeus)
1 part        Turkey rhubarb root (Rheum palmatum)

Here is MH's version (at least I think this is still his version, I can find nothing on his website/storefront that lists the ingredients :::sigh:::): Barberry bark, Cascara Sagrada bark, Cayenne, Ginger, Lobelia herb, Red Rasberry leaves, Turkey rhubarb, Fennel, Golden seal root, Olive leaf.


Here is Dr. Schulzes original IF#1 (which is what me make):


Take 2 parts - Curacao and Cape Aloe Leaf (and if NOT available, then use 1 part - Buckthorn Bark or 2 parts - Turkey Rhubarb Root), 1 part - Senna Leaves and Pods (start with 1/2 part), 1 part - Cascara Sagrada Aged Bark (start with 1/2 part), 1 part - Barberry Root Bark, 1 part - Ginger Root (or Peppermint Leaf or Fennel), 1 part - Garlic Bulb (or Golden Seal Root), & 1 part - Cayenne Pepper (the HOTTEST is the BEST).


(since pure powdered aloe 'leaf' is not available, only a blend of leaf & gel), we add 1 part of turkey rhubarb, to make up for the fact that aloe gel does not induce peristalsis - as suggested)


In all formulas, these are the herbs that have a significant impact on peristaltic action (underlined in each formula) : Aloe Leaf, Buckthorn Bark, Barberry root bark, Senna, Cascara Sagrada, Cayenne, Turkey Rhubarb.  The other herbs are various "assists".


#1 -- the IF#1 has 6-7 cathartic herbs (all organic) - the LBB has four.  This alone shows the difference in strength/efficacy. 


#2 --Christopher's LBB is no longer created using organic herbs (this happened after he died and his children took over the company - Dr Christopher WOULD be appalled)...more why "organic" makes a huge difference below


#3 --For whatever reason, MH has added olive leaf and Fennel to Dr. Christopher's original LBB formula; this means there's less of cathartic herbs in each capsule to make room for his new additions...and as far as I am aware, MH "disses organic standards" and has admitted using non-organic herbs in the past (I don't know if this has changed recently, or not).


Why is #2 SO important? Over 95% of all herbs utilized in this country are non-organic herbs grown in 3rd world countries (they are cheap, sometimes 90% cheaper than their organic equivalent).  They are grown in soils poisoned by the worst of chemicals (many times DDT and other carcinogens); the workers are paid pennies (if they're paid at all) to harvest the herbs...they are NOT harvested correctly with no regard to when a root, flower or leaf is at it's peak potency; they are dried & burnt in huge kilns (rather than drying in the shade), and ground in high temperature commericial grinders (losing essential oils and altering the herbal constituents).  THEN (if that weren't bad enough) if the herbs are not labeled/certified organic, when they are imported into this country they are either doused AGAIN with pesticides, irradiated (mutating the herbs) or both.  In my opinion, the ONLY reason an herbalist should use a non-organic herbs is 1) if it's truly wildcrafted (found naturally in the wild...and I guestimate 75% of herbs labeled as wildcrafted are actually commercially produced**) 2) if the herb is absolutely essential for someone's healing and there is no truly organic herb to be found (and even then, it might not be wise to utilize toxin-laden herbs).


**When an herb is labeled as "wildcrafted" that should mean as 'found naturally in the wild'...but I have challenged MANY a seller of herbs on this (one that said the cayenne was 'wildcrafted in India' and was selling it for $7 a pound. Huh? Since when are there huge fields of cayenne peppers growing naturally in India (or anywhere else).  Folks,  go outside and walk around...wildcrafting is RARELY a profitable situation - there's one 'milk thistle' (or whatever herb) where you find it, and 50 yards away there's another :::smirk:::  It would take MONTHS to gather one pound of milk thistle seeds.  Yes, we do run across "patches" of various herbs...but enough for a wholesaler/retailer to offer them on the internet and sell hundreds/thousands of pounds at a very low prices?  I think not Yell

Herbal Formulas That Don't Work

  <<<---definitely 'worth the read'


Which brings us to another point - the increasingly brutal levels of poisons/toxins in our food & environment and the worsening state of our health.  Toward the beginning of the century, the Merck manual indicated that a small percentage of people that died experienced diverticulitis (herniation of the colon due to impacted fecal matter); by mid century, that figure was around 50%; by the latter part of 1900's the Merck indicated that most humans would have some type of diverticulitis when they die, and now it says ALL of us will have diverticulis upon death.   Is a colon cleansing formula that was developed in 1940 going to be effective in 2009?


Each herbalist and healer must study their mentors and "adjust for the times".  Dr. Schulze was Dr. Christopher's "prize" student...and he did adjust and upgrade his formulas AND he added IF#2 (a deep cleansing & healing blend that will pull out impacted fecal matter from herniated bowel pockets - the activated charcoal & bentonite will adsorb the myriad of toxins being released during the cleansing - and the slippery elm and marshmallow root will sooth and heal any abrasions, inflammations and irritated areas. This also ensures that the feeding/breeding and hiding places of parasites are eliminating - hence ensuring that parasite killing products are more effective, and that you don't have to take IF#1/LBB forever. (Keep in mind, there is FAR more to restoring an intestinal tract to health after decades of non-health that just a few bottles of ANY herbal cleanser or cathartic herbs).


I can think of only three reasons why a modern herbalist/healer would not "upgrade" the products & protocols from healers from before the 1970's -'80's (or after), and not use only organic herbs:  1) Lack of knowledge 2) Ego & unwillingness to admit error or lack of knowledge 3) Financial gain.


So far, I am quite impressed that it is taking very little of your blend to work. I am, once again, encouraged. FANTASTIC!  We ALL deserve to be healthy; we all CERTAINLY deserve to be encouraged!!  It is truly, my sincerest wish (from the bottom of my heart) to make sure that every person in this world has the opportunity to choose herbal products that are affordable, as toxin-free as possible, and that work as God/Nature intended them to work!


Thanks for the opportunity to get this into print (it really needed to be said) - and I'm thrilled to hear you're getting the benefit you deserve!


Blessings -






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