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Re: Back and hip problems
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Back and hip problems

She was doing the right things just too much of it. I see that quite frequently with the Intersegmental traction technic. Gotta be careful with that. The drop pieces are a Thompson table too so she's on the right track. Don't need all that muscle work either. Every week I get a couple of people I have to take OFF the physical therapy.

And money, that's the bait. The Osteopaths sold out back in 1958 and the Chiropractors are in the middle of selling out right now. Money, money, gimmie the money. Damn near impossible to get a good adjustment anymore. As you're so painfully finding out.

I teach a little home remedy for disc problems. It's not as good as what I can do on the table but it does work and is how I keep the disc's healthy in my own spine.

Stretch out on your bed face down with your toes hanging over the end of the bed.

Put a pillow between your chest and your chin so your head stays pointed straight down. Of course arrange it so you can breathe properly. But the head must stay straight forward.

While in this position pull UP with your toes so you feel a little pull on your low back. It helps to reach up with your hands and pull down at the same time. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat 4 times. An hour later do it again, etc. etc.

Again it's not quite as good as what I can do on the table but it does work.

Also if you want to rock your butt back and forth real slightly and real easy while pulling go ahead and do so.

This puts enough traction on the offending disc to work it back into the right place. Got to keep at it for a few days but it does work. And again is how I keep my own discs healthy.

Disc problems develop because the lumbar spine loses it's normal forward curve. The best way to maintain that forward curve is to make sure your hamstrings are nice and loose BEFORE you go to bed at night. Tight hamstrings will pull down on the scarum and force the lumbar curve to flatten out. Next thing you know you have disc problems.

The hamstrings are the muscles on the back of your legs from your knees to your butt.

It's easy. Get your foot up on a chair, place your hands on your thigh and press. You'll feel a pull on the back of your legs. If the stretch goes to the back of the knee - back off. If the stretch goes to the butt - back off. Just the backs of your legs. Of course keep your back flat when doing this.

That one exercise has hurt my business. It keeps the lumbar spine stable and indeed stregthens it so they don't need my services anymore. You'll be surprised how strong your back can get.

So, if you can't find a good Chiropractor try those simple routines and see how it goes. Takes a bit longer but well worth it in the end.


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