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--Testimonials--Improved Skin, Hair & monthly cycles, questions about insommonia from past Liver Flushing--

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

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Published: 14 years ago
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--Testimonials--Improved Skin, Hair & monthly cycles, questions about insommonia from past Liver Flushing--

I have been taking the ML drink for 10 months since my liver flushes pushed me
out of the balance.

Some improvements including:
skin is softer, no yellowish color...
monthly cycle is painless and on time,
hair seems better

However, my major problem from liver flushes is sleep, I have to say it has
gotten better, like from complete insomnia to some nights good sleep without
meds. But the insomnia comes back every time after I had like 7-8 nights sleep.
Like I am having one now. I carefully examed my diet and find there is no
difference. Those nights when I could sleep, I felt great during the day.

I followed this form and saw some successful personals also had a lot of liver
flushes like Grz. Did the flushes do any damage to you? Does the "liver flushes"
flush out some "stuff" that our body can not replace or takes long time to
replace (live johnnysmith said)?

Why the insomnia comes and goes, and when it comes (on that day) I don't even
know it because I feel great during the day, then insomnia hits me at night and
no matter how much caclium and Magnisum I take, only prescription drug helps (I
hate it).

many thanks,

Answer: My guess is that the problem may be from some of the foods you are
eating may be of too Poor quality and have NPN in them, thus bringing on this

Do you have a Refractometer and if so are you checking for NPN in the foods you
eat daily?

Also even if you are increasing the Calcium and magnesium, what kind are you
taking and How are you getting them to release their Electro-magnetic Energy for
your body?

For unless they may have their Energy released the body cannot utilize them?

Maybe these past posts may help you understand some of your problem with

Hi bevsmith06,

Your question: Dear Moreless,

I was wondering if you could take a few minutes to take a look at my case
(insomnia) and offer me some suggestions.

My insomnia started Sept. of last year right after my 14th liver flush. Three
months into my insomnia, I read some info. about magnsium and started taking
magnsium taurate. I was able to sleep without sleeping pill slowly, then I
started urine therapy (drink urine 2-3 times/day). My sleeping seemed to be
getting better. however, 5 months after urine therapy (while I have been taking
magnsium) my insomnia came back last week.

My frustration is that I am (38 years old) vegetarian for 3 years, I don't drink
coffe, coke, beer, wine... The insomnia came back after 5 months of my urine
therapy. Is it usual? Is it part of healing process (better then worse then
better....)? I am just so confused, what went wrong?

I have been reading your posts since last week, and I think what you said makes
a whole lot sense. I checked my both PHs, they are all above 6.

I have just order lime, kelp and want to give it a try. Is there anything else I
should be doing, too?

Thank you so much in advance.


Answer: 1st, all the Flushes may have Finished Depleting your Reserves of needed
Alkaline Minerals !

Insomnia may be "Nothing" more than the Lymphatic Fluids becomming too Acidic
preventing your body to get enough needed Oxygen and a Lack of Stablized Energy
Release to Power your body ?

Please review these Success Testimonials:

And Many more Success Testimonials may be found in the same area as these !

And you may do yourself a Great Favor by buying a Refractometer and learn about
how Poor Quality the foods are that you think are Good, which may be what is
Causing most of your problems because of the Lack of needed Alkaline Minerals in
these Poor Quality foods !

One Important thing to consider may be to Learn to "Stop" eating any Proteins
4-6 hours before bedtime !

Cause and Effect !

"WE" are What "WE" Eat !

Smile Tis your choice.

Hi #17163,

Your quote: mostly sea salt, kelp, and beets. But only too much of the sea salt
keeps me up. thanks End of quote.

Did you ever get too close to a Fire and get Burned ?

Or did you ever try eating food which was too Hot and got Burned ?

Too much sea Salt may Cause the same problems, when you do "NOT" Drink enough
water, and this may Cause the problem with insomina !

The sea Salt has Sodium and Chloride in it, so when your body Fluids are
overloaded with too much of this, then it may be like your body is Burning up
and can not Cool down enough !

For the chloride may form Hydrochloric Acid and the Sodium is suppose to hold
water, but if the Acid is Creating heat and you do not drink enough water to
supply the sodium , so that it may hold enough water, then you may Burn up !

One of the kinds of Heart attacks may be because of too much Salts in your body
Fluids and the other kind of Heart attack may be Caused by too much Protein !

Are you ready to Die from a Heart attack ?

Smile Tis your choice.


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