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2 posts in one reply + "the pH thing" (acid/alkaline) Re: UTI/Bladder Infection, Very Alkaline Urine pH
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Published: 12 years ago
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2 posts in one reply + "the pH thing" (acid/alkaline) Re: UTI/Bladder Infection, Very Alkaline Urine pH

'Sorry for the delay in response time - I'm going to 'do inserts' to make sure I don't miss anything...


Two weeks ago, my acupuncturist put me on a bowel cleanser with persisca & rhubard in it I'm not familiar with this bowel combination - a quick search reveals persica is a chinese herb, and I don't know if you mean plain rhubarb or turkey rhubarb.  So I can't comment specifically on your reaction.  As a side note, I generally don't recommend mixing eastern & western healing methodologies.  Of course, occasionally there's some great herbs we find in ALL other countries, and some therapies (like accupuncture/pressure) are 'universal'...but there's a huge difference between eastern & western 'fundamental school of thought', hence protocols & methodologies.  It's generally best to stick with one or the other.. I got 2-3bms a day while I was on it. Always a good thing Couple of days into it, I noticed my urine was getting darker. that's not a usual reaction to a good bowel cleansing product I upped my water intake, but it didn’t help. My 1st morning urine was getting progressively darker and smaller in quantity (It’s almost like my body is trying to retain water overnight to neutralize something, yet my urine is super alkaline). I also started to get a burning sensation around my uterus area and some sore spots around the left lower abdomen. I finally decided to quit the cleanse (after 8 days). That was 5 days ago. Now, the sore spots are gone, the other symptoms remain (burning uterus and dark/small 1st morning urine). More on the 'alkaline urine' below.  Hmmma "burning sensation" around the uterus area and sore spots in the left lower abdomen?  This is an area of the bowel that is very frequently VERY clogged & impacted.  It sounds like you may have succeeded in loosening up some very old 'crud' and perhaps it was trying to pull away from the intestinal walls in that area.  Of course, not being you, I can't say that for sure, but that's the first thing I would assume it it were me.

IMPORTANT: When doing a bowel cleanse, it's very beneficial to utilize a product like the IF#2 (that contains bentonite clay & activated charcoal.  We are going to be disturbing, loosening and dislodging EXTREMELY acidic matter that's LADEN with decades worth of toxins/poisons.  Herbal products to 'make you go' (or things like oxypowder) do not address this issue.  These loosened toxins do what anything in the bowel does...assimilate directly to the liver then into the bloodstream.  It is not unusual to hear of people having liver/kidney "issues" when only addressing the 'make you go' portion of a cleanse or protocol.  This can almost always be avoided by using a product like IF#2 along with the cathartic herbs, or at least adding bentonite clay and/or activated charcoal daily.

I’m not sure if I have UTI/Bladder infection or it’s something else? There’s no itching nor discharge.I don't understand - itching or discharge with a UTI or bladder infection? Are you talking urinary discharge? itching where?  UTI/bladder infection usually present with a low grade ache in the kidney/bladder area, and burning when urinating.  I think the cleanse might have overloaded my already low functioning kidney. Have you had a kidney removed? and have just one? or is that a typo?  We should cleanse our organs throughly and do some type of maintenance cleansing every season/solstice.  So if you feel your kidneys are 'low functioning' you should definitely do a full kidney cleanse (5 days); it's likely you should do two cleanses.  (For the past 1.5yrs while I was on a mostly raw green diet, I noticed sediments in my urine and the pH was also very alkaline, pH7.5-8.0.) Sediment in urine.  I'm not familar with how much sediment is normal/typical (or what type); I also don't base anything on 'allopathic/alternative' "averages" or data...these are based on people with NON optimal diet & health.  Perhaps someone can offer more information.  I'll address the pH issue at the end.  A "mostly raw green diet"? This is worrysome (but I'm not sure what you mean exactly).  Our diets should be 75-80% raw, but never just 'mostly greens' (or "mostly" anything else - fruits, vegetables (of all types, not just green ones), nuts, seeds/legumes, and grains in their wholesome form (not flour) "wholesome" means 'capable of bearing life'...all whole grains should be soaked, sprouted or very low cooked.

The other reason that I can think of is my recently modified diet. A few weeks ago, I decided to quit the raw green diet. The only raw food I eat is fruit. I also started to eat more meat, cook all my veggies, and eat more junk foods and desserts. I noticed an immediate improvement with the bloatedness and indigestion. So, apparently your diety was almost exclusively raw greens? ACK! If that's the case, then switching to a more well-rounded diet (no matter how toxic or incorrect) would likely eliminate the symptoms causes by an all greens/raw "mono diet".  And for the first time in months, my first morning pH would go as low as 5.5 and slowly creeps back up to 7-7.5 as the day goes by.  I don't recommend using pH/litmus paper to gauge the effectiveness of our diet (or anything else).  The pH levels in our urine or saliva is not necessarily determined by what we eat - and one can NOT (ever!) adequately determine what is going on in their body & bloodstream by testing their urine & saliva - both substances (urine & saliva) are a blend of many OTHER substances.  The do not reflect a true picture of the acid/alkalnity of our tissues.  And the blood is always a perfect 7.35 pH...or we'd be dead.

I’m not sure if I should continue with the more acidic diet(meat, dessert, cook veggie) just to keep the pH down? Or, I should take parsley tea, beet and/or asparagus (very alkaline) to help my poor kidney? 

I feel you should do a full kidney cleanse , and due to the the 'little white fizzes & white strings' in the stool, you should do a full IF#1/IF#2 colon cleanse, with 3-5 cloves of garlic daily (as it's likely candida/yeast, and garlic is our MOST potent antifungal)...preferably one clove of garlic with each dose of IF#2.  You also need the garlic in case of a UTI/bladder infection (garlic is one of THE strongest 'antibiotics' known to man, and it does NOT kill our beneficial gut flora).   It wouldn't hurt to add some black-walnut hull tincture in with each dose of IF#2, as it's also a very effective antifungal. 

Of course, EVERYBODY needs to do a full & thorough colon cleanse for at least 30 days. (10 days is a good starting point, but 30 days is FAR more effective).  And then afterward, if they haven't achieved a natural 3 bms daily, they need to continue strengthening the musculature of the colon with the IF#1 (and an optimal diet, while working on the liver) until they achieve that naturally.  Dr. Schulze/Christopher agree, after DECADES of the colon being stretched and impacted, many times it takes a couple of years on cathartic herbs to regain perfect muscular of the intestinal tract.  We're talking DECADES of unnatural damage that we're trying to restore with gentle herbs.  This takes quite a while for some (it's all dependent upon the state of each individual body, and how much they're willing to do at the same time, to correct the issues).
Also, I just started taking d-Mannose. I was told that it would help with UTI infection. It’s too early to tell whether it works or not.

I think I definitely need some kidney cleanse. me too! I was going to get the 3-week Dr. Clark’s kidney cleanse (from I’ve also read that many people had success using Barefoot’s kidney cleanse. The ingredients for Clark's cleanse are below, I went to MH's site and was unable to find the herbs in his kidney I can't comment on that one.  As far as Clark's - the herbs don't appear to be certified organic (which generally means they're from 3rd world countries that use incredible amount of poison in the growth process - NOT so good for our kidneys), and I don't subscribe to the use of isolated vitamins (B6, which may be synthetic B6) or Magnesium Oxide (ever see a Magnesium oxide plant? me neither).  I have no idea why they've been added, but I wouldn't put it in MY body

Hydrangea Root, Marshmallow Root, Gravel Root, and Uva-ursi
This cleanse also contains Vitamin B6 and Magnesium Oxide to help you maintain healthy kidneys and Freeze-dried Parsley to help flush out toxicity by increasing urine flow.

Any suggestion?  :::grin::: but of course Innocent

You'll have a MUCH more effective colon cleanse using the blend that we mix.  Compare the ingredients and see for yourself.


30 days of IF#1 & IF#2 (that'd be 3 IF#2's (10 days worth each) and however many IF#1 you need to ensure 3 bms daily.

2 full 5 day kidney cleanses (1 4oz bottle of the kidney tincture, plus 4oz of the kidney your own lemons/limes and pinch of cayenne for each morning 'kidney flush drink'.  You can get the cayenne powder from us if you don't have any (or get it locally if you have a source for 100,000 Heat Unit or hotter cayenne powder)...or just use the cheap stuff.  The cayenne isn't the 'center' of the kidney cleansing protocol.

5 cloves of garlic daily for at least 10 days (with every dose of IF#2 would be best, whether mixed in it or taken separately...getting the garlic mixed in with the fiber, will drive the garlic deep into the 'feeding & breeding grounds' of the candida (and possible parasites - which are likely present when we see candida overgrowth)

Add two squirts/droppersful of Black Walnut hull tinture to each dose of IF#2 (again, for candida & parasites)

What'll likely work - the same as above, but only 10 days of the need to continue taking something like the IF#1 daily to ENSURE 2-3 bowel movements daily - for as long as you need it.  If it's too expensive to buy it (even discounted from us), then buy the empty gel caps, a lil' capsule stuffing gizmo, the herbs you need, and make your own.  Or skip the capsules entirely, order the herbs and make/mix the powder blend, and use what you need.




I read your product listing thread, “Herbal Apothecary Current *Healing Product List*” [1], It appears that I’ll need the Kidney/Bladder Tea to do Dr. Schulze’s 5-day Kidney Cleanse [2]. But, then the Kidney Cleanse says that I must complete the 2-week bowel detox [3] first. Bowel cleansing first is something that we all should do, but if you haven't done it, then you can easily do it concurrent with the kidney protocol.  Thousands of terminally ill patients of Schulzes did that. Is there anything I can do in the meantime to help the kidney and the UTI/Bladder infection? GARLIC and more of it! :) I forgot to mention that I see little white fizzes and a couple of white strings in my stool. I’m not sure if they’re yeast/candida or just food. My 1st void urine definitely has a bacteria overgrown issue, it will turn cloudy after merely few hours in the fridge. We can't determine "bacterial overgown issue" precisely by looking at our urine - that can only be done with a microscope.  Besides, what we can determine by looking determines only the presence of critters (or not), but not whether they're pathogenic or unwanted bacteria.  Let's set the body to rights and listen to our doctor within.  I'm not even sure if you have a UTI or bladder infection, but candida sounds very evident.


And lastly, this pH alkaline/acid issue.  The colon is lined with layers and layers of thick, rubbery ACIDIC mucoid plaque - every BITE of food and DROP of water we ingest soaks directly through that, and is taken to the liver/bloodstream.  The liver IMMEDIATELY neutralizes it a pH of 7.35 (which is the pH level of our bloodstream).  What comes out of us in a liver flush is HIGHLY acidic (although I've never tested it, because it also contains bile, which is very alkaline, so there's no way to know how much 'acid' was mixed with how much 'alkaline' and what the test paper would mean.  I'm doing a flush tomorrow, I'll see if I can find my ole test strips and see what I get...I might have thrown them away).  We know it's acidic because the fumes/odor will 'burn your nose hairs' (lol).  Every time we eat ANYTHING, our stomach acid (pH of TWO) and bile (pH of 7-8) mixes with the food to create the PERFECT pH for digestion.   We eat only alkaline foods, the body acidifies it as it sees fit, and then it soaks through all the crap in the colon and becomes toxic & more acidic.  We eat acidic food, the liver adds alkaline bile.  I believe we need to STOP obsessing & focusing on this issue.  The CAUSE of our problems is not the results of the test strip - the CAUSE is that our organs are full of stale, toxic, acidic buildup, and everything in our body has to circulate through it.  Of course, stop eating unhealthy foods that are know to cause legitimate 'acid issues'...meat (and the uric acid it produces) is damaging.  The body can and will take care of ALL alkaline/acid issues correctly...IF we cleanse and restore our organs correctly, IF we stop eating foods that are truly unnatural to our body (we don't have to do this drastically/all at once unless we're facing severe issues, or simply want to heal faster...just start eliminating the meat & dairy gradually until 'you get there), and IF we increase the circulation, get plenty of pure water, exercise and sunlight.  ANYone can manipulate the results of pH/litmus paper...just shove a bunch of rock-based calcium in you - the rock-dust will soak up all the acids and you might even feel better for a time...however, it'll likely destroy your health eventually, but hey, those 'test numbers & papers' will look fantastic!  It's not 'rocket science' folks, it simply, logical and EASY to understand.  There's no need to be side-tracked (or obsessed) with this acid/alkaline balance thing.


For now, if you need products, email directly at  I hope to get the storefront done in a few more days (send all your extra time my way, please! lol).






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