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--Testimonials--Update by Grz, been a long time--

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

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Published: 14 years ago
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--Testimonials--Update by Grz, been a long time--

ince I have collected recent improvements in one post...

Note: a few of these improvements have been expressed in past posts, however
continue to amaze me with the forward progress... in other words, just when I
thought is could not get any better :-)

1. I require less sleep to feel rested... I jump right out of bed now at 5,
instantly awake and alert.

Where I used to go to bed at 7:30 - 8:00 and get up at 4:30, I am now going to
bed at 9ish and getting up at 5 most nights... however an occasional night of
10, or even as late as 1, has little effect on me IF, I am careful to eat and
drink right the next day, and continue to until I can get back into the 9 - 5

2. hair and nails growing faster and MUCH stronger... Have also noticed that I
have not gotten much grayer in the past few years... most people guess me to be
at least 10 years younger than I am. All my friends are nearly completely gray,
while they enviously tease me about my "blond" highlights.

3. continued improvement in being able to think fast on my feet and make
difficult decisions quickly...

4. Memory has improved markedly... in fact, my wife is asking me about things
now, because I remember.

5. pain tolerance has improved noticeably - again... had a very large wood
splinter dug out of my hand today... and here I am typing... no problem... no
stitches... and it is healing right up, over hours, not days. Cold showers do
not bother me at all... in fact I enjoy them a great deal.

6. NO plaque or tartar build up on teeth at all this time at the dentist... in
fact, the hygienist and dentist said my entire oral health looked excellent and
to keep up what I have been doing. Gum tissue has regrown into areas it had been
receding from... just a bit more in the front and I will be good as new there...
teeth a natural, effortless bone white all of the time that feel clean whether I
brush or not; I feel that they are now working from the inside out like they
should be as living tissue.

The dentist was reluctant to let me go on a 6 month maintenance program as I was
on a 4 month program, and before that, every 3 months the build up would be so
bad... now, none/nada.

Another visit or two like that and I will wonder about my need to go at all,
unless there is an emergency need.

7. Right knee, as I reported earlier this month is as good as new... left is
still healing right along well.

8. I am continually improving in strength and flexibility... this amazes me as I
thought I was past my prime... at least that is what I had been told... ha!

9. More alert throughout the day... I feel the highs and lows/ebbs and flows of
the world, however I am not tired or sleepy at all anymore at any time during
the day.

10. I picked clean and trimmed, 2 lemon trees, two orange trees and a grapefruit
tree this week, installed a few security lights around the house, worked for my
parents, helped replace a bumper on a car among other things... in addition to
my normal routine of briskly walking three miles a day, martial arts 3 times a
week, and my work, and never had one ounce of stiffness/soreness... none. This
type of increase in physical activity a few years ago, especially a tree or two,
would have put me into rehabilitation mode for several weeks.

11. This is the big one IMO, as it opened my eyes as to what may really be
happening within me... when I started on this health journey, even before the ML
protocol, I weighed, most likely over 280 as I was 280 was the last time I had
gotten on scale... I was scared due to high fasting blood sugar, and blood
pressure, in addition to the weight gain. I still blame the weight gain... 60
pounds in less than 3 months or so, on the pharmaceutical medicines the doctor
had me on... you may have read that one blew me up like a balloon in just a week
and nearly put me into the ER.

Note: my intention was to ALWAYS put health first... NOT weight loss as I am
very aware that we are ALL different and built different for many different

Regardless, the last 2.5 years have been a bit frustrating as in the first 9
months or so, and about 3 months or so into the ML protocol, I had lost a total
of 40 pounds and stayed there... However, I have kept it off WITHOUT dieting per
say. I eat when I am hungry and pretty much what I want of the highest quality
foods I can find... including dairy, meat, cooked or whatever... I do not
believe ina totally raw or vegan diet for myself... my ancestry includes lots of
dairy and meat farmers. Though I do tend to naturally eat more raw and vegan
over the summers than through the winters.

The weight appears to be coming off now with NO real changes to anything and it
is entirely welcome, if unintentional... a noticeable (by many others and the
fit of my clothing) 5 to 10 pounds (I do not do scales) in the last three weeks
and still coming off.

I could easily stand to lose another 20 pounds and perhaps 30 (10 - 20 more than
the 60 put on way back when by those awful pharmaceutical drugs that most likely
whacked out my metabolism in short order, among other things)... however I am in
no rush and am not even trying at all.

This is what is happening IMO... my metabolism is healing/changing for the
better as evidenced by the other improvements I have noted here, especially in
terms of rest/sleep/fatigue.

If I only lose what I have lost so far and plateau again... so be it, I am VERY
healthy and happy. Quality of life and my health is much more important to me
than weight.

12. this one is curious... I seem to be a bit taller... I should probably get
measured, though I won't, at least not officially by a Dr.

I tend to wonder if it is the rebuilding of cartilage, etc. throughout my body
(remember the fingernails and hair improvements?), perhaps the repairing of
disks in the spine (I had surgery for 3 herniated and compressed disks in the
80's), perhaps, connected to the metabolism improvement noted above, along with
better posture and attitude; most likely it is all of the above.

ML, have you ever heard of even a slight increased height related response
before in an other wise full grown "middle aged" adult with the attention to a
high quality diet as I have given?


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