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Two in one response - 113358 & Isaiah 53 + "THE PROGRAM" :) Re: I need help ,Natural girl sent me here
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Published: 12 years ago
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Two in one response - 113358 & Isaiah 53 + "THE PROGRAM" :) Re: I need help ,Natural girl sent me here

This is a combined response to #113358 & Isaiah 53.

First (for Isaiah 53), please accept my apologies for the delay AND for *not* including the link in the post that I asked you to read :::sigh::: I am so very sorry.

Anyway, for both of you, I ask you to please read every word of this past post of mine: //
...and read these links from that post (all are essential to help you understand what I am going to be elaborating)

After you have read the post above, read this next regarding Juice Fasting:

SuperFood by Dr. Schulze

Supplements-Mineral and Vitamin Supplements The HONEST STORY

This link is important for making sure you get/have the right type of juicer:

(of course, if you choose not to take my advice or utilize this healing protocol, then you don't need to read that link)

It may seem odd that I am responding to you both at the same time, but actually it isn't - you have some similar issues, MANY issues that are foundationally the same (as do we all), and of course, several issues that are very different different. The fact is, that all human bodies have the same organs & systems - they all heal the same way (no matter WHAT symptoms are present)...of course, any complete body restoration (just like that of an automobile) must be 'tweaked' for the individual make and model, but the baseline program for healing and the truths I'm going to be sharing, affect you both equally.

First things first - this healing protocol is not mine, nor is it something I invented. It is the combined protocol based on two of the greatest truly natural healers that have ever lived... Dr. Schulze & Dr. Christopher (with a few tidbits thrown in from other successful healers). These two healers were successfully able to cure 90-95% of their patients from ANY "incurable disease" - cancer, MD, MS, ALS, birth defects, blindness, deafness, diabetes... the list is endless. And they did this by trusting in the body's natural ability to heal itself when it's in a perfect state of balance and homeostasis (that will happen if & when we get out of the way and stop plowing it with poisons, drugs & supplements that are totally UNnatural to the body...ever see a "vitamin tree" or a "mineral bush"? :::grin::: it's not natural for our body to ingest these things)...and by doing everything it takes to restore the body quickly & effectively to it's natural state, so that IT can heal itself. Therefore there is absolutely nothing unnatural to the body allowed on this program. Our mission is to cleanse our organs, plow the body with hi-grade 'fuel' and natural nutrition, remove poisons & metals & parasites, and ensure adequate circulation & oxygenation of our life-giving/healing blood. As this is being done, the symptoms WILL start dropping away like dead flies. The basic protocol (which I will elaborate below, and I have summarized above) in done in 30 day cycles, and repeated (with individual adjustments) until your are healthy (and hence, have learned to be totally in charge of your own health & destiny).

So, let's get down to it. I assume you both are totally sick & tired of being totally sick & tired...and that you're willing to do WHATEVER it takes to heal yourself. What will it take?
--First, understanding that I cannot heal you - but you & your body CAN.
--Learning to be your OWN doctor, assuming responsibility for your OWN health, understanding that intentionally or unintentionally we all basically caused our illness/situation, and we CAN un-cause it.
--Spending many hours learning to heal yourself...while working very diligently daily at a cleansing & healing regime that will require (possibly) vast lifestyle changes.

With the small amount of information I have from each of your posts, I am going to address (what I feel) are some of the major baseline issues (other than the foundational work we ALL need to do) - since Isaiah 53 has waited longest, he's first:

Isaiah 53 - GOOD NEWS! There's absolutely NO doubt in my mind that you can heal yourself and restore your body to vibrant health! This 'high state' of reaction that you're in is VERY typical of people with *extremely* congested livers (your gallbladder removal is evidence of that, and your 'reactive state' and extreme digestive issues confirm it). You're colon & digestive tract (like almost everyone's on the planet) is likely horribly impacted, full of parasites (as may be your liver) and in desperate need of some tender, loving care & healing.

I once helped a gal that was SO reactive, that she could only ingest TWELVE different foods: Chicken, Turkey, Eggs, Cucumbers, Celery, Parsley, Avocados, Leafy Greens, Lemon & Olive Oil. She could not take ANY herbs or eat ANYthing else. Her reaction was sided-numbness, with a strong hammering pulse on the other side of her body. Within two weeks of juice fasting (yes, only the the juiceable things) and doing coffee enemas, hot/cold showers, and the protocols she could do, she gained back over 50% of her 'reactive foods', and was able to do enough of the protocol to regain her health.

When livers are as symptomatic and congested as yours, we do NOT jump into "full" liver flushes! You can start the first week on the kidney cleanse while doing the bowel cleansing and healing...let's get those 3 bms a day going that are SO necessary to life (and healing without adverse symptoms and major detox reactions). While you're doing the Kidney Cleanse, you can get a castor oil pack on your liver every night (to loosen and decongest); you can foot reflexology (to also stimulate your liver and bile to flow); you will do coffee enemas daily, and for you, I would recommend doing Activated Charcoal poultices on your liver (you could rotate that with the castor oil pack, or do one in the daytime and one at nighttime). Here's how to do them:

(at the bottom of the page above, there are links that take you to MORE information about charcoal and how it works to heal and detoxify the body - check out as many/much as you have time to read)
And here's where you can order the activated charcoal:

Once you have worked on "prepping the liver" while doing your Kidney Cleanse, the next week will be for MORE liver prepping & decongesting, leading up to a regular liver flush. By the day of the big flush', you will have had almost two weeks of work on your digestive tract and colon, and it's highly unlikely that you'll have any difficulty with the oil/citrus mix :) Besides, the first 5 days of liver work, involve a 'morning flush drink' with just a bit of olive oil and other things, and your reaction and tolerance to that, will be an indicator of how we want to continue with the liver flushing.

The Ambien :::sigh::: I am VERY familiar with this class of pharmaceuticals, and I don't know if you realize it or not, but after 5 years of taking it, it's very likely that you are extremely addicted. You are going to need to learn a LOT about withdrawing safely from this drug, and I also want you to learn about the side-effects and a phenomenon that most people are unaware of, known as "tolerance withdrawal". What is that? When the body become addicted to a substance, it needs more of the substance to achieve the same effect. If it doesn't get "more" (even though you're taking it), you can experience symptoms of withdrawal.

Ambien (zolpidem)/sedative is what is known as a "Z class" drug - they are VERY similar to benzodiazepines in nature (Valium, Xanax, Klonopin, etc). This drug has a VERY short half-life (2 hours), so if you have become 'tolerant', you can be experiencing random withdrawal symptoms throughout the day (even while you are still taking it)...and likely not have any idea that they are withdrawal symptoms (or side effects) from the drug. Here is a Google search on 'ambien withdrawal':

If you're not already familiar with EVERY possible 'withdrawal effect' please scan through at least 20 of these sites, gather information, and let me know if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. Also let me know your current daily dosage.

We are going to have to be VERY careful with this drug. The IF#2 formula (for healing and cleansing your colon & digestive tract) contains Bentonite clay and activated charcoal (don't panic - it will NOT "scratch" your colon further! more below). Both of these substances WILL REDUCE the amount of Ambien in your bloodstream and can possibly bring on additional symptoms of withdrawal. You have two choices here: go through a very slow, very structured withdrawal before even thinking about addressing any other issues OR we can slightly increase your Ambien dosage to make up for what will be adsorbed while you're cleansing and restoring. If you choose the former, then I highly suggest using this nutriceutical program for withdrawing from Ambien:

We can customize the IF#2 formula specifically for you (without clay or charcoal) BUT, you need these substances to be adsorbing the VAST amount of other toxins in your body that will be released while juice fasting and cleansing.

There are three different herbal tinctures that may give you some very beneficial relief with the Ambien issues - those are the Nerve Sedative; Kava Kava and/or Passionflower. You may also find great benefit in an herbal tincture known as Lobelia (which is a great relaxer and a very gentle sedative). When/if you decide to utilize this program to restore yourself to health, please request a sample of each tincture when ordering (no charge for the 1/2 oz samples :)

Hashimoto's - for now, stay on the Armour - we can get you off that eventually (or you can stay on it, once we get the other issues taken care of, if that's what you choose). The Ashwagandha (that I recommend below) is not only extremely beneficial for the adrenals, it also FANTASTIC for ALL thyroid issues. Ashwagandha is an "adaptogenic herb" - it does not stimulate, nor does it depress. It works within your body at it's current state to adapt and regulate the thyroid and adrenals. You're going to love everything about it but the taste :( ack

The product you will be using to heal & cleanse your digestive tract is called Intestinal Formula #2 (IF#2)- there's a link (in the protocol) that explains it's healing/soothing/cleansing action. You say your colon was 'scratched' by clay/fiber? That would be VERY unusual (a typical Barefoot/MH "rumor") - what you're experiencing MIGHT be that, but it's likely something different. The reason I say this is because any damage done by gentle dirt or fiber is VERY easily I'm more inclined to believe you have an issue that needs to be healed, that might be of a different origin. No matter what it is, we CAN get it healed, and the IF#2 is an awesome place to start. Besides the powdered fiber, it has FOUR herbs that are "mucilaginous" (they turn "slimy" when wet, and two are extremely healing - Slippery Elm is one of them, and Slippery Elm is SO healing that it will actually regrow skin on a decubitus ulcer/bedsore!) Just think what it'll do for your irritated colon! :) Before I can customize your protocol further, I'll need to know how many bms you're having daily, and what is their consistency.

Yep, you're definitely going to have die-off issues. BUT the activated charcoal and clay will be VERY beneficial in adsorbing the toxins and will definitely lessen the symptoms of die-off. Your colon cleansing/healing will likely cure your hiatal hernia.

You will be juicing the produce that you can eat comfortably and without reaction, even if that's only a few things. I know that natural Sugar exacerbates candida. I also know that candida overgrowths are caused primarily (no matter what ANYone says) by a filthy colon. Candida are the natural clean-up crew of the body, and once out of balance, if the colon is cleansed properly, the mucoid plaque provides THE perfect feeding & breeding grounds. Eating junk in your body is what they are there to've got junk in your colon? you've got candida you cannot get rid of (no matter HOW much you starve them on 'restricted Sugar diets').

The daily garlic you will be ingesting daily (3-5 cloves) is the strongest anti-fungal on the planet. When combined with the IF#2, the garlic will be driven deeply into the mucoid plaque, and you're going to be VERY surprised at how fast we can get rid of this overgrowth.

As far as natural Sugar in the other produce you might want to juice, you are going to do two things: first, dilute the juice with water. Second, you are going to start "chewing your juice" :) There are 8 different digestive enzymes in the saliva that was pre-digest and break down the sugar before it ever hits your stomach. Every time you take a slurp of juice, you will 'chew it thoroughly' (swish it around in your mouth several times to mix it with the saliva)...and you will find you will have MUCH less reaction by doing that :)

You can ditch the supplements when you start this program - none of them are necessary once you're giving the body what it needs in a natural form - and many of them are throwing off the natural balance of your body and causing more reactions. If there are any supplements upon which you feel you are dependent, let me know and you can wean off them gently/slowly. For the adrenal issues, you will switch to 1-3 tablespoons of organic powdered Ashwagandha root daily (more is better). The links about it are in the original post I linked you to above.

Yes, there is a small amount of purple dulse seaweed in the Superfood. Yes, we will customize a blend without it since you're reactive right now. (We charge $5 for customizing any blend of herbs we have).

And THAT, Isaiah 53, is your temporary "customized" healing protocol. The full program is below the information I'm giving to #113358 :) I'll do my best to get back to you on any questions as soon as I can. But if you'll note the time of this post (???) you'll see that I likely won't be awake or able to respond until early evening.

Oh yes, one more I REALLY think this can work for you? ABSOLUTELY - My husband and I have devoted our ENTIRE life to helping others, and if people are willing to 'do what it takes' and willing to heal the body NATURALLY, the body is more than able and willing to do the rest :)

Healthiest of blessings!



Howdy 113358 -

Your turn! YAY! :) And here's the good news for you - #1, on this forum, we treat each other with respect, dignity, concern and genuine love & concern. We ALL know we have more to learn, and 'wherever you are' on the learning curve, is fine with us. You will never be degraded or insulted like you were by MH/Barefoot...and I apologize for his rudeness, disrespect and insensitivity on his behalf.

#2 You're going to LOVE starting to feel better instead of worse every day...and yes, your body DOES have the hard-wiring and schematics built right in to heal itself - but you're going to have to give it a lot of help! You can do it - we WILL be right here to support you through it all! (I promise).

>>>> Had a normal ,healthy life until age 20 ,10 yrs back.
Then in
1998 - started having hemmoroids, fissures with intense anal itching( healed with the ayurvedic herbs)
1999 - started having bowel trouble ,constipation, not getting that "fully clear" feeling.Herbs did not help ,got worse over time,developed IBS.
1998- Started having painful periods , heavy clotting, bleeding ( gotten worse over the years)hair started falling out and greying
2002 - diagnosed as having Adenomyosis ( endo of the uterus)Gyn said hormonal imbalances are to blame and ould usually resolve after one pregnancy !!! What a big lie.<<<<

Herein likely lies THE cause of ALL your health issues....hemorrhoids, fissures and intense anal itching are direct signs of an EXTREMELY swollen & impacted colon (whether pooping/constipated or not) and parasites. You say it was 'healed' with Ayurvedic herbs, but it actually seems to me like they "bandaided" your symptoms for a time...and yes, IBS would be the typical result of this issue (I certainly hope you've already read the initial post I linked you to - because the colon information is extremely important for you, and I don't have time to retype it all here).

Okay, here comes the part that you are NOT going to like (but once you get your head around it, you're going to be relieved to learn). When the colon is impacted with mucoid plaque, putrefying fecal matter and build up, it becomes swollen and engorged (and the gas given off by this debris swells the colon even further) and most become infested with various parasites. The lower colon (the sigmoid) wraps DIRECTLY around the uterus & ovaries...and this pressure and unnatural squeezing out of shape can throw every hormone level in your body TOTALLY out of whack. And because the uterus is compressed and squeezed/compacted unnaturally, there is not adequate flow of oxygenated blood (nor can the uterus 'squeeze/contract' normally to removed the blood/tissue monthly. So what happens? HORRIBLE: cramps, clotting, fibroid tumors and "hormone whacky" like you cannot believe. Me? been there, done that. Not as bad as you, but at 42 (I'm 50 now) I was gaining 6-10 pounds of fluid monthly, flooding through 2 SuperPlus tampons every 2 hours for 3 days, living on ibuprofen (you could SEE my uterus cramping); hot-flashes, sweating, depression, irregular cycles, constant 'lower left' "everything pain/misery" and all sorts of brutal mood swings (I was also on antidepressants and had been for 15 years).

Long story short, my hubby n' me decided to 'get serious' about our health, ditched everything toxic/non-organic and did our first Colon Cleanse (with the very same products I'm going to recommend to you). The next month after the cleanse, I went to the bathroom to take quick lil pee, and low and behold...WHAT? my period? THAT CANNOT BE POSSIBLE! I haven't gained any weight, I haven't gone ballistic with PMS, my boobs aren't balloons of pain, and there's just no WAY I can start my period without all that happening. Unbelievable. I took ZERO ibuprofen, my flow was HALF what it had been, and I was simply flabbergasted. It wasn't until MONTHS later, that I learned that because of the colon cleanse, I'd "unsquished" my uterus and ovaries and now they working just fine n' dandy. (By the way, I was always infertile and had PCOS - I'll never know if I've regained my fertility, but the PCOS has resolved).

#113358 - you've got a LOT more cleansing, undoing, and healing to do than I had...but there's virtually NO DOUBT IN MY MIND, that once we start working on cleansing your bowel, that you are going to have ENORMOUS relief.

This imbalance has likely effected all your major hormone centers and it seems quite clear that you have parasites and a systemic fungal infection. Gal, you are gonna be a walking miracle when you get done with the first 30 day cycle of this protocol!!!

The very first thing I think you should do, is order a pound of Black-Walnut Hull from Mountain Rose Herbs here:
(this is an EXTREMELY anti-fungal herb)

...and a pound of Ashwagandha root powder (an adaptogenic herb that will help to balance your adrenals, hormones and thyroid).

And while you're there, if you think it's true that you have some "toxins" or metals coming out of your head, then also order a pound of Slippery Elm Bark powder and a pound of Bentonite. You would mix those together with water, to make a clay pack for your head, and that will draw out AMAZING amount of toxins & metals.

As soon as you get the parcel, take 3/4 cup of Black-Walnut hulls and a 6-8 cups of water, bring it to a boil, cover and let it simmer for 15-30 minutes. Then strain it out, let it cool, wrap a hand-towel around your neck (one that you don't care about, because this stuff STAINS), pour the Black-Walnut tea over your head so that it saturates your entire scalp and massage it in good (wear gloves if you don't want your hands stained), then soak the towel in the rest of the tea, and wrap it around your head, and then wrap it up in plastic. Do this every day. It WILL eliminate the fungus issue on your scalp.

And start taking 1-3 Tablespoons of Ashwagandha powder every day (it tastes terrible, but you'll LOVE the way it makes you feel, and help you sleep soundly).

You don't need to worry about your body being too stressed or too weak to cleanse. That's like saying that an old broken down, clogged up car, can't handle being restored! Your body is a phenomenal healing machine, and it's going to love it that you're going to be cleansing everything and putting it all back together all at the same time!!

If your back is "lower", it's most likely your kidneys; if it's in the middle of your back, a bit to the right, it's yer liver. This is common when the colon is congested and swollen. 2 issues: 1) the swollen colon presses on your kidney AND your liver 2) every drop of water you drink has too seep through that "yuck" (that's full of toxins and poisons" that's in your colon. That seriously overburdens your liver and kidneys. Start getting that "yuck" outta there and with two weeks on the kidneys and two weeks on the liver, you'll be feeling so-So-SO much better! You'll likely need to do a series of liver flushes, but after the first two weeks of serious prepping and a couple of big flushes, you won't likely need to do much more liver work than just a flush every week or two.

Why does this happen after you've changed your diet and lifestyle? :::sigh::: Most people have NO IDEA exactly HOW TOXIC and HOW UNNATURAL our foods and water really is. Your organs of elimination have been running on hyperdrive since you were a little girl, and even though you've recently changed your diet/lifestyle, your body is just like a car that been running on overdrive, but never had any premium fuel, or an oil/filter change (or any other regular maintenance). So even though you've switched to a little bit better fuel, you're still seeing the results of 3 decades worth of "overdrive, no maintenance". But the awesome thing about that's not too late! And it's only gonna take a couple-three months of dedicated effort to restore yourself! And right here on this forum, there's LOTS of people doing the same exact thing...the same cleanses, the same diet/juicing, the same "ups n' downs", the same fears and frustrations...and yup, the same victories!

Like I mentioned above, I'm going to assume you want to do this and get yourself healed, so get that castor oil and coffee enema coffee and bucket kit (below) ordered too. As soon as the castor oil gets there, start putting a castor oil pack over your uterus and ovaries nightly.

The entire 30 day protocol is outlined below. Here's what I would suggest adding to it for you specifically:

--4 oz of St. John's Wort Tincture (for mood regulation and surprisingly, muscle aches) - you DESERVE a bottle of this after having dealt with health issues as devastating as yours.

--4oz of Adrenal Tincture (you might be able to do without this when taking the Ashwagandha, but if you want to 'double up' on your adrenals, this would be the way to do it

--Instead of one "30 days worth of IF#2" order two. You'll want to be taking double doses as soon as possible. Why? 1) because your colon needs double doses asap 2) because the Bentonite clay and activated charcoal in the IF#2 adsorb toxins

--If you want to "attack" the 'brain fog', then order a 4oz bottle of the Brain Tincture

--Also, there is an herbal formula for making a vaginal bolus (suppository for the vagina) that you will likely want to use - I don't have it listed in the Storefront yet, but it's not expensive at all. I'll get you the information on that as soon as I can.

Okee-dokee gal, I'm WAY overdue for bed, but I'm pretty sure I didn't miss anything. I'll be back at this hyar computer in the early evening, so if you have any questions, you know where to find me. (and there's lots of other folks that'll help you out if they know the answers).

Healthiest of blessings!



Here is the basic protocol that everyone does for the first 30 days. It's known as the Incurables Program...but you don't have to have an "incurable disease" to do it - it should be called the "get yourself healthy from absolutely anything" program :) You will find almost all of the things you need in the Herbal Apothecary link at the top of every forum page.

30 days solid of colon cleansing and digestive tract healing. You will using the products known as Intestinal Formula #1 (IF#1 herbs that 'make you go', if you need them), and Intestinal Formula #2 (IF#2, a fiber blend containing herbs that provide fiber/bulk, herbs that soothe & heal the intestinal tract, and Bentonite clay & activated charcoal that will adsorb toxins as they are being released, and toxins/poisons from your bloodstream). Here are the ingredients and how you will do it: //

--Diet: You will be juice fasting (be sure you read the juice fasting link so that you can understand why), for the full 30 days of the program, or for as long/often as you can. You may have all the Potassium Broth
(or similar recipe) that you would like, and specific herbal teas for your condition (or just because you like/want them). Your goal is a gallon of juice, plush potassium broth and herbal tea daily (few people can ingest a gallon of juice daily, but that is the goal). All water will be either distilled or RO filtered. When not juice fasting your diet will be STRICTLY vegan and as much raw food as possible. Absolutely NO:
white sugar, white flour, coffee, tea (green or black), processed food of any kind or unhealthy oils. NO microwaved food or water.

--You will also be removing and replacing all toxic cleansers and personal hygiene products, with healthy natural products. This can be done in 'one fell swoop' by using Miracle II products. I have a source for THE best prices available anywhere, but I haven't yet had time to create a post with the price list and pertinent information.

--Nutrition and 'fuel' for your body to heal - Superfood. 4-6 Tablespoons daily when in 'healing mode' (2 Tablespoons daily for 'normal life'). Each 14 oz baggie of Superfood provides 2 Tablespoons daily for 30 days, so you will need 2 or 3 baggies. When juices fasting or vegan eating, you will choose Superfood Original (not Special Blend)
The typical way to make/take this: mix as many tablespoons as you want into each 'smoothie' and add 8 oz of juice, 8 oz of water, 1 piece of fruit and a bit of ice (if you'd like), blend and drink.

--10 days each month you will be kidney cleansing (two 5 Day Cleanses). You will need the 10 Day kidney cleanse Package for this, and here is basically how you do it: //
(the words "tonic" & "tincture" are interchangeable - and the diet recommended does not have to be followed 'to the letter' - besides you'll be juice fasting)

--12-14 days each month you will be liver cleansing, healing & flushing. You will need the 10 Day Liver Cleanse Package for this (you *can* choose either package...the one with Blood DeTox Tincture or without the Blood DeTox Tincture). The Blood Detox tincture is not essential towards cleansing your liver, but it is a very strong 'help' to keep your blood clean and support your organs while you are cleansing). You will be doing two Five Day Liver Cleanses (which work as a "prep"), followed by a full Liver Flush on the 6th or 7th day. Here are the ingredients for the 5 Day Liver cleanse and how you do it: //

Here are the ingredients & action of the Blood DeTox Tincture:

--You have the option of using the Blood DeTox Tincture for 2 weeks (which you would get with the 10 Day Liver Cleanse package) and the Echinacea Tincture for the other two weeks OR using the Echinacea Tincture for the full 30 days. I highly suggest you use the Blood DeTox Tincture for 14 days and the Echinacea Tincture for the full 30 days, but the choice is yours. Echinacea is THE strongest immune-system bolstering herb on the planet, and combined with the raw garlic cloves you will be taking daily, it will likely obliterate any deep-seated infection issues you have.

--30 days parasite Cleansing

--Castor oil packs over the liver (or other areas where there is damage or congestion that need healing):

You need either the organic/cold pressed, or hexane-free cold pressed castor oil, and a 100% natural fiber cloth (and a heating pad or hot water bottle, or other way to apply heat)

--Coffee Enemas, daily. You will want S.A. Wilsons Organic Coffee designed especially for Coffee Enemas, and you can get the perfect enema BUCKET kit (not hard to fill/clean bag) for only $6.

Here is the most comprehensive " coffee enema library" on the 'net (for your reading & learning):

In a nutshell, coffee enemas cleanse the liver, remove free radicals from the bloodstream (hence restoring energy and allowing the body to heal faster), and they are EXTREMELY beneficial for pain relief. coffee enemas are NOT for cleaning the colon (although they do increase peristalsis...the muscular, squeezing action of the intestinal tract).

--High enemas are recommended every two days - after the high enema you can "implant" herbal tea, wheat grass juice, or something like aloe gel...anything your body needs to help heal and/or detoxify.

--Therapeutic hot Cayenne Powder and/or tincture. You will work up to 3 teaspoons daily of the Cayenne powder (starting at 1/8 teaspoon 3x daily and working up). The tincture is not necessary, but it's MUCH easier to acclimate to this 'top hot' grade of Cayenne with the tincture. The tincture is also good for many emergency purposes (the powder works just as well, but it's easier to carry around and/or dose with the tincture). I am sending you a large amount of 'cayenne information' to download and read.

In a nutshell, cayenne regulates the circulation of blood throughout the body, as well as regulating blood pressure (if bp is low, cayenne will raise it; if bp is high, cayenne will lower it). Ensuring adequate circulation of blood throughout the body is essential to healing. Cayenne powder is also a very effective antiparasitical, it increases peristalsis, AND relieves anxiety!

--Speaking of circulation, you will be doing 1-3 hot/cold showers daily (plus hot/cold therapy to any specific body part or organ that is malfunctioning). A hot/cold shower starts on hot (as hot as you can stand it) for two minutes, then you totally turn off the hot water and do cold for one minute - then alternate between hot & cold 5-6 times, and end on hot. This will vastly improve circulation and 'flow' throughout the body (including emotional flow, lol).

--Raw Garlic 3-5 raw cloves of garlic daily MINIMUM. This can be chewed (ack! my hubby Rocky53 can actually do this! ylech), or chopped finely and mixed with juice. Another poster (Tierra) found it was easiest for her to get down by adding it to coconut oil. Whatever works for ya - just get it in!

Garlic is THE strongest antibacterial-viral-fungal & parasite killer in the natural kingdom. It's benefits are countless (it always strengthens the heart, cleanses the arteries and regulates blood sugar)

--The Cold Sheet Treatment :::insert scary organ music here::: lol.
This is to be done weekly, but many people will not do it or try it. It's purpose is to induce a fever as well as being a STRONG detoxification process. When we have a fever, our immune system/cells go 10x faster and stronger for every degree the temperature raises. This 'induced fever' and the bolstered immune system, will work to correct and heal what only IT knows is wrong and what pathogen or invader it needs to destroy. Dr. Schulze /Christopher would tell you, you HAVE to do it - I will tell're cheating yourself if you don't do it, but I understand why people don't want to do/try it.
If you plan on doing the Cold Sheet Treatment, you will need a 2 oz bottle of Cayenne tincture and a 2 oz bottle of Lobelia tincture, plus the Cold Sheet bath herbs and the Cold Sheet tea.

--Skin brushing - daily (with a natural fiber brush)

--Exercise - no matter what your condition, you will exercise until you either sweat or pant 3x daily. If this takes only 2 minutes, then that's what you do. Lots of stretching, walking, and just MOVING are essential to health and life

--Deep breathing - for at least 15 minutes a day (if not 3+x daily) do extremely deep breathing. There are zillions of methods for this, but all that's important is that you breath so deeply that it hurts! Be sure NOT to raise/elevate your shoulders, but draw the air deeply into your lungs and "gut". We can live months without food, days without water, but only minutes without oxygen. Back in the 1970's, the level of oxygen in the air was 30+%. Now it's estimated to be 18% in the country and only 12% in the city. Want your body to heal? BREATH DEEPLY OFTEN :)

--Barefootin'!!! Daily our bodies are PLOWED with very toxic frequencies of various kinds. Our bodies are basically electrical machines, and these frequencies can be extremely harmful. The earth is a natural 'ground', and when we put our barefeet (or socked feet) on the earth, the earth WILL pull out these toxic frequencies (which play havoc with our bodies, sleep rhythms/patterns, emotional state and stress). 15 minutes daily (at the minimum) absolutely NO exception.

--Sunbathing/Heliotherapy - The goal is an hour a day (working up to that for the fair skinned), completely naked. The sun is an incredible healer and source of Vitamin D. Do your best for 'completely naked' :)

Just like each individual organ and system of our body is dependent on the health of every other organ & system of our body, our 'trinity self' is also co-dependent. Our emotional & spiritual health also impact the health of our body (just as the health of our body impacts our emotional & spiritual health).

You will want to be implementing (or eliminating) as much of these things as you can:

(if you've never heard of this, please watch the video on the home page)
--DITCH the television - it's negative and radiates horrible amounts of toxic EMFs - replace it LIVING.
--"Trashing", while you're cleansing your body, clean out the emotional garbage in your home. We all have things that are trashing the house (that we haven't touched in years) and some that everytime we look at them, is a total downer. TRASH THEM ALL!
--Relaxation - do absolutely NOTHING - relaxation isn't playing video games or doing hobbies or watching TV, it's doing NOTHING. It's feels great to do nothing, do some of it :)
--Express yourself - not your fake self, but YOURself
--Positive Affirmations
--LAUGH!!! LOVE!!! PLAY LIKE A CHILD!!! Remember what it's like to FEEL emotion and then let it out.
--If you've got a partner that you enjoy, then have more sex!
--Reach out and help someone.
--Forgive someone (and yourself) every day
--REJOICE and Love Life. Our bodies are the ONLY machine on the planet that can be totally abused by all the horrendously 'wrong fuel', lack of maintenance, and TOTALLY unnatural and toxic/poison environment and still be functioning. It's a MIRACLE that with a few months worth of effort, we can restore our bodies to total health. Healing is a JOY, not a pain in the butt. CELEBRATE LIFE.

As both of you are likely aware, I have not yet had a chance to compile every persnickety detail of this program, so there may be some tiny things missing from this post - but this is the basics, and more than enough to get you started on the road to restoring yourself to vibrant health.

This program (the IP by Dr. Schulze) was originally offered as 12 VHS Videos & a 650 page manual. It retailed for around $400. It can occasionally be found on eBay (but generally without the manual, and the manual is 'where the meat is'), but it has also been burned onto DVD with the manual burned onto CD. If you'd like me to help you locate a set, then please email me:

Dr. Schulze's "Natural Healing Crusade" videos are available online. Watching them would be of GREAT benefit to your health and healing. Here's a post that tells you where they are: //

I am reposting here ,at the suggestion of Natural Girl from this forum .She read my post on Barefoot and suggested I repost here .I am making a few changes from my original post .

I have been visiting curezone for some time now and have come across some eye opening information. I have been battling severe health problems for the last 10 yrs or so and I am willing to give up now ,can take it anymore....

Heres a little history ,hopefully it will make it easier to understand my problem and how it started..

Had a normal ,healthy life until age 20 ,10 yrs back.
Then in
1998 - started having hemmoroids, fissures with intense anal itching( healed with the ayurvedic herbs)
1999 - started having bowel trouble ,constipation, not getting that "fully clear" feeling.Herbs did not help ,got worse over time,developed IBS.
1998- Started having painful periods , heavy clotting, bleeding ( gotten worse over the years)hair started falling out and greying
2002 - diagnosed as having Adenomyosis ( endo of the uterus)Gyn said hormonal imbalances are to blame and ould usually resolve after one pregnancy !!! What a big lie.

2005 - had a boy (normal delivery ) .Concieved with the help of Fertility doctor.
Thnigs got seriously worse after I had my baby .
Right after delivery ,Started having severe drenching sweating even in cold weather,fatigue ,memory problems ,panic attacks , brain fog, muscle aches and pains, lower back pain ,depression.Symptoms persist till today ( unfortunately repeated thyroid tests have come out "normal" ,so no help there)
From 2005 to 2007 ,periods got even worse , I was taking 18 -20 advils and was in so much pain i coulnt breathe when cramping.
June 2007 - Sept 2007 -Started bleeding continuously, had a D & C to stop it .Right after hair started falling out like crazy.
Ultrasound scan showed fatty liver .
Nov 2007 - had myomectomy to remove 6 cm fibroid from inside uterus.

Since sencond half of 2007 had constant pain on left side , nausea and couldnt eat much ,had a constant feeling of something obstructing my throat and I was trying to gulp down .I was a total insomniac by then , could not fall asleep no matter how tired or sleepy.I was awake day and night,lucky to get a 2-3 hrs some nights.
Developed red itchy rashes all over my body .I still have them , they come and go , especially when I am indoors in my house.Allergy test negative.Immunoglobulin count elevated .? I am not sure what that is.Low iron saturation and anemia keeps coming back after stopping iron supplements.
Tested all female hormones ,they were "in normal range".
Also scalp started burning and itching,more hair loss.Uncontrollable sugar and carb cravings.20 lbs weight gain since 2007 upto 2009.Priods started getting further and further apart ,went from 30 day cycles to 50 day cycles.

2009- Finally found a naturopath willing to help ( very expensive though) She tested for deficiencies :-
Scar tissue on left ovary ,adrenals in poor shape , She helped me cure my nausea , throat obstuction and treated me for sugar and carb cravings, helped me sleep better .Did some circuit repair on various meridians.

Since she switched me onto a candida diet ,I was using H202 as antifungal and several other multivitamins that I have to refrigerate ,else they spoil. experienced die off symptoms, she said I was detoxing aluminium ( I also have mercury fillings i cannot afford to get them out now)I have lost about 20 pounds in 2-3 months since starting the diet .Satrted feeling slightly better.

Had a very bad period last month and ended up in the naturopaths office ( horrendous bleeding , big golf ball sized clots and unbearable cramping and pain on the site of scar tissue.She said my uterus was detoxing some anesthetic . Ovary was very distressed from the scar tissue .She asked me to take the clots or whatever that was coming out to the Gyn and get it tested for what it was .I cannot afford more testing and more doctor visits now.I am not sure what it was , but was dark red in colour and was like thick big tissue like lumps of red blood.

She stopped me from taking all supplements and I am now only on EPA oil capsules .Started natural thyroid multivitamin that contains iodine,B vitamins and things like molybdenum etc and other helpful stuff a week back .In her office my temp was 96.8.At home its always in the lower 97s.

Since last month I am having terrible back pain , constant feeling as though a fever is coming on , aches and pains and feel very fatigued and have a hard time concentrating.I have to read something 2-3 times to understand what I am reading.

Since changing my diet ,more protein, vegetables ,fruits, juices ,nuts etc , my hair is falling even if I touch it .I am turning bald and do not know what to do .Most of it is grey now .She has no idea how to slow or stop the hair loss .She tested my scalp and said I have a fungal infection there too and toxins are coming out .

I am currently not taking any antifungals or H2o2 or anything,just the thyroid supplements .

I have made some good changes in my lifestyle long time back.Cut out all the junk,make all my food myself and eat it freshly prepared.No toxic pans, microwaves etc.Cannot tolerate more raw food than a salad ,or else i get diahorrea.

I have never used birth control, antiboitics or vaccines.I have been taking pain killers since my periods became unbearable .
I am sorry this is so long , I have only tried educating myself about my health problems for the last 4 yrs and finally thought I was getting somewhere , but I am loosing hope now ,do not feel like going on ....I have no idea what I am doing wrong and how to correct it ,how can eating healthy be wrong and causing hair to fall like it has no place to hang onto on my scalp.

I am hoping someone can tell me why i am loosing more hair after making good changes in my life and taking better care of myself .What am I doing wrong ? Is the diet bad for me? Will I be able to handle Liver Flushing and colon cleansing ?

This is a long post and am posting hoping I can put together a plan for myself gathering as much info as I can .
Thank you for reading !


Dear Uny:

I could repeat Anne33's story except, I've got an autoimmune disease (Hashimotos thyroiditis). I tried to go off meds and almost died. I'm switching to natural dessicated glandular (Armour or somehting like it).

I've been on Ambien for 5 years due to the thyroid/hormone issues. I'm getting those worked out w/MD/naturpath. However...

I had my GB removed last July and all hell broke loose in the digestion. This was exacerbated by thyroid therapy gone wrong (Wilson's T3 protocol--it was NOT for me) and sent my liver into a tail spin because I ended up ingesting 30 ambien pills in two weeks along w/hydrocortisone. Well...not on HC anymore (for over a year), but I need some serious help with digestion.

I USED to be able to take a ton of supplements, but I'm very reactive now to almost everything -- even food based, yes super greens make me feel great, but they have Iodine in them, which makes me freezing cold.

I want to get off Ambien and be able to digest my foods. I realize after reading Doc Sutter's posts the liver needs big time flushing. However...I'm scared of coke and salt right now and lemon burns my insides I'm so tender from the bile emptying into my intestines and fat from my diet being overreactive after GB removal (salmon, EVOO, org. chix and nut butters).

I'm hungry a lot. Did a lot of drugs in my earlier years, but quit that, smoking and all vices 1994. DIdn't change the diet though, didn't know. I've lived on veggies and lean meats now since 4/08. I cannot tolerate grains or fats or carbs. Have hiatl hernia.

I'm on digestive enzymes and bile salts, which seem to make things worse at times? I can hear my liver make bile pushes...I can hear my digestion. I hate it. Clay scratched my colon and now I cannot take ANY fiber==feels like scratching my insides -- I pay for it ALL day.

I need help getting the digestive tract healed and liver decongested. What can I start doing now?

I take cal/mag/D3/boron/zinc (deficient - muscle ticks, until I take it, then it stops).

I had to go off thyroid meds after the T3 disaster and that also wrecked havoc on the digestive system becasue you need your thyroid (metabolism) to digest food. After almost two months back on meds I'm not yellow anymore and skin is almost normal. I cannot take Iodine right works against me with the congested liver and its not recommended w/Hashi's. However...I did okay on it before the GB episode. I'm also on adrenal support becasue of the thryoid--its natural herbs and bovine glandular.

I need help. I've also got leaky gut/candida. I eat just a couple of carrots and wham there's mucous discharge, plugged ears, aching joints, sugar is NOT my friend. If I eat grains I go into a rage a couple of hours later == food allergies .

Probiotics make me ill right now.

I'm working with an MD/Naturopath that is very cool and willinig to learn a lot and support me in anything that will work -- you know? she's trying to figure it out, but really just a year ago she got fed up w/mainstream medicine and just got started on the natural healing thing, but she's into neurotransmitters, etc. and rice bran meal replacments, which I cannot even tolerate. I'm miserable.

I just can't live like this anymnore...can't even eat w/o major difficulties unless its cod and turnips/rutabega/zucchini.


Isaiah 53

Can you help? I'm so reactive and ne

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