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Oh goody *!*ECHINACEA*!* HUGE learning opportunity here! Re: Question to people who take Echinacea
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Published: 13 years ago
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Oh goody *!*ECHINACEA*!* HUGE learning opportunity here! Re: Question to people who take Echinacea

Greetings stepsahead -

Those are some GREAT questions, and you've definitely come to the right place - because it's very likely that I know more about Echinacea than anybody on Curezone!

First thing one has to remember when researching herbs on the 'net - there are MANY "studies" done (funded by various aspects of the pharmaceutical cartels & allopathic medicine) where the underlying intent is actually discrediting herbal remedies. Please read this (written by an MD):

Flawed Echinacea Study -- Dr. Foster's Essentials

The next thing to know, is that the largest percentage of studies that are done, are done used with herbs from 'who knows where', grown & harvested 'who knows how'. Why this may not seem to be all that significant, it's HUGELY significant. Please read #2 here:

Herbal Formulas That Don't Work

Then we have the issue of what laboratories and marketers of herbs do the herbs when they "standardize" them, or use isolated extracts from the herbs:

Standardized herbal potencies: Are they better?
"No," says Dr. Richard Schulze ,
"they destroy the herbs and your your health."

Also, when doing research, remember, the proof is in the healing of the body, NOT how it works in a laboratory. The German Commission E says that Echinacea should not be used for AIDS...but Dr. Schulze healed almost 20 men of AIDS using Echinacea. :)


And that's enough of the basics.

To answer your question more specifically, I have been taking the Echinacea tincture I make (made from fresh organic Echinacea purpurea roots & dried organic Echinacea angustifolia roots in 100 proof vodka) daily, for over a year. I take :::drumroll please, lol::: two full teaspoons daily...that is about 10 droppersful, around 300 drops.

Both my husband and myself (and many of our family members and friends have taken up to an ounce daily when needed....that's around 50 droppersful.

Diarrhea or nausea? NEVER! However if one is using a product made of cheap, toxic imported herbs, that's a possibility.

Sloan Kettering did a random sampling of commercially available Echinacea products - here's the results:

>>>A recent analysis of 59 brand name echinacea products found that 48% did not contain the species of Echinacea printed on the label and 10% contained no measurable Echinacea. Less than half of the products met the labeled quality standard<<<

If you're taking something like that (above) it could definitely make you sick!

There are only 3 companies that I know of that make a quality Echinacea tincture... Dr. Schulze , Health Freedom Resources & Herb Pharm. Or me :) What I have here is stronger and more potent than any I've sampled from the above companies. (I don't need to "turn over" product - instead of letting mine tincture for two weeks, I let them tincture for months).

Here's evidence proven conclusively that it can be taken daily all your life, and that's it's our body's first line of defense against cancer (and that it will increase your life span):

Echinacea: a Miracle Herb against Aging and Cancer? Evidence In vivo in Mice

And here's a LOT more information if you care to check it out:

Immune System Herbs - Formulae and Therapeutic Action

Echinacea Wellness Tip of the Month - the ORIGINAL "Snake Oil"!

Dispelling Myths About Echinacea :: Holistic Healing :: Herbal Remedies

Echinacea remedies:

:::grin::: I told you that you'd come to the right place :)

Blessings of health -


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