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Image Embedded And I have one for you!...Re: Herbal Apothecary Current *Healing Product List*
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Published: 12 years ago
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And I have one for you!...Re: Herbal Apothecary Current *Healing Product List*

Here it comes!

First - thanks Wings for all the great baselines. I want to clarify the need for making sure the lower colon isn't swollen or engorged in any way as it relates to sciatic pain. After this, I have suggestions that may be very helpful for ya, as well.

The sciatic nerve & the colon - Google search here:



YES! the colon does lay against the sciatic nerve, and if you've wrenched something out of place (or if your colon is in anyway engorged, swollen or out of place itself), this in itself can create sciatica...even when the spine may have already gone back into place. AND oftentimes, when we throw our spinal column out-of-whack, our bowel activity can slow or lessen, hence exacerbating the situation.

So, like all animals in nature, going off food is a fantastic way to help our bodies heal & restore. Ensuring ample bowel activity when there's sciatica is sometimes essential to the healing (and relief of pain). In this case, going to juices to ensure there's no pressure/bulk in the colon is highly is emptying out anything that's in there that may be pressuring/irritating the sciatic nerve.

Since I know you're an advocate of coffee enemas, I assume you have a simple enema set up and know how to use it. I suggest an immediate series of low & high water enemas to ensure there's nothing swelling or engorging the colon that can easily be removed.
To do a high enema, you may want to get some assistance from Luella, to refill the enema bag or bucket. I assume you may not know how to do a high enema, so I'll give a brief explanation:

Simply get yourself in a comfortable slant position (head down) on your left side, insert 3-4 cups of solution into the sigmoid (refill the enema bag/bucket), roll over to your back and massage the water upward into your transverse colon (imagine a water balloon in your sigmoid that your pushing upward); insert the next 3-4 cups as the water flows from the sigmoid into the transverse; after the 2nd 3-4 cups are in & massage upward, roll onto your right hand side (letting gravity pull the water from the transverse into the ascending), and insert the last 3-4 cups. Then expel. Making the solution with a few teaspoons of catnip is very relaxing to the musculature of the colon (as is Epsom Salts - a couple of teaspoons for every 3-4 cups).

Onward to other healing options.

--You didn't mention a chiropractor...if you have a good one locally, I'd be there 'yesterday' (but I recall you live rather remotely, as do I - so perhaps that's not an option, or you just didn't mention it).

--Castor oil pack over the entire initially damaged area. Do this nightly, all night. If you don't have the supplies, here's where you get them:

Simply saturate a natural fiber cloth (MUST be 100% natural fiber) with castor oil, wring it out *slightly*, and warm it up (we put it in a plastic bag, in a sinkful of hot water). Apply the warmed castor oil cloth to the area LIBERALLY (too big is better), then apply something plastic over it (we use those blue-bed-pads for incontinence - they're fantastic because they don't slip/slide. If using one of those, put the non absorbent side next to the castor oil cloth). After apply this, wrap yourself up (most suggest a large bath towel, pinned securely, we find it's MUCH easier with one of the cheap, wrap-around 'back braces' with a velcro closure' - they make overnite castor oil packs SO easy...and we've never gotten ANY oil on the bedclothes). Then sleep with a heating pad over the top of it all. You may find yourself completely restored the next morning - castor oil packs are simply amazing.

Google search: "castor oil" +sciatic or spine:


The nerve pain: cayenne cream powder is an excellent choice - hopefully you'll have some immediate results there (IF it's hot enough to do the trick).

As you know already, coffee enemas are fanTASTIC for pain relief!


IF the castor oil pack doesn't do the trick (or you don't want to do it), I recommend topical applications of Schulzes Deep Tissue Repair Oil, topped with Dr. Christophers BF&C ointment. I make & have them both, but I make the BF&C into an oil rather than an ointment, as we don't need beeswax to clog the pores. I also have the BF&C herbs that you can make into a tea, or the tincture (much easier).

One would think that internal herbs would take a LONG time to have any effect, but that's not necessarily the case. I'm hoping my cousin (new CZer, NaturalRN is her ID) will post her hubby's story in full...but in a nutshell (as I remember it), he did some serious damage to his shoulder and the pain was bad enough to be waking him up during sleep. He's a bow-hunter, and totally unable to draw ANY of his bows (even his "baby bows). She brewed him up a batch of extra strong BF&C and plowed it with tincture and gave him a cup to drink. Within a few hours, he had substantial relief from the pain. Mind you, this man is exTREMely sensitive to herbal preparations...where it normally takes 2-4 droppersful of Nerve Sedative to induce a yawn and sleepiness, he feels woosy after only 5 DROPS.

The Deep Tissue Repair oil is fantastic...with cayenne for heat & circulation, arnica/calendula/st john's wort for muscle repair and wintergreen oil for pain relief (salicylic acid) plus the menthol & ginger, it's a major winner for deep tissue if you sense you're still dealing with muscle/ligament damage (tearing or stretching) this is both a symptom reliever and a healer...and with the BF&C atop it, you've got yourself a healing!

Also: CIRCULATION! Get that oxygenated blood to the area, as many times daily as you can. That's a great way to heal the muscles AND decrease swelling. Hot/Cold showers are optimal (and easy with a hand-held shower)...start with hot, end on hot...with seven reps of hot/cold between. Also ice packs alternated with a hot water bottle are great (not as good as the shower, but sometimes more 'do-able' depending upon your situation. And of course, there's no such thing as too much cayenne internally. Ramp it up!!!

I think that pretty much exhausts my data bank - let me know how it's going, and if there's anything you want me to get on the way! (check your inbox)

Heal on, Tony :)


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