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Re: "The non-supplement HEALING" & other thoughts +edit/end).Re: "the supplement tango" & other thoughts (+edits) - Re: Sensitive to supplements??
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: "The non-supplement HEALING" & other thoughts +edit/end).Re: "the supplement tango" & other thoughts (+edits) - Re: Sensitive to supplements??

Wow yo' own self! Thanks for your appreciation...but I need to say, 'tis not ME that is brilliant (although I am compassionate, for sure!). The great healers that risk their lives & freedom to heal are the true geniuses and heros...all I did was 'dig in deep' and put together the pieces.

You're right - boxes of supplements don't ever provide true healing (or you'd be healed, eh?). Time to "get 'er done"? All of us have a lot of very real reasons (NOT necessarily "excuses" either!) which make it difficult to make the lifestyle/diet changes required to feed & heal our bodies. Yours is 5 children/self-employed (we're self-employed x2, so we understand that crunch for sure). It's my job to share the truth - it everybody elses job to figure out 'what to do with it' (thank heavens that's NOT my job!).

Our health should be our highest priority - those that have lost theirs, know this all too brutally.

We all know this, but can't seem to prioritize it until we're in some kind of a 'crash & burn' scenario...and generally then, the best we can pull together is a couple of big ole bandaids to patch it together. Truth is, we generally keep going in that cycle until the doctor says "the C word" or some other 'incurable' word. :::sigh::: :(

You wouldn't (willingly/knowingly) let that happen to any of your precious children, right? right. So why let it happen to you? They need a healthy mommy that's solid, functional and with all the energy, vibrancy and clarity of mind you can muster (and a clone on the side! lol). It'd be great if we could 'do it for ourselves', but many times parents are so 'life overwhelmed' they really have no choice but to do it for their children. (Btw, I was unable to have children, so I don't have any). No matter the motivation, without our health, we really don't have anything.

Adrenals, thyroid, liver, gallbladder...these are flashing red lights - your body is severely 'out of balance' and giving you all the symptoms (warning signs) to let you know something is seriously needs your help badly, and it's begging and asking the only way it can. Dr. Schulze (who specialized in late-stage incurable diseases) said almost everybody told him they had no idea they were going to get cancer (or whatever), because they had no warning signs. You're experiencing all the warning signs.

(I'm saying/typing this because I care, not to lecture or shame you, and certainly not to be a "fear monger"...'hope you know that :)

Every natural healer worth his/her weight in dirt knows there is never cancer unless the liver is compromised...and your gallbladder issues were proof of your liver being compromised. 'Sounds like you did enough flushing to get yourself 'out of crisis', but your body certainly isn't acting "healed" now (and it's likely you didn't address the reason your liver & gallbladder were so full of debris/stones that it had to make you/it sick to get your attention & help).

It takes decades to get ourselves into the shape we're in; it's truly a miracle we can turn it around with only a few months of dedicated effort. Read through all the links in my initial/thread post, think it all over, and if you decide you're ready to heal yourself in a way that will work & know where to find me :)

You can do it - there's no question the methodology and protocols of the great healers work. Like Dr. Christopher said, "There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people"...and he (and others) proved it tens of thousands of times.

Blessings -


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