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Image Embedded Re: The TRUTH of Neutralizing our Stomach Acids

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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: The TRUTH of Neutralizing our Stomach Acids

 Don't choke on your newest lie Justin. Notice the name of the poster? 

Subject:   --OnTheBorder--Calcium Hydroxide Correction needed on your Blog-
Username:   moreless     contact moreless
Date:   4/26/2009 9:32:03 AM   ( 13 h ago )
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Hi QtB,

Here is one of your Blog posts that needs Correction:

Subject: Re: Energy Booster AND some helpful natural tips
Username: OntheBorder contact OntheBorder
Date: 4/17/2009 6:26:46 PM ( 9 d ago )
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There are several things you can do to get vitamins nutrients minerals. There is a protocol drink on the Moreless forum. The ingredients I put in are:

I fill a 15oz glass bottle with destilled H2O

1 Tblsp. of Apple Cidar Vinegar

1 Tblsp. of Calcium Hydroxide

Correction needed above: The 1 Tablespoonful of Calcium Hydroxide is 1st Diluted in 1 gallon of Distilled water, then we use of this Dilute stock solution starting out with 1 Tablespoonful of this Lime water and may increase the amount to the point the drink does not taste Chaulky!

If we add too much of this Lime water to the drink it will Cause the taste to be Chaulky and we do not want this !!!!!

We just use enough of the Lime water to cut the weak Acid taste from the Lemon juice or ACV if used !

End of this Correction !

1 Tblsp. of Blackstrap Molasses (organic & unsulfered)

Kelp Powder (my powder came with a little scooper and I fill my drink with one of these little scoops)

You can also substitute the Apple Cidar Vinegar with half a lemon.

And again these are my own measurements. If you dont have a glass bottle or it is not 15oz, for exact measurements go to the Moreless forum and you can do a search on this Alkalizing Drink and get them there.

This really helps put Alkalizing minerals into your body. Along with that is healthy eating with Alkalizing food. Putting really good minerals into your body and then turning around and eating bad your waisting your time if you dont do both simultaneously. Think of working out and eating right, Why would you put all the time energy and effort into working out to turn around and eat snacks, chocolate and all the other junk food? You wouldnt! If you are going to work out you are normally going to eat right. Same is with balancing your pH. You dont or cant balance your pH by putting all these good Alkalizing minerals into your body and not eat right or maybe eating acidic foods.

Allot of hard work is out forth being healthy, eating naturally (the way God intended us to eat) and balancing your life.

Tell me about it!!!!

However its like anything else in life ~ If you want it bad enough you will do it.

Correction needed: Please make the needed Correction in your Blog !

Smile Tis your choice.


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