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Published: 10 years ago


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Affirmations or I Love Life

Retha Martin, C.Ht.

Now take a couple of nice deep breaths, breathing in all the positivity in the universe and as you exhale, exhaling all the toxins in your body. Now begin repeating the words to yourself as you hear them…


I cleanse and purify my insides. All toxins leave my body as well as all toxic thoughts fade away; only good can come into my life – good health – good finances – good people . I love life. I dwell on happiness, health and joy. Life is good – God is great, and I am wonderful. I love and approve of myself.


My body is balanced – my charkas spin in perfect balance and harmony . My thyroid is well balanced and working perfectly – my kidneys function in perfection – my heart is strong and healthy. My metabolism works at the right rate to keep my body at a healthy, happy size for me. My blood pressure is exactly where it needs to be. My lungs send oxygen throughout my body – my muscles move easily – my brain thinks sharp and fast – exhaling all toxins. Each part of my body is working in harmony with the other parts. My skin is looking younger and fresher – as if the aging process were being reversed. Life is so wonderful – I am so happy – full of life, enthusiasm, goals, love, peace, excitement and joy.


God is my source and my source is unlimited. I am a magnet for good . I pull to me good health, happiness, prosperity, peace and safety. Sometimes I am amazed at how happy I am. I am good to others. I see the good in all people and all situations. I love life. I expect only good and only good comes into my life. I am flexible both in body and thoughts. I live in the now. The past is gone and the future will take care of itself as I live very productively in the now.


I am a magnet for good friends and people who love me and that I love. My life is

abundant in all areas. I am so blessed to be able to share with others – wisdom –

knowledge and gifts. Abundance and gifts flow to me like the river into the sea. I love life. I live life to its fullest – healthy – happy and peaceful. I enjoy learning and I see each experience as a learning experience. I am growing wiser each day. I look to God for my good. God is my source and my source is unlimited. Life is good.


Everyday in everyway I get better and better . My eyes are sharp and clear – my hearing is clear. I love myself – I love my body – my hair is thick and my teeth are healthy and strong. I pull only good from the universe and I share my good with all those who will allow me. The more I give, the more I get.


I forgive all those who need forgiveness and I forgive myself. I forgive all past or

present mistakes – I forgive all wrong thoughts – I forgive anyone who I think has

wronged me – I release them to their own good and they release me to my own good.


Life is so wonderful – I am wonderful. I am a child of God – I am a child of a loving Father – I am rich in abundance and attitudes. I love me. My heart is full of peace. My mind is full of wisdom and my soul is full of God. I have many friends who love me. Life is a gift to me. I love life.

I am abundant. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am.


I am health. I am wealth. I am peace. I am happiness. I am love. I am friendship. I am safe. I am joy. I am beauty. I am tranquility. I am friendly. I am stable. I am wisdom. I am intelligent. I am thankful. I am faithful. I am dedicated. I am honest. I am reliable.


I love my life and it’s getting better and better every day. I enjoy nature . Nature

nurtures me. My healing abilities grow stronger each day. I am in control of my life and I now see more financial income than ever before. Divine substance comes into my life as prosperity, health, and happiness. I have faith in God. I have faith in people. I have faith in things. I have faith in myself. I now open my mind to rich ideas and rich results.


I speak only happy, encouraging words to others and also to myself. I understand the power of words and I use that power in a positive way for myself and those around me. I give thanks for all I have and it multiplies. Every person, thing and event I come in contact with helps me toward all the good the universe has for me now. I claim my unlimited good now. I am open and receptive to my highest good in mind, body and financial affairs here and now. I have all the energy I need; in fact, I have an abundance of energy – and all the time in the world. I am very well organized. I accomplish more than ever dreamed possible. Life is good. I am at peace. I love life.


Regardless of where I am or what I’m doing, I am prosperous. I now transform my life by transforming my words about life. I am open and receptive to my highest good now – so good things begin to happen. Everything begins to come my way. The power of God is working through me to free me from every negative influence. I am a child of God. I now accomplish great things with ease. I am free. I rejoice and give thanks. I now make friends mentally with the good I want to come into my life and the lives of all those I love. My memory is very good. My thinking is fast and sharp. My memory seems to be getting even better each day. I enjoy learning new things. I learn easily. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am.


I am intelligent . I am caring . I am peaceful . I am sincere . I am prosperous . I am giving . I am beautiful . I am enthusiastic . I am joyful . I am sharing . I am loving . I am creative . I am excellent . I am good . I am healing . I am warm hearted . I am. I am. I am.


Now if this is evening and time for sleep, you will drift into a deep natural sleep and sleep the whole night through. If you are using this affirmation tape to begin your day, you will now be energized – full of joy – being able to handle any situation that arises easily and effortlessly.

May the angels be with you.



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