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Re: Inhaling Hydrogen Peroxide
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Inhaling Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Groupie’

Personally I’ve endured the misery of chronic impairment of normal physiological functions affecting my body for 10 yrs - to such a degree any quality of life was amiss. First diagnosed (then aged 43) with a mini stroke (due to my life in the fast lane) smoking & drinking - as though my existence depended on it.

My Doctor prescribed me with beta blockers, aspirin and simvastatins to offset any impending heart attacks, my body wishing to punish me for self indulgence in life's extremities to my person.

Not knowing I was allergic to the aspirin' took them in abundance like one eats chocolate smarties, thinking’ these would still allow me to further indulge in my favourite pastimes. I started to notice my nose was flowing with a watery like substance which was liquefied (secretion) running down my face at regular intervals. The odd ambulance twice a week was another giveaway something was drastically wrong?

My breathing became impaired to say the least’ now becoming an involuntary mouth breather embroiled with an array of unremitting ailments like – Apnea the sleeping disorder, Breathlessness, Blood pressure increasing to danger levels, chronic Bronchitis kicking in, severe Asthma attacks, Fatigue with little energy to spare – to name but a few. I felt suicidal but couldn’t be bothered with all the hassle it would have caused (joking). "Dying is a very dull, dreary affair. And my advice to you is to have nothing whatsoever to do with it."

After all that crap’ I decided the best venue was self prognosis deciding to purchase Prednisolone, to stop Rhinitis, asthma attacks and shrink the polyps - what a disaster that turned out to be? Stupidly thinking’ I could take these drugs easily with no side effects, because all previous medication prescribed by Doctors caused me no harm.

1) I became dependant after only 3 months.
2) I had to increase the dosage to get any benefit.
3) If not taken on time, I couldn’t walk up five steps without going into a chronic asthma attack.
4) My heart started pumping like a steam engine on an upward struggle.
5) In an effective manner’ believe me- I was dying?

In addition to that’ the dangers of misuse of that particular drug are abundantly clear – avoid at all costs?

Falling into despair and living in a different Country’ I needed to find a remedy quickly or my tea was out – so to speak. I started reading on the Net ‘all sorts of concoctions’ I’d already tried or was contemplating giving them the once over.

I stumbled over the Hydrogen Peroxide stories, becoming engrossed in this miracle cure sanctioned by the Crème De La Crème and dignitaries from all walks of life (not forgetting the Hydrogen Guru Bill Munro) including Nobel Prize winners. My obsession was great’ would this save me from further wretchedness? Many people just write it off as mere bleach or snake oil, a commonly used term to describe commercial products and methods which are considered bogus or fraudulent.

Nobody takes a gun to these non believers head and say’ drink this rapido? It’s up to each individual and should not make harsh comments, especially’ when nobody has EVER died taking it – unless you believe the Commercial stories of someone dying because they had intravenous H202 injections - or something along those lines.

Anyway’ I ended up being enthralled by a conversation with Mr B.Munro (from the US) on skype’ how he’d cured the big-C? I immediately set upon my crusade to bring me back to my former glory -health wise. I did the same procedure as Mr Munro’ never bothered waiting on getting the 35% food grade, just starting off with a bottle of 3% commercial grade. Inhaling this about 6 times to get it into my lungs as far back as I humanely could. I didn’t fancy pumping any more drugs into my system, therefore’ dying in my attempt to live, this seemingly an easier route considering the stuff that’s past my neck from Pharmacies twice a week, over the years.

This in the early hours of the morning ‘forgetting it was oxygenated’ kept me up all night, my head felt like I was buzzing around in a toyshop, although admittedly ’ within 15 minutes I never cared less – it started to work? I can breathe easily now’ feeling as though I could run a mile everyday, but think ‘I’ll not attempt that yet’ after ballooning a bit with the Prednisolone – trying to slim down to an Elephant size now.

I’m still taking the H202 and will continue until it feels that I’ve improved enough to stop - if I need to have a break.

I hope this gives an insight into my troubles and hope it may help some other people in the same position as me.

Many Thanks



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