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distilled, spring...the water question - Re: reverse osmosis water filter
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Published: 12 years ago
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distilled, spring...the water question - Re: reverse osmosis water filter

>>>Would you say that RO water filtered from the tap is better than bottled water such as Aquafina?<<<

ABSOLUTELY! The majority of bottled waters are nothing more than carbon filtered tap water...and many are not even carbon filtered! :(

>>>Also, what's your opinion on natural spring water? I found a spring in the mountains, about 100 miles away from where I live, and it is one of the best tasting waters I have drank in my life. It has a heavier consistency than bottled/distilled/purified waters - it is really "thick" and feels "alive". I went up and got several gallons of water from there a few times, but there is talk here on CureZone and elsewhere about how natural occurring spring water is bad because of the minerals it contains, etc. Plus, as with everything on this planet, I'm sure there is some pollution from chem-trails, etc. But, it is absolutely tasteless, no plastic residue in it.<<<

This just kills me every time I share it. Yes, the water feels VERY "alive" because it IS more alive - it's teeming with "life" and incredibly beneficial 'energy goodness'...but it's likely also filled with poisons and rock-based minerals. :( And you know, I believe that the rock-based minerals in spring/mineral water didn't USE to be a problem - as I understand it (with the help of grzbear)...amongst other factors...when our soils & bodies were teeming with microorganisms, these hardened minerals were easier utilized by the human body...but now? We have this scenario:

>>>Is “Mineral Water” Good For You?

The human body can tell us which minerals, liquids, foods or other materials it will accept, and those which it recognizes as alien or foreign matter--and thus proceeds to reject.

The pathological character of inorganic minerals such as those found in highly mineralized water is easily demonstrable. Take your white corpuscle (blood cell) count about six hours after you've last had any food or water. It should be about 6,000 per milliliter.

Then, drink a normal glass of hard, mineral water. The white blood cell count will shoot up until it often more than doubles!

Inorganic chemistry doesn't lie.

This phenomena is called Leucocytosis and is our body's defense mechanism responding (via an increased white cell count) to an invading organism, germ, infection or foreign material. When pure water, fruits, vegetables and other naturally-grown materials are eaten, the white blood cell count stays level.

However, when materials such as processed or junk foods, and heavily mineralized drinking water are consumed, the body's defense mechanism springs into action, increasing the white blood cell count which prepares the body to do battle with and subsequently dispose of or dispense with the unwanted "invader"---in the present case, heavy doses of inorganic salts and minerals from drinking water.

Water is a cleansing agent, foods are nutrients. Dr. Moller-Racke's statement that "water is probably our most valuable nutrient" is therefore complete nonsense as any fourth grade life Science textbook tells us. Water is our most valuable cleansing agent, flushing toxins and byproducts of metabolism from our body while furnishing pure hydrogen and oxygen to cells and tissue.

The cleansing attributes of pure water are impaired when it contains large doses of dissolved dirt and stone(mineral water)---and the body organs which must eliminate these unwanted materials are continually stressed and unnecessarily overworked.

Many individuals who experience a "rush" when they drink mineral water probably misinterpret this apparent therapeutic feeling as simply the body organs (skin, kidneys, lungs, intestines) working overtime to eliminate excess minerals which the body cannot use.<<<

The greatest sin against humanity (imo) is that 'they' have demented & destroyed our sources of "perfect pure water" :(

Here's what I know:

--If I had MY druthers, I'd collect rainwater, and filter it through, or add, Bentonite clay to adsorb the toxins. BUT they have found nano-junk in the chemtrail residue - and I don't know if Bentonite is effective against 'nano-life' (likely not).

--Dr. Christopher INSISTED on distilled water. He claimed that the 'hard minerals' would be accepted by the body (we don't throw-up when we drink them), but instead of being utilized, the majority go into the bloodstream and serve as the root of MANY health issues. He believed that distilled water would pull out a lifetimes of hard-minerals, but not touch plant-based minerals.

-- Dr. Schulze insisted on distilled or RO water (like due to Dr. Christopher's teachings) and because the water is 'empty', hence capable of making more potent teas & decoctions.

--We use an RO filter. I would love to be disciplined/organized/free enough to draw several gallons at a time, put handfuls of grass into it and let it be re-energized by the natural grass & sunlight. But until that happens (or I have an indoor 'pond-garden-fountain). I'm sticking with the RO filter.

Great question! 'Wish I had a better answer/solution!


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