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Hey Vernal...Re: Healing thoughts & options :) Re: Its hard doing the Incurables alone(except for this forum, of course)
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Published: 12 years ago
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Hey Vernal...Re: Healing thoughts & options :) Re: Its hard doing the Incurables alone(except for this forum, of course)

I'm kinda giggling after reading your post and Uny's response, because I think I told her EXACTLY the same thing!

Truth: You AREN'T "doing the IP alone." I'm doing it, Tierra and Hummingbird Sage are doing it, Donnarose/Cali Girl is starting it, a couple of the guys are going to start in June.

Truth: It's a heck of a lot of dishes and laundry to wash plus bathroom to clean, etc if you're doing it by yourself. I bet I complain to Uny about the dishes every single day. You COULD get some Dixie cups and just throw them away. Harder on the planet, easier on you.

Truth: You're so busy doing all this stuff, and you don't feel like anybody is going to appreciate you. You aren't getting the atta boys IRL. Well, get them here! You wanna know is impressed with you (and everyone else) doing the IP? ME. Because I KNOW how hard it is to keep motivated when you're facing strong headwinds all the time.

Quit? Are you serious? You've already come too far for that. You drank the Koolaid, dude. lol

Truth: You've got old emotional garbage/toxins coming up. Cool beans! Tough to go through, boy, do *I* know. You'll have all KINDS of memories, teen traumas, broken heart scenes, arguments you remember, burying your favorite dog, negative tapes your parents told you come to the surface. You'll also have some great memories come up of when you were a champion, a winner, a great success. You greet them and release them.

You'll have old memories of GREAT (bad) food come up, too. Like yesterday I wanted a hamburger made with mayo SO BAD!!! I can't remember the last time I ate a hamburger ordered with mayo, but there is this place here in town that has THE BEST greasy spoon old fashioned grilled hamburgers. I mean, these are heart stoppers. I drank my organic apple juice with Superfood like a good little girl and in about 15 minutes I was disgusted with mayonnaise again. :-)

Lonely? *smirk* Listen, Vernal- "she's" out there. YOU have a job to do right now. YOU have to become who your destiny calls you to be. You're going to be fit, tanned, confident, successful, joyful, funny (from all those jokes we're supposed to learn), fun to be with (from all the active sports and "playing" you'll be doing), and sexy (I promise). "The One" is going to be so fantastic you won't even believe you could attract somebody like that. You'll have women falling all over themselves over you in a year. DO THE WORK, DUDE.

You know what I'm doing? Kinda pretending I'm an athlete in training. Sometimes it's a lonely road to the top. But how bad do you want to get up there?

Feed the Warrior, Vernal. :-)


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