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Solutions :) IF#1/IF#2 users? PLEASE READ! :) Re: Problems on Bowel Cleansing with Schulze

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Published: 12 years ago
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Solutions :) IF#1/IF#2 users? PLEASE READ! :) Re: Problems on Bowel Cleansing with Schulze

Ali -

Great questions - I'll take them one at a time :)

>>>I wanted to make a total cleanse and started with bowels. I thought I didn't have much problem about my bowel movements, but needed a cleanse since I always feel full and there's just too much gas in my stomach.<<<

GOOD START (in fact, the ONLY start when it comes to truly healing the body!). Well, unless one is having 3-5 bms daily and has all their life, EVERYbody has problems with their bowels. Read this (from the paragraph starting: First things first (and foremost)) about 1/4 way down the post/page:

>>>> I bought IF2 of Schulze, and I took 5x5 = 25 of them for one day. Not even 10x5 = 50 which is the recommended dosage. I got constipated, I mean more constipated than usual. I didn't try it with IF1. I then tried IF1 alone for one week as a preliminary step, and it (sorry about that) made my stool softer and thinner, which was I believe not a good sign. Soft is OK, but thinner I believe is not. Worse, it dramatically decreases the amount of passage time and hence I see undigested food in my stool when I take it. This is not good. Why is that so? I simply cannot understand how people suggest taking this for years. Maybe I don't need it too much, but I don't know. I couldn't find the right dosage? Would it work if I use IF1 and IF2 together? IF2 slows you down, IF1 does the reverse. And, maybe I don't even need using IF1 alone, and two together is the correct treatment.

Also, I might have IBS and they do not suggest IF1 (sagrada, senna) for IBS people. That's why I am a little scared, too.

One more note: I have been using Citrucel for 2 weeks, and it helped me a LOT, a LOT more than IF1 did. But, it doesn't have cleansing effect. So, my bowels "I suppose" just needs a little more fiber and good nutrition. Mechanically speaking, they are OK. But, I want to clean them.<<<<

It's to me, you REALLY need to read this (or read it again, if you've already read it) - it is VERY important:

Dr Schulze 2001 Bowel Newsletter

First of all, when our knowledge bank is weak (as it seems yours must be somewhat, because you've said a LOT of things that aren't factual) and our mind is filled with the recommendations of thousands of incorrect posts on CZ and hundreds of authors on the internet or in books (NONE of which has consistently & successfully healed hundreds/thousands of people of 'incurable' diseases) - our first step is gaining the correct knowledge so that we know HOW to listen to our doctor within and read our body's symptoms correctly.

The instructions for the IF#1/IF#2 combination are to start with the IF#1 until you're having 3 bms daily (no matter WHAT their consistency). Then add the IF#2...taking a heaping teaspoon 5x daily, followed by 8-16 ounces of water for EACH dose...that doesn't count the close to a gallon of water most adults should be drinking daily, that in ADDITION to it.

You say "mechanically speaking, they're okay". If that is true, then you're having at LEAST 3 perfectly formed bowel movements daily or more (perfect is like "peanut butter" or "soft serve ice cream"). And your poop won't have any more smell (or less smell) than your urine. And you wouldn't be alternating between constipation and IBS symptoms. It is true, if you're consistently having diarrhea, cathartic herbs (like senna & cascara sagrada) are contraindicated.

We should poop about 15-30 minutes after every meal we eat. I have one bm upon awakening and one within 15 minutes of eating virtually anything (even two apples will cause me to have a bm within 15 minutes). Of course, I've been working on it for two years (just like EVERYBODY has to, unless they're extremely lucky). I started the whole journey with extreme IBS, so I've never had to take the IF#1 (except for a few times when I've eaten very poorly AFTER I got the IBS totally under control). But then, I've always ingested well over a gallon of water a daily.

>>>hence I see undigested food in my stool when I take it.<<<

Here's a bomb for you! The biggest reason anyone sees undigested food in their stools? Because they don't chew it properly! LOL. Dr. Christopher said "always drink your solids & chew your juices"...and the same has been taught for decades in grade school Science classes (chew every bite of food at least 20 times, or until it's liquid).

That's because our mouth produces up to a pint and a half of saliva for every meal - and it contains over 8 different digestive enzymes. The mouth is PART of the digestive system, and if we skip that all important step, then the food comes out in chunks. Why doesn't it for some? Because most people "woof their food" and it lays around in their digestive tract for 20-god-only-know how many hours/days longer than it should. So their food ROTS, gives off putrefying gasses, and the worms hatch & grow...yelch.

Your information is confusing to me - you think you might have IBS, but 1/2 doses of IF#2 capsules constipated you? If you have IBS, 1/2 doses of IF#2 wouldn't constipate, it'd slow you down to 3-4 bms a day. And then you said, when you started taking the IF#2, you were more constipated than usual? Whatever it is (if you're alternating between diarrhea & constipation) - which CAN be construed as IBS - you definitely need to do this with good knowledge and in the right order. You'll feel MUCH better, and your body will respond so much more quickly!

It seems to me your first error wasn't even your fault. For YEARS Dr. Schulze REFUSED to encapsulate IF#2, because it doesn't WORK like it's supposed to when it's encapsulated. I had IBS when I did my first cleanse, and I chose the capsule (from Health Freedom Resources, because Dr. Schulze would NOT make them at that time). After the 2nd day, I saw handfuls of little black peas coming out (oh MY, nobody said anything about 'black peas'). I examined them, they were half digested could still see the dry herbs in the middle and parts of the gel cap.
Sadly (those of us that have studied Schulze for years) know that his focus is highly financial these days. 4 years ago you would have NEVER been able to get capsules from him.

Ali, methinks you need to 'start from scratch'...with the right product (IF#2 POWDER and IF#1 capsules if you need them)...and with the right knowledge. EVERY person needs to do one thorough colon cleansing (30 days) and then do a 10 day cleanse on every solstice (or 4x a year). We cannot undo decades worth of damage in a month - that's just silly.

I'm sure you don't want to waste the IF#2 capsules you have. Just put them in a blender and whiz them around (breaking up the gel caps) - then pour it all into a colander and sift the IF#2 herbs into a bowl, and throw away the empty/broken gel caps. Then the dosage is 1 heaping teaspoon of powder, mixed with 4-8 ounces of juice (I like 6 ounces), followed by 8-16 ounces of water. Do not start doing this until you're drinking ample water daily and/or taking IF#1 capsule to achieve bowel movement 3x daily (no matter how formed or unformed).

How much water is "ample" for you? Take your body weight and divide it by two - that number is the MINIMUM amount of ounces of pure water you should drink daily...not counting what you take after every dose of IF#2.

If when taking the IF#1, your bms come all at one time of the day, you can always take 1 capsule with dinner and 1 with breakfast - that will solve that. If 2 capsules is too many, then just open the capsules and shake out half the herbs. Since you seem so 'variable' you should have 3 bms daily for a couple of days or so BEFORE starting the IF#2. Then when you start it, you might need to UP the IF#1 by one capsule. THEN, after you get a good rhythm going, many people find they need less and less IF#1.

I sure hope that answered all your questions & concerns! If not, please be sure ask for more information!! Knowledge IS the key to vibrant health :)

Healing blessings -



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