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The TRUTH of Neutralizing our Stomach Acids

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Hveragerthi Views: 17,193
Published: 9 years ago

The TRUTH of Neutralizing our Stomach Acids

 Where does ML come up with this bogus garbarge?!!!

Hi Ya'll,

Some Claim we should not eat anything that will Neutralize our stomach Acids?

Which is TRUE!!! There are very good reasons that God gave us stomach acid. But some falsely think they are smarter than God!!!

Maybe we need to ask ourself just how much Common Sense may be Lacking in this idea?

If someone was thinking then they would know why maintaining stomach acid is so important.

Let us ask ourself Where our Stomach Acids come from in the 1st place?

Specialized cells in the stomach wall.


See the answer above since you don't know.

So we have something in our body that is supposed to produce stomach Acids upon Demand to react against the Alkaline Minerals that we may take in as food?


ROTFLMAO!!!! That is not the reason stomach acid is formed. Do you even have the slightest clue of how the body works? Stomach acid is present to 1. Help protect the body from pathogens that would otherwise enter through the digestive system.  Many pathogenic bacteria, such as E.  coli and H. pylori THRIVE in an alkaline environment. This is why E. coli lives in the alkaline environment of the intestines. And H. pylori secretes ammonia to neutralize the stomach acid to protect itself. Reducing stomach acid just makes it that much easier for these pathogens to set up shop in the body where they DO NOT belong.  2. To allow for the absorption of minerals as non-chelated minerals are reacted with the acid to convert them in to absorbable salts.  3. To reduce acid reflux, which results from the lack of stomach acid. Lack of stomach acid leads to fermentation by yeast overgrowth in the stomach and fermentation of foods not being digested properly. The resultant gas formation builds up in the stomach and is eventually rapidly released up the esophagus carrying traces of acid with it.  4. To allow for the proper digestion of proteins. The digestive enzyme pepsin cannot work without sufficient levels of hydrochloric acid (stomach acid). If the proteins are not broken down properly the intact proteins can enter the bloodstream forming antigens that can lead to serious, and even life threatening allergic reactions.  5. Absorption of vitamins. The B vitamins in particular are ACID-DEPENDENT for absorption. Stomach acid levels decline with age naturally, which is why deficiencies of B6, B12 and folate are so common in the elderly.  6. Conversion of silica to orthosilicic acid for use by the body.  Silica is essential for the formation of collagen, elastin, and chondroitin. Without sufficient silica we develop numerous conditions including osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, heart disease, emphysema, diverticulitis, etc. Even wrinkles and cellulite can result from a loss of silica leading to a reduction of the structural proteins collagen and elastin. In order for silica to be absorbed and utilized it must first be converted in to orthosilicic acid. This occurs from a reaction between silica and water, but the process is greatly enhanced by the presence of an acid. The primary acid for this conversion is stomach acid. As I mentioned before stomach acid DECLINES with age. This leads to a drop in the conversion of silica in to orthosilicic acid, and therefore a loss of collagen, elastin, and chondroitin production as we age. Now go back and look at the symptoms of the loss of these structural proteins. Notice how these are not seen in younger people, but common in the elderly. So why do we see this in the elderly? Because the lack of stomach acid interferes with the absorption of nutrients needed for the production of structural proteins. These nutrients include silica, zinc, copper and amino acids. So if you want to speed up the production of "age-related disorders" go ahead and neutralize your stomach acid.

As most of the minerals we intake are from plants, and therefore naturally chelated, they have LITTLE effect on stomach acid. So stomach acid is not formed for the sole purpose of dealing with alkaline minerals. Calcium carbonate for example is alkaline. So how many of you are willing to take a Tums with every meal? And if you do this do you really think you are going to be healthy?

To makes things worse the same nutrients needed to form stomach acid are acid dependant for absorption. Therefore the lack of stomach acid leads to further declines in stomach acid, leading to less absorption of stomach acid forming nutrients, leading to less stomach acid formation......... It is a vicious cycle downhill once you get it started.



How else would we be able to eat foods that contained Alkaline Minerals and be able to Digest these without more Stomach Acids being Produced each time we decided to eat?????????????

Oh that's right, you don't understand basic chemistry either. Acids in our foods help with the absorption of non-chelated minerals. And in younger people they produce enough stomach acid to deal with any non-chelated minerals that they may encounter, such as from water sources. Since most of the minerals should come from plants in our diet, and those minerals are naturally chelated (not in an alkaline form) we have little to worry about from getting our minerals from plants like we should get them.

If this were not so we would Never have any more stomach Acids after eating foods with Alkaline Minerals which had reacted against these Acids and Neutralized them in the process of Digestion !

Read my explanation above several more times because I seriously doubt that you understand this simple concept yet.


So, it is the job of certain Organs of our body to produce stomach Acids upon demand to allow Digestion in our Stomach !

Organs? LOL!!! More proof that you don't have a clue how the body works. Try cells, not organs. Out of curiosity what organs do you think produce stomach acid (hydrochloric acid)?

Could this means that if these Organs of our body become Sick and Diseased because of the Lack of needed Alkaline Minerals, then this Organ may Fail to Produce more Stomach Acids on Demand and we then may not be able to Digest anymore foods?

Try again. Still interested in what "organs" you think produce stomach acid. While you are looking up your mistake also look up how the digestive process really works so you will hopefully catch on to why your whole claim is BOGUS!!!


Now back to this Silly Claim that Hydroxides etc may Neutralize our Stomach Acids and we will not have anymore Stomach Acids !

Silly claim?!!! LOL!!! More proof you do not understand even the basics of chemistry. If you ever took any chemistry, even in 6th grade this is one of the first things you would have learned. Hydroxides (OH) and acids neutralize each other.

Here since you REFUSE to look at the evidence and prefer to rely on misleading information and personal attacks to push your bogus agenda I am posting the proof for all to see:

"An acid-alkali reaction is a special case of an acid-base reaction, where the base used is also an alkali. When an acid reacts with an alkali it forms a metal, salt and water. Acid-alkali reactions are also a type of 

neutralisation reaction.

In general acid-alkali reactions can be simplified to

OH(aq) + H+(aq) → H2O

by omitting spectator ions."

As long as the Organs of our body that are responsible for Producing these Stomach Acids

ROTFLMAO!!! Again, what organs produce stomach acid?

are Healthy, when we ingest Alkaline Minerals of Higher pH, our Stomach Acids may react against these until the Present Stomach Acids have been Neutralized and then the Organs that Produce Stomach Acids shall Produce More Stomach Acids to sent to our Stomach to once again react against any Alkaline Minerals comming into our stomach !

BOGUS ALERT!!!!!! Read the REAL explanation of how things work in my response above.

What may happen if we Lack enough Stomach Acids to react against the amount of Alkaline Minerals we ingest, may be that these foods may go Un-digested thru our body until our Organs that produce Stomach Acids is able to re-supply our Stomach with More Acids !

Again, what organs produce stomach acid? You keep making this bogus claim of organs producing stomach acid. I could use another good laugh though, so what are the organs that produce stomach acid?

How else could we have More Stomach Acids for our Next meal unless this was the case????????????

Learn about how digestion really works. You have yet to get anything right.

Myth Busted !!!!!!!!!!


The only myths that have been busted are your bogus claims that organs produce stomach acid and alkaline minerals do not neutralize stomach acid. Your claims violate the basics of chemistry and anatomy and physiology. As well as common sense.

Edit: Digestion is about the needed Acids and Alkaline Minerals reacting against each other and Releasing their stored Electro-magnetic Energy, which may be what then may Power our body !


More bogus made up garbage.

Too Many Acids are a Bad thing just as Too Many Hydroxides would also be !

Depends on the acids. There are NUMEROUS acids that are not only benefical to the body, but also essential. As with anything though, yes to much can be harmful. Just like too much water or oxygen can kill you. Alkalies though are more dangerous than the acids we get in our diet or that are produced by the body.

This is Why I do not suggest taking Calcium Hydroxide by it's self, but already reacted with weak Acids and bound with Live Carbons to make it close to an Organic Plant Source Calcium !!

First of all "live carbons" is a made up term. People would be better off getting their minerals from plants to begin with so they are not only getting their calcium, but also the NUMEROUS other minerals essential for health. Could this really be so simple? You bet!!!


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