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Things I know make me stink
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Published: 12 years ago

Things I know make me stink

I can honestly say that I'm just stuck about my situation, I've tried so much and I've done so many things, and the fact that I still don't know what the cause is is really depressing, at first you have to think what is "normal" Body Odor anyway, they sell billions of dollars of deoderant products every year so everybody stinks, its just that I stink more than the usual person, a normal person smells good after a shower...I don't, one thing I've always stuck to is Body Mint, its cut down on my armpit sweat, and SOME of the odor, but the majority is still there, but I won't dare stop using it, it will only get worse, trouble is I don't know what I have, I've heard so many different descriptions, all comments in the air, very rarely directed right at me, my mom once said "it smells like skunk" right when I returned from the gym, people at the gym have complained "it stinks" "it smells like sh*t" "did someone fart?" "why does it stink?" twice during a debate/argument when I'm doing well for my point of view, a friend of my cousin simply said "well at least I don't smell like shit" a coworker got upset during a conversation we were having and randomly said "man it smells like shit" another friend of a cousin kept repeating "smells like fish", a guy in class turned around looked right at me and said "someone needs a shower", I always thought I had fecal Body Odor , but at one point I just focused on my armpits, I thought that that was what I was able to smell and I should at least be able to take care of that, I've been using hydrogen peroxide under my armpits, I apply it before a shower, my armpits stink like crap while it dries I can smell it and its really really bad, I'm guessing thats the bacteria dying, I jump in and shower and wash with regular soap, then I apply arrid extra extra dry, its the best I can do, and you know what? it works!!!, BUT, its temporary, if I don't do exactly all that, the odor comes back, so whats causing it? I can say I have terrible digestion problems, I fart a lot, I also have a lot of body hair, but there are plenty of hairy guys who don't stink like I do, I'm certain its tied with food, and my inability to digest a certain protein or something to that effect, I can say that milk or yogurt drinks or beer, MAKES ME STINK like crap within 30 min of consuming them, there are also certain ethnic foods that stink up the house, that I can smell under my armpits the next day after eating them, it actually smells like the food, almost exactly like it, just like most people say they smell asparagus in their pee, I smell these ethnic foods my mom makes in my pee AND under my armpits, even when I'm not sweating!!!, so I have to stop beer, any foods I smell with a strong odor (before eaten), dairy drinks of all kinds, I naturally have ALWAYS stayed away from garlic, onions, and 99% of fish. But what is the connection of the milk and beer? yeast? especially beer with a lot of wheat like hefeweizen within 30 min I'm not kidding I can clear a room, the thing is I smell it too, its that strong, other times are the gym when I am in an intense workout, and when I get anxious, which I get often these days thanks to the odor, its a nasty cycle, the anxiety causes the odor, the odor causes the anxiety. Thanks to arrid extra extra dry and the hydrogen peroxide I can go to the gym again without any real complaints UNLESS I've had the "wrong" foods that day, then they can't stop whats comming, a yogurt drink I had before a workout made people ask each other "did you fart" right around me at the gym and they looked at me too and started giggling, and to think I showered and used the hydrogen peroxide and arrid BEFORE the gym like always, I never go to the gym without a shower, thats the thing, normal people smell after an intense workout, but they didn't shower before the work out, I do and I stink worse than they do, but all the aluminum from the deoderant stick is concerning me, and the hydrogen peroxide, I told my doctor about it and said I use it to kill the bacteria and his response was, "it kills everything, even your cells" is this true? I asked around about it and a lot of people said its ok to apply the hydrogen peroxide, but they were not doctors, does anyone here know if its ok to use everyday? and anything else about the beer and dairy thing would help a lot, thanks.

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