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Crohn's protocol that cures/works!

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Published: 10 years ago

Crohn's protocol that cures/works!

It has been several years or researching, but we've got the best protocol ever for Crohn's Disease! It actually reverses and cures the disease. We have this confirmed via Darkfield Microscopy and a series of Upper GI's.

The cause of Crohn's we have found is a combination of food allergies and infection with Mycoplasma/Mycobacteria, aggravated by Candida Albicans.

For immediate relief a solution of Pure 20 PPM Ionic Silver is mixed with pure DMSO, and applied topically over the inflamed sections of the intestine. The ratio is roughly 50% Ionic Silver to 50% DMSO. DMSO does several things, it is a potent anti-inflammatory, it draws the Ionic Silver into the tissue, and for those of you with strictures, it actually breaks down the scar tissue causing the intestine to heal back to a normal diameter, avoiding surgery!!

The Beck protocol is used to clear out all pathogens in the blood and lymphatic system. This will fix the underlying chronic infection. Darkfield Microscopy was used, we find Rouleaux formations indicating leaking intestines, Mycoplasma/Mycobacteria was found in all patients, most likely type Mycoplasma Fermentans, and Mycobacteria Ssp Paratuberculosis. We find all sorts of Candida, neutrophils, and liver stress. The blood is a mess, poor oxygenation, and anemia is quite common.

Dietary changes are required to heal the intestines. Avoiding Wheat/Gluten, Sugar, Red meat, Dairy and Starches starves the Candida, and allows the intestines to heal.
Most people with Crohn's have multiple food allergies , typically Celiac Disease. You have to understand that Mycoplasma/Mycobacteria alter the normal functioning of the immune system, causing a mild immune response to turn into massive inflammation. IE, a common food allergy becomes swollen painful intestines.

Candida plays a major role in the formation of Anal Fistula, in that it inflames the lower colon tissue allowing pockets of infection to form.

Anyone interested in details let me know, there is nothing for sale here, nothing to buy from us. I am doing the typing, but have teamed up with a group of naturopaths, nutritionists and alternative practitioners to find the best.

If you honestly think taking a pill or some magic herb is going to cure this, you are going to be sick for the rest of your life, it is not as simple as popping a pill/herb. It is a combination of food allergies and infection.

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