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Medications For mental disorders : Medicines Alone Is Simply Not A Conclusive And Holistic Healing For Mental Disorders
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Published: 13 years ago
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Medications For mental disorders : Medicines Alone Is Simply Not A Conclusive And Holistic Healing For Mental Disorders

'Have fun trying to educate a sick and helpless person, the generations have changed overtime. "Get with it".
We live in a society where medicine can save a person's life, and you're distorting the image some genuine doctors have, you're STEREOTYPING. Educating instead of medicating? Lol, try telling that to a sick person who would have to suffer daily were it not for medicine. You are taking that quote out of context anyways, so please stop trying to put down doctors when they save and mean more to people's lives than you could ever hope to.'

Well, In terms of medications for mental disorders, I just have one comment here that the artificial helps from such medicines alone are simply not a conclusive and, not to mention a holistic medical approach to treating the mental disorders, especially the serious ones like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder etc.

This is to say, when any psychiatrists / related medical specialists / experts are actually telling their mentally-illed patients that 'just take the medicines like what I have instructed and they will get you fully cured in the end', such information from such doctors in turn should be examined with some medical cross-references and careful scrutinies, such as through seeking at least a second opinion from the other related medical personnels, independent medical researches etc.

Next, just consider the following excerpt :

'Prozac is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). It works by restoring the balance of serotonin, a natural substance in the brain, which helps to improve certain mood problems.'

drawn from this website :

(Kindly take note that the Serotonin mentioned above is actually a neurotransmitter chemical widely distributed in the brains of a person and it actually controls such cognition factors / activities as moods, sleeps, depressions, thinkings and memories)

In fact, many medications meant for mental illnesses just work in such a way that they would artificially alter / change the chemical balances in the brains of the ones troubled with mental disorders. And though such a measure is very effective in dealing with mental disorders, the medicines, however, would not be able to deliver any genuine sustainable improvements / recoveries for the mentally-illed patients over the long-term.

And as such, these other factors / efforts like psychotherapies / cognitive behavioural therapies, other emotional / moral / interactive / interpersonal / communication supports etc are surely needed almost indispensably to complement the use of such medications for the purpose of achieving genuine and sustainable improvements / recoveries for mental disorders, especially the serious ones.

Next, in terms of the serious mental disorders like the ones mentioned above, which may come along with hallucinations / delusions, all those external aides of medications, psychotherapies, interactive, interpersonal and emotional supports etc, they are all meant for the same ultimate goal of bringing such disorders under control and there is simply no doubt for that.

Besides, since it's the ones having mental disorders are who are actually suffering from such illnesses, which arise from negative perceptions, negative feelings and negative thoughts formed in their own brains / minds (instead of other people's brains / minds), it would eventually necessitate they themselves to put in their very own self- efforts, having received both external medicational and interpersonal helps from the others, to exercise self-controls and self-disciplines on their own to direct their own brains for self-reasonings, self-introspections and self-rationalisings.

This is to say, for the self-cognition / thinkings psychological part of the ones having mental diorders to form those positive feelings and positive thoughts in their own minds on their very own, and then to naturally develop postitive behavioural / personality changes, such a cognitive thought / thinking process actually can hardly be 'dictated' by anyone else / or any medications, other than they (the mentally-illed ones) themselves.

In such connection, as to the cognitive / thinking abilities / processes of different individuals, one of the simplest examples will be the process of learning a knowledge or something else whereby a person can get the best text materials, teachers, lecturers, tutors etc to assist one in his / her learnings, however, it would still ultimately depend on the very cognitive ability / process pertaining to that particular person which is then the key decisive factor in determining whether the knowledge is successfully acquired in the end or not.

In short, those self-efforts (related to self-cognitions), in the very end, will eventually be very much essential, or rather the decisive factor in determining whether the persons having mental disorders will achieve improvements / recoveries for their mental conditions or not.


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How would you react to the hard evidences that would incriminate the ones deliberately brutalizing, maltreating and physically abusing mentally-ill people ?



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