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Liver flush process/success...Thanks Unyquity!
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Published: 13 years ago
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Liver flush process/success...Thanks Unyquity!

Hi everybody,

Thought that I would share my experiences with my first liver flush. Let me tell you, I was pretty scared to do this. It had been something I had been considering for a long time, but as I have had weak adrenals for a while, I thought that the experience might put me over the edge. Probably the most important thing I have learned from Unyquity is that treating the adrenals might not heal me. Although my problems manifest themselves in the adrenals, their source could be somewhere else entirely. It is important to treat the body first, and see what problems are left over (I hope I didn't butcher that). Enter the liver: I was having bad panic attacks and true liver pain so I knew I had to do something big and fast.

Fortunately, I had Unyquity to help me through the process (and to definitely alleviate my fears)

About a week prior to the cleanse I had started juicing lots of apples (I was beginning a juice fast as part of Unyquity/Dr Schulze's methods for healing) while doing Dr Schulze's 5 day liver cleanse. His cleanse is great, and as Unyquity has pointed out to me, it does not do much in the way of getting these stones out of the liver/gallbladder, but it is a very good prep to get ready.

Day of the flush: OK I did not go about doing the flush in a way that most people probably do. I didn't want to do Clark's straight flush, because not consuming anything for six hours I thought was too much for someone like me with low blood sugar. I also didn't want to do Schulze's flush (8oz OJ and 8oz Olive-Oil from 6-10pm) because I have not been having a lot of bowel movements even with Schulze's IF#1, so I was worried I wouldn't get anything out of my body.

So I opted for a combination approach. I didn't eat any fat in the day (naturally anyway, I was juicing!). At about 3 pm I stopped eating or drinking anything, I had a cup of tea that I finished around that time. Around 430 I took a dose of Epsom Salts in water, and again at around 530. Then at 6 I prepared and started to consume Schulze's drink (I made mine about 10oz OJ and 10 oz Olive Oil).

Let me tell you something about Epsom Salts ...they are powerful stuff! I haven't been going to the bathroom as much as I'd like, and yet I found myself going to the bathroom that same night...not the next day like I'd imagined. I wasn't getting stones then, but I was getting lots of green so I knew it was working even then. I didn't sleep too well...didn't take anything to help me sleep which I might try next time. I woke up about 6 am and took a little bit more Epsom Salts , waited a few minutes and took the juice of a lemon and a lime and a couple ounces of olive oil and went back to bed.

I have been going to the bathroom all day (am still going and still passing stones). I would say I got a couple hundred tiny ones out and some bigger ones, though some could be olive oil too, not too sure.

I have felt pretty tired today, but am starting to get some energy now, so hopefully I won't have any fatigue lasting for the next few days even with my adrenal problems.

I do think that the epsom salts (although they work fantastically) are a little hard on the adrenals/kidneys so I will try to find a different way to open the bile ducts and go to the bathroom next time. (I'm sure Unyquity can suggest another method) I say this because I would take them and then I would get weak in the knees, have poor circulation to my feet, and feel more tired. Then again, this is just me, and as I have learned everybody is different.

Anyway I am starting to feel a little better, the pain in my liver and back has subsided for now although I will definitely do another flush when I think my body is ready for it. I am getting ready to start a kidney cleanse now as well, so that should clear up some of this gunk and get me ready for another. I'm excited to be on a good path to health! Good luck to anybody preparing for a flush, if there is anything I can do to help/assure you/answer questions let me know.


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