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A note of GRATITUDE and more Quesitons : )
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Published: 12 years ago
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A note of GRATITUDE and more Quesitons : )

Dear Unyquity,
My partner and I want you to know how important you are and we are SO GRATEFUL to have this knowledge available to us. Interestingly I've used Dr. Shultz's products years ago probably 9 or 10 years ago but I still didn't have it layed out for me. Having come across your posts on the CZ while doing MORE internet searches on healing the adrenals, was certainly without any doubt an absolute Godsend. It was after having a pretty bad 'crash' the day before from Idodoral that I didn't work needing more time to recover that I found the beginings of a literal WEALTH of knowledge. Our lives are changing in profound ways - we only started on the program 5 days ago.
We thank you for taking the risks, enduring the attacks and being so committed to helping others in the most heartfelt way. We do send much love and support your way.
Thank you doesn't quite cover it but hopefully you get the gist.

Thank you for your response and answer to my questions.
The Nervine is wonderful. . . . I'm taking 6 tinctures besides the kidney an cayenne and sometimes I do them together because of the frequent times of day its easier for me to remeber to do them together. Its kinda hard to tell what is doing what but ITS WORKING ! ! ! That is all that matters. I'm taking the Hawthorn berry, Adrenal, Glandular, Black-Walnut , Female Formula, Nervine.
What I do know is that I am sleeping all excet the 2nd night. And I'm sleeping very deeply. I feel calm and like there is a STRENGTH building beneath all.
Hard to articulate but a new foundation is being built. Even though there are some bumps I'm really not sure if its low cortisol or the female hormones (they can be similar symptomwise) I feel "different". More the the real me is begining to emerge.

Garlic question: we are juicing alot of garlic more than 3 cloves apiece a day. Is this way of consuming it Ok?

I know I keep coming back to tinctures . . . : ) I do have alot of questions.
Lets say I am going to make the Nervine tinc or Female tinc, would I order the herbs in the form listed i.e. Dong Quai root, Wild Yam root , Vitex berries ect then powder them myself here?
Should I combine these in equal parts and tinture together or separately then combine when complete?
Is the tincture always made in the powerdered form or would you use whole roots or pods?

Then on the superfood I know most of the ingredients are only available in powerderd form. So I just order these and divy out in equal portion then poof . . . superfood?

We are trying to increase our juice as I'm sure we've only been consuming probaly 1 quart each daily. But interestingly we are using RO water in the blue containers and are going through about 5 gallons a day with all drinks, teas, plain water, boiling water, cayenne water, superfood water, #2 water ect. So I know we are getting about 2.5 gallons each with the exception of the dogs water : )

Lots of beets, beet greens, parsley, celery, carrots, asperagus, zuccini, cilantro, some fresh chickweek, scallions, radishes, apples.
We are thinking of doing some fruits (oranges, lemons, berries, - should we do the fruits separate with the exception of apple?

I'm already feeling better today regarding the PMS - I just backed off to soon from the progesterone and capsulated herbs I was already using. I havn't hardly taken any of ALL the supplements I was on. Just the program and continuing with slow cortisol wean.

Thank you again its time to return to the kitchen. We joke about setting up a cot in the kitchen since we practically live there. We used to anyway but even more so now!

Peace & Gratitude
Hummingbird Sage


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