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Re: Speaking of White Supremacists
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Speaking of White Supremacists

I am no Democrat. The Conservative Warhawk Democrat is identical in their politics as their Republican counterparts.

I have been an independent since I foolishly vote for Ronald Reagan the first time and watched his corporate fascists fire the middle class. Empty businesses, bankruptcies, and foreclosed homes followed in Reagan's march on the middle class while the mentally ill were booted out on the streets. What was once rare in America,Homelessness, became common place in every major city in the nation. Democrats under Clinton did get the Middle Class back a few tech jobs and stabilized the economy but he hardly improved the lot of the poor, powerless, manufacturing, and those with physical or mental disabilities. I never voted for a Democrat or a Republican for President until I voted for the fake dove Obama. Unfortunately, I voted for many Libertarians along the way, of which I would go back and vote against if I could. I never voted for Ron Paul but I gave $20 bucks to his campaign once... I wish I had not done that either.

The Libertarians seemed like the real deal until I broke my neck the second time, without insurance, I just quit my job, and I became homeless when a Good Doctor like Ron Paul refused to treat me in the Emergency Room and instead said my neck was okay but only gave me a prescription for muscle relaxants and tylenol. I sued with a lawyer that Ron Paul would have called frivolous and at least got into a place to lick my wounds over the next 6 years without employment or ability to work. The safety net worked for me. I took VA benefits, Food Stamps, Voc Rehab, utility assistance,and got back on my feet by reaching out and helping other homeless when I got back the ability to work again. I volunteered for Habitat for hundreds of hours, helped give others who were left behind hy writing grants, mentoring, and teaching.

If Ron Paul had been President, I would likely be dead or homeless. Instead, I parlayed my way back into society and now I am in perfect health. I am for the middle class and for the safety net that helps those who have had bad things happen in their lives get on their feet. I am libertarian on legalizing drugs and taxing them. I am with most libertarians who say to remain neutral about abortions as I believe it is not my right as a man to tell a young girl who has been raped by her stepbrother that she needs to raise that child. I am not for abortions either. I believe this form of eugenics is an abomination... but again... I would not legislate for or against and I certainly would not pay for abortions(like most Liberetarians) but the racists in the Libertarian party are not my friend or a friend of the poor. I will not vote for another one.

I have worked with or volunteered to help those who are disabled from blindness and those who are deaf. I have worked to help at-risk children, elderly with Alzheimers, homeless White people and Black people, people with missing limbs, people with Diabetes and adults with Autism, Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy and just about anyone that, without a little help, would be sitting at home watching re-runs of Threes Company, homeless or dead. I am not a Libertarian even if I voted for a few.

I am not a Republican even if I voted for one way back when.
Rebublicans are just a milder form of Libertarian but the modern version is just the same old conservative Democrats that vote almost the opposite of what I vote on most issues.
I checked my votes ahgainst the Republican Senators in my state and we agreed on only about 10% of the issues.

I am not a Warhawk Democrat or a White Supremacist "Conservative Democrat" or a Clinton(Sell out the Factory Workers) NAFTA supporting Democrat. I may have foolishly voted for Obama because he might throw a few crumbs to the poor and powerless but I am not a Nation Building in Afghanistan and Pakistan Democrat. There are few Democrats getting any voice to end the wars in the MiddleEast so I am probably not represented by any party except maybe Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party but I am not for the Eugenics, snuff the humans to same a lizard, party either.

I agree with your statement about Democrats. Sorry for ranting.

If he does not get us out of the middleast soon, I will be protesting and writing letters that will help fund alternatives to wars.

Almost no one I have voted for since Reagan has ever won an election except Obama. Warmonger McCain was not the answer but Obama may be worse than McCain because the fake dove democrats at least said they were opposed to the warmmongering republicans. Now there is hardly a peep from any party about the war except for the extreme right wing, who want to bring the troops home so they can start a race war against brown people. I will probably not vote again at a ballot but rather vote through peaceful opposition to war, community volunteering, and with my dollar vote by supporting those who have empathy and compassion for those less fortunate than the Ronald Reagans of the world.

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