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Re: how will tea affect my water fast?
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: how will tea affect my water fast?

yes indeed, many people are looking for answers to their health problems and where this is a fasting forum and achieving good health via this means.

Yes again, Doctors do require a great deal of knowledge that most of us do not have, but this is knowledge that bears very little semblance to achieving good health and freedom from disease, as for the most part they only the mask "symptoms" and do not address underlying causes.

Fasting however, actually does address theses underlying causes by removing metabolic toxemia and greatly accelerates the healing processes of the body which it is restricted in doing while eating.

In addition, the information that I usually present within the support forum is either based on personal experience or (more often) the wealth of experience handed down to us by the past and present Doctors of Hygiene and Naturopathy, where their success rate in the eradication of chronic/acute disease via fasting and proper living habits thereafter is unequaled in healthcare generally.
This is experience not to be ignored.

Pray tell what "negative consequences" are you referring? as the fast has very few if any contraindications as to its efficacy and safety: one exception would be liver cancer.

The example you have given of someone who has a deficiency of vitamins or minerals: do you personally know of anyone, or even heard of anyone who is vitamin/mineral deficient in the affluent Western World?
For example: if someone were to be deficient in Ascorbate (Vitamin C) they would suffer from scurvy which can be fatal deficiency; it is well established that while eating a Vitamin C deficient diet, then scurvy would be the result: however, on a fast, even though no ascorbate is consumed, this does not result in this vitamin-deficient condition.

BTW. Drinking water does not wash toxins out of the body, as excess water is an additional burden to elimination: water only assists in hydration and where the organs of elimination do this work.

Also, water does not wash minerals out of the body: this is a fallacy unless water is taken in excess, and even then the body will hang on to these vital nutrients as a conservation measure in survival and prolonged abstinence.

By far the greatest number of deaths via what you refer to as "medical mistakes" are from Mainstream Medicine and not from Alternative causes, and where the Nutrition Institute of America reports that over 784,000 deaths occur annually from iatrogenic mistakes.

In comparison, the fast is a constructive and health-achieving process which has no side-effects or injurious consequences, unless taken to the extreme in starvation: but then no one but no one would recommend this destructive end after the return of genuine hunger, and where the body would then begin to feed on itself.

I suggest that you do a little more research before making erroneous and misleading comments, as this can be a cause of fear-mongering to members who could be influenced by them and deter them from achieving true wellness.




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