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Nasal Salt Water Bath
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Published: 17 years ago
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Nasal Salt Water Bath

1. Add 1/4 tsp. Sea Salt (fine) into 1 cup lukewarm distilled water in Nasal Cup (I put the solution in a regular cup and used a turkey baster and just let the water flow gently out of the turkey baster). Stir until salt fully dissolves. (Note: You may also add 1/4 tsp. of baking soda to buffer the salt - some people experience a slight irritation from the Sea Salt alone.)

2. Lean over sink with head facing down, then turned to right or left.

3. Place Nasal Cup spout (or turkey baster) in nostril that's now on top and gently tilt the cup until water is slowly flowing into nostril. Breathe through mouth. If water isn't flowing through to the other nostril, try tilting your head at different angles to open passageway. The more you relax doing this, the easier it is for the water to flow through.

4. Water will begin flowing out other nostril and into the sink. Continue until half the water has gone, then turn your head the other way and run the rest through the opposite nostril.

5. When Nasal Cup (or turkey baster) is empty, bend forward and let your head hang loosely to help get any remaining water out of the nose. (If you have mucous buildup for having a cold, you can blow your nose into the sink and it flushes the mucous out more)

6. Close one nostril with a finger and turn your head. Switch to the other nostril and do the same.

7. Blow gently through one nostril at a time, closing the other nostril with a finger to dry the nose.

8. Throwing your head back or bending over can also help get any remaining salt water out of the nasal passages.

I used this method after doing a search here and not finding the recipe to use. I am just getting over a cold, and my one ear drum was blocked up and swollen. This flush not only helped my nose, but my ear drum swelling isn't as bad either.
The best thing, is that I can actually breathe finally. I did all of the cleanses here last yr, and still had some minor breathing problems, though my sinus allergies were cleared up thanks to the cleanses. I never thought to cleanse my nose then during all of my cleansing. And yes, most ear infections are caused by sinus and mucous build up, so this method has worked wonderfully for that. :)

Nasal Cleansing


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