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Published: 18 years ago
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I'm sorry to hear that you did not have a positive experience with your colonics...just as in any profession, there are those who are good at what they do and those who should probably be doing something else. It sounds like the colon hydrotherapist who was working with you was not terribly experienced and gave you some misinformation.

Colonics DO work for constipated people! The 'blockages' that you described...gas, parasites, fecal impactions...are in no way a hindrance to a colon hydrotherapist who knows what they are doing. I routinely perform colonics on people who haven't moved there bowels for 2 days...3 days...a week...and in a few cases, even two weeks or a month!!! It is only very rarely that I see someone who doesn't release much if anything during a colonic...and in most of those cases it is the result of severe dehydration which causes hard stools and a stubborn impaction. In every one of those cases...if the person returned the next day for another colonic...they have released a tremendous amount of waste as the first colonic helped to hydrate them and soften up the impaction.

It sounds like you didn't have a good rapport with the therapist that was working with you. It also sounds like you may have had expectations that were beyond the capabilities of a colonic...colonics alone will not make you well! What colonics can do is remove loosened waste in the colon, help to rehydrate you and...with regular colonics over a period of time...strengthen the bowel muscle and improve your natural peristalsis so that you become more regular on your own. How long this takes is a very individual thing. Colonics are not a substitute for medical attention if that is what is in order...they will not cure a diseased colon, nor will they alter an structural damage such as prolapses or strictures. In some cases, though, colonics can assist in the healing process by unloading toxins and enabling the body to heal itself. Frankly, this is more than a gastroenterologist will do!

I also want to clarify a few things regarding your post...the therapist you were working with was suggesting an excessive number of colonics for you. I would only recommend more than two colonics in a week if a person was doing an intensive cleanse of some or colon cleanse...and even then I probably wouldn't suggest 4 or 5. Also, many colonic clinics will require you to pay up front for colonics...but ONLY if you are purchasing a series of colonics at a reduced price for the series pack. If she wanted advanced payment without providing you with a discounted price...then she was definitely out of line and not a good example of the way that most colon hydrotherapists handle their business.

Colonics are not a quick fix...although I have seen many people who have gotten immediate relief from painful constipation with one colonic! And with proper diet, exercise, detoxification (including colonics) and necessary changes in lifestyle...were able to restore their health and address the problem at the root. I hope that you are able to find a successful way of resolving your health problems!

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