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Move Beyond the Death Culture
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Published: 10 years ago

Move Beyond the Death Culture

We plan this life school lesson before we are ever born and fall into a body that we chose for its dynamic that could accentuate what we came into this body to learn. Angels and or our higher self, beyond time, are playing us like a marionette... sweeping us from one lesson to the next.. but they feel no pain... so they push us into progressively greater pain to get their lessons' learned. They play and we pay. All souls are not alike. Some will drive a body with their wyrm into the most miserable fascinations. One can ignore whatever there is on the other side of the veil but to do so puts one in the hands of sometimes mad puppeteers. Starting a dialogue with one's higher self, angels(or whatever one wants to call those strings of our puppet costume), and the being of light that is timeless is critical if we are to end the lessons that are involved with misery.

I have broken my neck three times now and lived to tell the tale. I am not real happy with my higher self letting me suffer so he can get his lessons learned. I am trying to stay tuned a little more to his scriipt so I can let him know I am not going to play his game anymore if he is going to keep smashing me up, This guy who is my soul was a real bastard in his last life... a real life NAZI who killed for the glory of war. His last body killed when his German fighter was shot down over Normandy by an American fighter P-47. I remember his last body was sick of war and killing.
Our souls keep playing war and vengeance lessons or whatever role they choose to play and they feed us scripts and put other souls in our lives who are all being played just like us. I remember the pilot, as the bullets ripped through his side from the right rear of his cockpit through his side, "Good, it's over."

The same soul was taking me down the same path during this life. I became a pilot at 15, fantasized killing evil Russians, Gooks, Muslims, and anyone who was the enemy of my homeland America. I joined the military but something was stirring in my spirit. I somehow knew that I was being played and even though I was constantly scheming and plotting the deaths of America's enemies, I began to believe there was something wrong with it all. War is just a means to justify murder for those souls who want to learn lessons about war. I believe my body has resisted my soul for whatever reason but there was some divine intervention along the way. I died and met a being of light that was accepted whatever love I had learned instead of killing others to saving my motherland or fatherland from evil Muslims, Communists, or fill in the blank.

Throwing off the agenda of my puppeteer, I have tried to resist the scripts that might lead me to kill. Other people have come into my life and I have tried to educate them about how religions, politicians, parents and friends often put in our path justifications for killing others. Those justifications seem so worthy. coming from someone we trust. Get the lesson and you don't have to kill others to please God or whatever you call what survives death. Those lower souls that keep falling into bodies will keep playing you until they get their lesson learned so get your lessons learned about killing or justifying killing, so you can move on to lessons about compassion and caring for one another. Don't teach your children and friends to kill in the name of God or country. Don't pass along those scripts. There are plenty of other souls who want to play that game and those scripts of vengeance and justice are not going to get us any kind of reward at all on the other side.

We are all the children of a loving being of light. As a parent, this being of light does not want his/her children to play war and fear of strangers but rather for us to learn to play with each other with kindness and compassion. This wonderful parent will not let us move on beyond the minor house that is warlike world of death and dying that we live in to learn better lessons in the next world until we can be citizens of love.

If you have learned what makes it beyond the veil, love, then know you are put in the path of those who not learned that lesson for a reason. Try to take away the veil of those who come across your path. Just as you would not let your children out of the house if they are going to be a bully in their neighborhood, God is the same with us in the places of unimaginable joy beyond this world. Get your lessons learned about war and killing so when this life school ends, you can enter in to a better place beyond time and avoid falling over and over again, back into the death culture that preachers, priests, clerics and politicians would lead us into. There is a being of light who wants us to play with our other siblings in better place beyond the dimension of time. We keep coming here, where we keep dying, to reduce the damage we can do in one lifetime. Those souls taht are still fascinated with war and death will keep coming back for more and more and ore until they are done with that lesson. Teach your soul to move on to lessons of compassion and kindness and one need never come back to the lessons of death and dying in this lesser house but with our loving father and mother's blessing move on to the playground of love...


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