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Liver Flush may have saved my life.
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Published: 13 years ago
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Liver Flush may have saved my life.

I don't usually post on message boards, so please excuse me if I'm ignorant of forum etiquette. I just HAD to come here and post my experience with Dr. Hulda's liver flush.

I found this website last summer, when I was desperately searching online for a natural way to help my liver . I could feel that my liver was enlarged, and I had severe pain in left shoulder. I was having high fevers about once a week, and I saw 5 different doctors, trying to get help.

One doctor told me that shoulder pain had nothing to do with the liver or gallbladder, despite that fact that every medical manual says otherwise. She told me that my symptoms "don't make sense." They scanned my gallbladder and found nothing. I had 6 MRIs, and there wasn't a single part of my body they missed with that machine... and all they came up with was that there were signs of damage or infection in my pancreas.

So, I was sent to an infectuous diseases specialist, who was sure that she knew what it was. She sent me for blood tests, and when they came back negative, she refused to see me again. My regular doctor sort of threw his hands in the air, and didn't give me any more tests. He referred me to the psychiatric unit (ummm... hello???) and told me it must be all in my head.

Meanwhile, I could feel so much tension in my liver, that it hurt to sit up straight, or laugh or cough in certain positions. The fevers kept coming, and I felt like I was DYING inside. I had gained a bunch of weight, and was having unusual Acne and lethargy... I knew something was seriously wrong, regardless of what the doctors said. So, I searched, and I found this website.

I did my first flush without hesitation... and I was amazed. I passed thousands of tiny green stones. The pain in my shoulder subsided, along with the fevers... but the tightness was still there. Within a few weeks, the pain in my shoulder was back, so I did another flush. The stones were a little bigger that time, and still, hundreds of them came out.

All in all, I've a dozen liver flushes, but I was not truly amazed until I did this last one, which I finished today. On top of the hundreds of pea sized stones, I also passed 6 that were approximately the size of prune, and 7 that were slightly smaller.

I went back online today and started reading about Gallstones on medical websites. I read that all of my symptoms are typical for someone whose hepatic ducts are full of gallstones- including the fevers and pancreatic damage. I also read from different sources that if left untreated, this condition leads to death.

Looking at those gigantic stones on my kitchen counter... and thinking back over the thousands of stones I've passed since the first flush... I think it's a wonder that my liver didn't burst with all that in there! I feel very lucky to be alive, and very fortunate to have found this website.


I'm so grateful that someone knows what the average doctor doesn't know.


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